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Ashley Madison Highlights

Our Brief Review

What Is Ashley Madison?

You should not miss our Ashley Madison review since it is really an interesting site for users who are already married.  Ashley Madison is – at least on the surface – a completely different type of matchmaking service. Originally created in 2001, there are not many sites like Ashley Madison. Whether or not you’re already in a dedicated relationship and looking for a side piece, Ashley Madison might fit your needs.    

Although “cheating” is typically seen as taboo in society, Ashley Madison now boasts over 60 million members. Paul Keable, Ashley Madison’s chief strategy officer, said that the reason membership numbers continue to grow is because “monogamy is not in our DNA.” 

While that’s certainly up for debate, the nature of man is sort of outside of the confines of a review like this. What’s not, however, if figuring out what exactly this website is used for. While it markets itself as being for those looking for something extra outside of their relationships, AshleyMadison is for users across the spectrum, whether that be the aforementioned extramarital relationships, polygamous relationships, open relationships, or even the cookie-cutter monogamous relationship. 

What Happened To Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison Introduction

Outside of its reputation as “that website for cheating”, it is also well-known for the Ashley Madison data breach in 2015; a scandal that truly rocked this company to its core. This scandal included the site’s database being hacked, with personal details of members being released to the public in the form of an Ashley Madison list, which was a searchable document.

Despite this, in the nearly five years since the breach, Ashley Madison has fully recovered and is doing quite well. Security concerns were addressed and improved protections were put into place. Now, this site is fully committed to security, and it reflects on the site.

This leads us to an important question, “Does Ashley Madison work?” Since Ashley Madison has been active since 2001, with over 60 million members, it is safe to say that it excels within its niche. If you are on the site, then you know what you are looking for and you will most likely find it. The ease and the cost of doing just that are perhaps the more important matters, though. Matters we will get to below.

How It Works

Ashley Madison is similar to other dating sites in that you register and fill out a bit of information. The difference with Ashley Madison is that you can also choose to stay fully anonymous. This means you can hide your profile as well as your photo with masks and blur techniques. 

So how does Ashley Madison work?

Simply register with an email address and quickly create an account. From there you will be able to explore profiles, send winks, and write your own profile. For men, in order to speak to other members, you will need to purchase credits. These credits also allow you to send gifts. 

Straight women do not need to pay for any features, but everyone else -ie gay and straight mean as well as gay women- do. (note: the site restricts gender, so using it as a nonbinary person does technically allow you to play for free to a degree, assuming you are interested in men).

While the premise for the website is revolutionary, or was back in 2001, the site itself is relatively standard and quite straightforward. You can use filters to search through profiles, use credits to start conversations, and meet if you choose to. It is good to remember this site is specifically for those interested in being with a married/partnered individual, or one who is in a marriage/partnership of their own.

Member Structure

Ashley Madison

50 different countries, in 17 different language
> 60 million members
  • 14,500 new members everyday (2018)
  • Mainly from USA, UK, Canada and Brazil
  • Average age of users are in there 30s to 40s

The majority of the over 60 million members on Ashley Madison come from the USA, UK, Canada, and Brazil. The average age of users are in their 30s to 40s. 

  • According to a report verified by Ernst and Young, in 2018, 14,500 new members joined every day. 
  • For every active paid male account there were 1.11 active female accounts created.
  • Operates in 50 different countries, in 17 different languages. 
  • Active community with users from all over the world. 
  • Group of like-minded people and known as a no-judgment zone.

Sign Up

The Ashley Madison registration process is very simple and free. Since the site prides itself on being discreet, sign up does not require a lot of personal information. The only basic information that is needed during the free sign up process is:

This information is then reflected on your profile page if you choose to allow it to be shown.

The login process should only take you around five minutes to finish. You can also choose to add a profile picture. One special feature of Ashley Madison is that you can blur out the image or add masks to cover parts of your face. This is another way that Ashley Madison keeps people anonymous and discreet.

Making Contact

Although anyone can register and make an account for free, making connections and starting conversations on Ashley Madison is different for women than men

You might be wondering, is Ashley Madison free for females?

