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Our Brief Review

If you are looking for a different type of dating site than the traditional options, then BeNaughty is the site for you. Rather than have little conversations, encourages it’s users to get right into the action

Open to couples and singles, BeNaughty offers a fun dating experience with one rule: If you like it, great if you don’t then skip it. Whether you are looking for a hookup, a threeway, or another type of sexual encounter between consenting adults, BeNaughty is where you should be looking.

Although BeNaughty is not necessarily the site you go on to seek a long term relationship, it is a fun and exciting experience. definitely lives up to its name, so if you are looking to “be naughty online” read our review to decide for yourself if this site is for you.

Member Structure

The target group of BeNaughty is anyone above the age of 18. You can be single, or in a relationship, but there is no specific log in as a couple. However, you would like to explore sexual encounters is fine and you will not be banned if you sign up as a couple under one name.

Female members are known to be most active on the site. Due to this, women are always online and give out the most activity requests.

Member Structure
Above 18 Years Old
  • Login and Signup

BeNaughty Signup

The registration process is very simple, and you will be able to access your match suggestions immediately after registering. The site does check for duplicates, which means you cannot make a new account and use the same photo. This helps to secure the site against fake profiles.

New members have to fill out personal information. This includes gender, age, location, and email address. When signing up you will also need to upload at least one photo. Additionally, in order to access all functions of the BeNaughty site, you will need to pass a photo test. This means you will need to upload at least one photo that has never been placed on the site. It cannot violate any rules, such as no pornography, no nudity, and no using a celebrity photo.

Making Contact

BeNaughty Making Contact
  • Free search available with filters.
  • Send “winks” to people you like.
  • Add members as favorites.
  • Only profile photos are available for general members. 
  • To enlarge photos you must be a full member.
  • Option to play “cute or not” game in Like Gallery.
  • Sending messages to other users is only free for women. This is why female members are typically more active in messaging.
  • Chatroom available.
  • Most messages you will receive will ask to trade photos or videos.

BeNaughty Profile Quality

Profile information is very straight to the point. Some of the information cannot be viewed if you do not have a full membership. One great aspect of this site is the fact that the dating site verifies profiles during registration. On the other hand, a downside to this site is that profiles do not need to be fully filled out, which means they typically do not have much information.

BeNaughty is extremely strict with the photos that you are able to upload on to your profile. Every photo that is on the site can be taken as though it is a real person. When you upload photos, you even need to confirm you are not uploading duplicates, because the site only allows a photo to be uploaded once

Only profile photos are actually available to free members. In order to unlock full albums, you must be a full member.

Be Naughty App

The BeNaughty app is very similar to the site, and you can do all the same actions. Games are still available in the app, and it is actually a bit easier to play it as well. 

Profile photos can be clearly seen in the app, but unfortunately, the app is only available in the Google Play store.

BeNaughty App

Design and Usability

The user interface of BeNaughty is easy for anyone to use. Even if you are not necessarily technologically advanced, this site will be simple and easy to access. 

Be aware that the site may take a few moments to upload, but if you have a bit of patience, and a stable internet connection, you should be able to browse through the site somewhat quickly. 


There is the option to use the free membership, and the option to pay. For women, it does not fully make sense to pay for the paid membership, but for men, most of the functions cannot be used in the free version.

  • Sending winks
  • Messaging for female accounts
  • Add people to a favorites list
  • See profile pictures
  • See who is online
  • See new members
  • Messaging for men (and women)
  • See all photo albums
  • Unlock “Looking for” information
  • Share photos and videos in chat
  • See the location of members Cost and Price

It is important to note that your initial subscription will automatically be renewed at the same rate, and the same amount of time initially chosen.

This renewal will only take effect at the end of the payment period. If you would like to stop paying for the service, you can cancel the automatic payment whenever you wish, as long as it is before the date of the recurring payment.

Special Features

Promote Account

This allows you to have promotional messages, as well as winks to possible matches.

Full Safe Mode

This only allows verified members to send you messages.

Basic Safe Mode

This can block messages specifically from users who have been flagged for suspicious behavior.

Security Real Life Review

Mark User
Read More
“Sign up for a week and they take a month, claiming you checked a box that you know you didn't. Clicking on a box that looks like part of the site then takes more money off you as it's a different site - without verification! There are definitely be naughty bots because messages all read very similar and after a couple of minutes, they say they have to go. All sound suspiciously similar in content and sign-off in the same manner. It's one person under many profiles, chatting for a couple of minutes and then going. Tons of messages from working girls. Not genuine; total garbage.”
Oslet User
Read More
“Only way it could be better is if the premium bits were free. Loads of features without paying and that’s enough for me.”


This site can be fun if you are looking for a hookup. Although it is not as racy as Adult Friend Finder, it is still a great option to actually meet singles or couples for sexual encounters.

The best feature of this site is the fact that they verify all of the photos on the site. This gives you the opportunity to feel secure with who you are speaking to.  Although it can be a bit frustrating that men cannot message women without a paid subscription, the price is quite reasonable and worth it if you are serious about making connections in an attempt to have a sexual counter. If you are looking to be naughty with someone off of an online platform, this is a great site.

BeNaughty FAQ

Is A Site For Finding Married Men?

If you are looking for a cheating site, it would be best to go to Ashley Madison. This is because BeNaughty is specifically for singles or couples. 

Is It Easy To Create An Account With BeNaughty?

The registration steps are very simple and you should be able to use the site within five minutes of registration.

How Do I Upgrade My Account?

To upgrade to full membership, simply click the green “Upgrade” button.

What Is The Satisfaction Guarantee Program?

The satisfaction guarantee program is a 3-day trial program. This allows you to try out the site before you pay for the full membership.

How Do I Cancel My Full Membership?

You can cancel your paid membership anytime by accessing your account settings through your profile picture.

Is BeNaughty Reliable?

BeNaughty is reliable because of the fact that all photos are verified. Although you have heard of a BeNaughty scam, you will simply need to be vigilant and use your best judgment, as you should with any dating site.

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