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Our Brief Introduction is a dating site for adults to look for partners that are interested in BDSM, bondage, and fetish sex. Whether it is your first time or you have been engaged in BDSM for a long time, you have the opportunity for it on

You can join this BDSM dating site for free, but to use the full features you must pay for a premium membership. Look at other members’ profile information to get to know one another before exploring each other in other more sensual ways.

How Works

This site is a site made for those who are into BDSM or fetish sex. You can only interact with other members as a free member through their live cams. Otherwise, you need to be a paying member to access messaging. This site offers education on their message boards for people who are new to the BDSM community, and a lot of options to connect with like-minded, and kinky, individuals or couples. 

Member Structure on

Hinge Member

  • Age range: 25-34
  • Fan of erotic sex
  • Male members dominate the site

People who are in this BDSM dating and fetish dating community are in the BDSM community. If you are interested in a three some or group sex you can find that on here as well. Although there are many men on the site, it is almost balanced in terms of gender dynamics. Find mostly users under the age of 35.

Most members on this site enjoy kinky or exotic sex. They usually take on roles in BDSM, with some members prefer to be the dominant, while others are the submissive. welcomes newcomers to this way of life and dating, but most people are looking for a casual hookup or to fulfill their kinks. Login and Signup

  • Registration is free
  • Sign up as single, couple, or group
  • Signup should only take five minutes
  • Verify your account by submitting proof of identity
  • Add personal details such as: who you are attracted to, what you look like, what your BDSM role is, and if you are married or single.
  • Write a bio

Profile Quality

On this BDSM site, you can create your profile, and change the information on it whenever you want to. Alt dating requires you to provide a bit of information, but not much. Unfortunately this is reflected in the profile quality, as many members choose not to put any information on their profiles.

There is one special feature known as the purity test. This asks you questions about your personality, what you enjoy in bed, and basically how naughty you are. Other parts of the profile include things about BDSM, and also offers a compatibility chart. If you want to see profiles then you must have a paid membership.

Making Contact

Alt sex and fetish chat offers a few different options for making contact.

  1. Chat with live models
  2. Add members to your favorites list (known as hotlist)
  3. Online member search
  4. Members nearby
  5. Messaging is a paid feature

The only free method of communication is through’s adult chat rooms, and live video chat rooms. App

At the time of publication, there is no Alt app but you can view the site in a mobile browser.

Mobile App

Design and Usability

The design of is very plain. With only three colors used, black, yellow, and white, the site is nothing special. Black is used for the background, which can make using the site a bit hard on the eyes. Additionally, there is a lot going on on each page. This can lead to confusion while using the site. Be prepared to experience a lot of popups.

Special Features

Hot or Not

This is similar to swiping, in that you will see different photos of other users, and decide if you think each photo is hot or not.

Astrological Compatibility

This section is on each profile and shows you who you should be compatible with based on astrology.


In this space you can have other members write about your good qualities. This is basically proof of your identity. 


Badges that go on your profile.

My Kinks

This is where you can show other users what kinks you are into, or what you would like to try.

Cost and Payment

  • Registration
  • Upload photos
  • Join chat rooms
  • Flirt
  • Send Flowers
  • Add to Hotlist
  • Add as friend
  • Hot or Not
  • Search
  • Kink search
  • View live member webcams
  • Contact other members
  • Priority on the search list
  • Contact new members first
  • See video intros
  • Access blogs and groups
  • Customer service phone support
  • Read and send messages
  • Send virtual gifts
  • Pay-per-minute adult movies

As a gold or silver member you have access to all profiles. Free members cannot initiate contact with paid members.

Privacy and Security

This site is known for bots and fake profiles. To protect yourself against scams never give out any personal information. Additionally, be on the lookout for anyone who seems sketchy. Use your best judgment.

Other Sites Like

One similar site to is Adult Friend Finder. This site has similar features but Alt reviews seem to be better than AFF.

Real Life Review User
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“I am one of those individuals who has a peculiar taste when it comes to sex. Let’s go back to when I was younger. When I was a teenager, my boyfriends were either cocky or jerky. I don’t know why, but I really find guys like those attractive and hot... Luckily, I found a way to satisfy my unusual sexual cravings. When I learned that there are online dating sites that are for BDSM lovers, I searched for some, and among the first ones that I saw was Without second thoughts, I signed up. I began looking for hot guys and started contacting them. I have been a premium member of for 3 months now, and I can say that I don’t have regrets signing up. I met several interesting men, but now I have been consistently seeing one guy who just brings me into the world of pleasure every time we’re together.” User
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“ A veteran of this site on and off for 15+ years. I have subscribed to AFF and ALT and both in the past have produced real results. However has lost all credibility and practicality. NOW it is full of scammers, some escorts and fake profiles. Yes there are possibly a few real profiles but the number of real profiles is certainly under 10%. DO not waste your money on unless you have money and time to burn. In the past 2 weeks I reported over 50 scam or fake profiles and I saw perhaps one or two removed. The administrator of ALT doesn't seem to care about integrity of the site. Again there was a time this site produced results but absolutely not the case any longer.” User
Read More
“I was on this site for just 2 days. The first contact said just to meet to be friends cost me $200. The next one was not a good match, didn't even listen to my emails and almost constantly wanted to go above my limits i described The last one looked promising for almost a day, but she brought out a fake bank account claiming she move to my state saying this "trust" fund was going to be hers in a few days. BUT she then said she needed $900 for filing fees. THIS IS THE NIGERIAN BANK ACCOUNT FRAUD. I immediately told her i need time to think and she needs to provide more details. She then accused me of trying to be deceptive. In the end she got me to give her access to the account and now I can't even log on. Even with the password recovery. Alt. com KNOWS this is happening, it is the way they make their living. I have been a board member of a local "leather" group, and I said from the very beginning, I NEVER PAY to play.“


Whether you are looking to spice up your sex life or want to try something new in the world of BDSM this is the site to find it. If you are looking for like-minded couples or groups to have adventurous sex with, this may be a good place to find it. Despite this, many “members” of the community are known to be bots posing as members. This means you need to be on guard. The only downside to is that in order to truly use the site you must be a paying member. Despite this, it is a good community to be a part of if you enjoy the BDSM community. FAQ

What Is The Difference Between Being A Paid And Free Member?

As a free member, you can only speak to other members in chat rooms or message boards. When you are a paying member you can message and see member profiles.

What Are The Popularity Privileges?

Given to you when you get many profile views, you can see other member profiles for free as a reward for your own profile views (essentially for being popular).

How Is Being A Guest Different From Being A Member?

As a guest, you can view things on the site, but as a member you can post.

What Is The Fetish Consent Worksheet?

The Fetish Consent Worksheet is something to be used during sex by members. This allows you to agree to participate in different fetish acts, while still knowing what to expect.


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