Well…for straight women, the entire site is totally free. For men seeking women, men seeking men, and women seeking women, they must pay for credits to use all the features on the website, which is basically anything.

The Discover feature can be found in the top menu of the site. This allows you to be seen by all the people who fit into the filtered category. You can filter by age, zip code, physical features, ethnicity, and languages spoken.

The only two meaningful things you can do with a free profile -outside of browsing- is wink at people and create a list of favorite profiles. But even if someone actually messages you after seeing that you winked at them, which is unlikely, you’d still need to pay for credits to actually message them back.

If you use money, you can also enhance other features of the site. For instance, instead of sending winks, you can send virtual gifts. You can also send messages as “urgent priority” for a little extra.

Profile Quality

The profiles on Ashley Madison can be as detailed or sparse as you want it to be. This means you can include absolutely nothing, or you could choose to have multiple photos and a detailed summary of who you are and what you want. That being said, profiles on Ashley Madison tend to be on the limited side. 

Typically in a member’s profile, you will find the person’s chosen username, location, gender, age, details on what they’re looking for, and turn-ons. Some members might also choose to add a description of their ideal match. Members are allowed to include private photos, but you will need to request access to view them. 

Viewing profiles is completely free, and anyone can update their own profile at any time.

Ashley Madison App

The app is free to download for both iOS and Android. There’s not a lot to be said about it though. It contains all the same core features as the website – with a little extra- and is simple to navigate. 

So what’s that little extra? Well, it lets you swipe through profiles as popularized by Tinder and later mocked by basically every single dating app.

Much like most apps, it is also comparatively convenient to use in place of the desktop version. If you’re looking for a quick meet up, the app allows you to find others near you, and see who’s checking you out.

Design and Usability

The design and website layout of Ashley Madison is simple, easy to understand, and user friendly. The menu bar is where all of the features are listed. This makes it a one-stop-shop for all the pages you will frequent while on the site.

Special Features

  • No social media linking: This feature makes Ashley Madison very independent and discreet.
  • Discreet photos: Control exactly what you want people to see. You can hide your photo with fuzz or a mask
  • Private showcase key: Choose which members see your photos without the fuzz or masks.
  • Quick reply: Especially for female users, the Ashley Madison inbox can get quite full. The quick reply feature allows you to respond with an easy no, or “yes, let’s continue the conversation,” with the click of a button. 
  • Traveling man/Traveling woman: If you are someone who enjoys traveling and finding a discreet hookup while away, this feature allows you to do so before you jump on the plane. This is especially good for business travelers. Message members in your destination city before you head on your trip and arrive in their arms once you get there. 
  • Virtual gifts: Gifts cost credits according to the type of gift you send. These are a great way to gain attention from the person you are interested in. 

Ashley Madison Membership

Rather than using a subscription model, like some other dating sites, Ashley Madison offers credits. Although some aspects of the site are free, such as creating an account, looking at profiles, and sending winks, other features need to be purchased with credits.

Men seeking women, men seeking men, and women seeking women must purchase a credit package to enjoy full membership status on Ashley Madison. Chat costs are based on business and credits.

Ashley Madison - CC

For example:
60 minutes of chat will cost you 60 credits, but sending an email will set you back 5 credits. Credits are available in three different packages, and you can receive Ashley Madison free credits if you purchase a credit package directly after signing up.

Pro-tip: There are also random deals you will get prompted with shortly after signing in sometimes, so it might be worth waiting a little while for one of those to pop-up if you are interested in buying credits.

Additionally, when you purchase a credit package, you will be given 30 days of free Message Plus. Message Plus allows you to read and reply to collect messages you receive without using any of your credits. Additionally, if you run out of credits, you will be able to continue speaking with members you have previously contacted for free. 

After the trial, if you choose not to cancel Message Plus you will then be billed monthly for continued use of it.

Ashley Madison Cost & Price

If men and lesbians have to pay, but straight women do not, then how much does Ashley Madison cost?

