Best Dating Sites For Gamers

Best Dating Sites for Gamers

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Our Brief Introduction

Gamer Dating Introduction

Gaming is a huge part of everyday life, but it is hard to find a partner to share those days with. If you are a true gamer and looking for a relationship, then you know the strain that gaming can put on your relationship if your partner is not a gamer as well. To have a real dating soulmate, keep reading our list of best dating sites for gamers. 

In recent years gaming has become more popular, which means people of all genders and sexual orientations are interested in gaming. This now gives you the opportunity to find a partner that loves gaming just as much as you! In fact, dating a gamer is not boring like people suppose to think about, it is an interesting relationship where two persons can date and play together. 

But oftentimes it can be hard to find these people despite there being tons of online platforms to find love interests. This is why we created a list of gamer dating websites. By going on a gamer dating site you can find someone to love who lives in a gamers world just like you.

Top 10 Best Dating Sites For Gamers


Not necessarily just about being a gamer, but rather being a part of geek and nerd culture as well.

Being one of the most popular options of a gamer dating app, Soulgeek is a great place for a gamers meet. With over 260,000 visits per month alone, the $14.95 you pay monthly for a premium subscription may prove to be worth it. The site does get somewhat cheaper as you sign up for a longer-term, with the 6-month commitment being only $11.66 per month. 

That isn’t to say you must have a premium subscription to use the site, the sign up is totally free. Despite this, to use all of the features you will need to plan to pay. Also, if you choose, instead of a premium subscription, you can pay for credits. These allow you to message other members without paying for a subscription.

The profiles are quite detailed on Soulgeek, and you should be able to find others who share the same interests as you. This is done by answering easy questions such as what is your favorite game/comic book etc. 

The main negative aspect of this site is that the site looks very old. What is interesting about this is that it is actually not outdated, but they tried to make the site look this way on purpose. For a geek, this can be super annoying to use. 

Even though this site does offer a good platform to meet someone, it can be a bit confusing because things are not as clear as other dating sites. Even if you like a person’s profile, you may not be able to figure out what they are actually looking for. Despite this, as a whole, if you can get past the ugly interface, you may find someone you love that has similar interests as you.



LFG stands for “looking for group,” is a beautifully designed, upscale gamer dating site.

With a smaller user base, this site that launched in 2013 is quite cheap. Only $5 for one month or a lifetime membership for $50, makes this site a great value. 

You may want to upgrade your membership, as you will only be able to contact users and have a certain amount of messages with a free profile. The upgrade is quite cheap and gets even cheaper for a 3 or 6-month membership ($3.33/month). 

LFG is really professional looking. They have a well-designed mobile app which is available to download. This site was obviously designed by a geek or nerd themselves!

Similar to, every day on LFG you will be given daily matches. You can also search for matches whenever you choose. The main downfall of this site is that it is a very small site. Although they claim to have “Tens of thousands” of members, this is incredibly small for an online dating pool.

As a result, you may not find someone who lives near you. If you are willing to do a long-distance relationship or even a virtual relationship, then give this site a try because you do not have much to lose cost-wise!

Girl Gamer Dating

Get free dating experience without being asked for credit card information at any time. 

To get started, all you need to do is upload a photo. Then you can begin to look through the different people on the site, send messages, and talk to other geeks about your likes and dislikes. For the more hipster gamers, they even offer advanced features such as music and photo albums as well as forums. These forums are great because it allows you to talk to other like-minded individuals about your nerdy interests.

If you are looking for a site that offers a huge amount of members, this may not be the site for you, but if you are interested in free messaging chats, as well as forum sections, then this might be the site for you. You will never be asked for any personal information, which can make it feel like a very safe online dating experience.


Find others who enjoy online dating games like you. 

Based in the UK, GamerDating is a place where you can choose to begin dating a gamer. 

With 130,000 monthly visits each month, it has a smaller user base than large dating sites, but definitely a bit larger than LFG. Additionally, it is good to note that this is a community as well rather than just a dating site. This can be a bit confusing, as you may be looking for a date, but the one you want to date is looking for friends.