Your guest membership is free, but to speak to other members you must purchase credits. It is good to note that if you purchase credits within 10 minutes of signing up you will receive a sign-up bonus.

Credit Costs

Pricing Table

$ .25 / credit
  • 1000 credits @ $.25/credit = $249
  • Sign-up bonus = 1000 credits

Pricing Table

$ .30 / credit
  • 500 credits @ $.30/credit = $149
  • Sign-up bonus = 500 credits

Pricing Table

$ .49 / credit
  • 100 credits @ $.49/credit = $49
  • Sign-up bonus = 100 credits

Extra Features

  • Priority man is a feature that is offered to highlight your profile in the search results. This costs $29.70 per month additionally.
  • Message Plus is given as a free month trial for your first month and is then billed if you choose to keep it attached to your account.

How To Message On Ashley Madison Without Paying

There is one method to do so, and it is called Message Plus. It is not completely free, but when you purchase a credit package, you will be given 30 days of free Message Plus.

Payment Methods

To continue with the idea of being discreet, one of the most unique features of Ashley Madison is that instead of your credit card, you may use gift cards to purchase credits. This is especially important after the Ashley Madison leak.

The way it works is that you can trade in gift cards with a balance of $49 or more from different stores such as Best Buy, Walmart, and Starbucks.

Security and Privacy

In 2015, Ashley Madison had a cyber attack. This was essentially a data leak, and overnight, the lives of millions of people were turned upside down. Due to the site being an adultery site, marriages and families were ended. Suicides were even reported. Despite this, many more millions of users have continued to sign up for Ashley Madison, and they have implemented new security and privacy features.

Specifically, not being able to log in with social media accounts adds an element of privacy. Ashley Madison even provides safety tips that encourage users to use a new email account to sign up for the service.

Real Life Review

Although the identity of members on Ashley Madison is kept private, there are recorded reviews without the use of a name.

What To Know Before Joining

  • Straight female users can use the features for free
  • Male users, or lesbians, must pay to speak to other members
  • If you want to remain completely anonymous it is possible
  • Individuals on the Ashley Madison famous list receive a lot of messages, so they may not respond to anonymous profiles
  • It is important to be aware that if you upload a normal profile photo without any privacy features, it will be visible to everyone
  • To delete AshleyMadison account you must:

1/ Log in
2/ Click on “Manage Profile”
3/ Click on “Delete Profile”
4/ Click on “Complete Profile Removal”
5/ Fill out the page with your information
6/ Retain the confirmation information you’re given


Ashley Madison has an attractive user interface, reasonable rates, and great anonymity features. The audience is quite large and is proven to be within the same niche. There is the opportunity for a romantic relationship, a one-night stand, or casual meetings. 

Ashley Madison is a safe choice, but it is always good to keep in mind that you should confirm the person on the other end is in fact the person that you plan to meet.

For the options with anonymous dating sites, you can try Pure to have a further look. 


How Can I Remain Fully Anonymous?

  • Create a separate free email account to use just for Ashley Madison. Don’t use your personal or work email address.
  • Create a username that doesn’t identify you in any way.
  • Be cautious before sharing any personal details such as telephone, email, and social media with people you meet online.

How Do I Keep My Photos Discreet?

Adding a discreet photo to your profile actually increases your chance of matching with other users. We also never share your photo with any third parties, you can also make your photos private, or delete them, at any time.

How Long Does It Take For My Profile To Get Approved?

Profiles will be active immediately after registration. Custom content and private photos may take up to 24 hours to be approved.

How Do I Delete My Account?

You have two options: Deactivation and Full Deletion.

  • Removal of profile from search results
  • Profile hidden from the site
  • Ability to restore our account by contacting customer service as long as your account is still in our system.
  • Removal of profile from search result
  • Removal of profile from the site
  • Removal of messages sent and received
  • Removal of messages from recipient’s mailboxes including, Winks & Gift
  • Removal of site usage history and personally identifiable information from the site
  • Removal of photos

In order to deactivate or delete your account, go to the ‘Delete Profile’ option from your Manage Profile page. This can only be done on a desktop computer.

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