This site gives you the opportunity to sign up for free, but if you actually want to use the site you will need to pay for a subscription. The only option is to pay $17.50 per month for at least 2 months. Although this is cheaper than bigger sites, it is still more than a few of the other niche gamer dating sites.


One huge difference with the site Gamer Dating is that the sign-up process is a bit more like a traditional dating site versus a small gamer site. You will be required to add a lot of extra information such as your favorite games. Also, every day you will be given around six matches that you can like or dislike. This will help the site tailor more matches to your liking in the future. 

The main negative aspect of this site is that some people are only on this site to make friends. This can be frustrating, but sometimes love can bloom out of friendships as well. Otherwise, if you have games that you are looking to find someone to play with, or a significant other that likes a specific game, then this site will work well for you.


Find hookups or even marriage to someone who is interested in gaming.

If you are looking for something a bit less serious, but want to do so with a gamer alike, then Dating4Gamers is perfect for you.  

Sign on to Dating4Gamers without paying a cent because it is totally free! They will ask you to fill out information such as your gender, age, what nerdy interests you have, ask you to create a screen name, and input your email. Without any verification, you will be able to browse, chat, and flirt with all of the other geeks online.

Find new members through the Dating4Gamers “newest members” section. This allows you to find new people as soon as they join the site. 

The biggest downfall to this site is that it may not be suitable for gamers who like high tech products. This site is quite a low tech and low resolution which is unfortunate for those who are used to playing War of The Worlds on their 4K TV.


You deserve a partner who is as obsessed with your favorite gaming hobby as you.

This site offers easy signup that only asks you to provide your gender, the gender you are attracted to, your age, location, and email. After that, you can register for free, and you do not have to purchase a premium membership.

Video Gamer Dating markets itself to those who are gamers themselves, but also for those who are looking to date a gamer. This is because they believe that gamers are addicted to their games, which might be true. 

They offer a search function that allows you to search between an “attractive and exciting gamer” or a “nerdy and casual gamer”. The search tool also allows you to search between gaming devices, such as Xbox, Playstation, PC games, and more. The best part about it? It is totally free should you so choose.

Gaming Passions


A community for gamers to find one another.

This site allows you to find other people that share your interests. Whether that is one specific game or the love of gaming as a whole. 

Even though at first glance this site is very outdated, when you get more into the site you will see there is everything from photo personals, groups, chats, webcam videos, emails, and even forums. 

The signup is very simple on Gaming Passions, you can do it through your Facebook login or even just your email. This site is also completely free, which means you can try it without anything to lose. Whether you are looking for a partner, for a fling, a friend, or just some information on gaming, you can find it here.


Add different games to your library to see what other people are interested in.

Another gaming dating site for the single gamer, this one is free yet again. GamerMatchmaker offers you the choice between casual dating for hookups, but also for serious dating for marriage. The only thing you need to confirm is which one the gamers on this site are looking for before you fall in love!

To find your great matches, use the feature of adding games to the library. This is because it might be terrible to find out someone loves COD, while you love War Of The Worlds!

Signup is easy, they ask for your gender, preferred gender you are interested in, the city you live in, date of birth, username, profile headline, a profile description, and email address. That’s all you need to get started to find the love of your life or a fun nerdy hookup.



A large dating pool with many features of a large dating site that some of the smaller niche gaming sites cannot offer.

The dating approach of Zoosk is very different than other dating for gamers sites since it is matching you based on having similar interests. This can be great, but just because you like gaming it does not mean that you are fully a match.

Despite this, Zoosk is good for those who are a bit shyer, because there is a huge dating pool to browse through. This allows you to use the advanced search tool to find someone that matches your interests, or someone who doesn’t.

The biggest disadvantage is that Zoosk is quite expensive. Although if you commit to a six-month membership it only ends up being $12.49 per month, a one-month membership will set you back almost $30!


Not really a dating app for gamers but you can easily find someone that shares your interest in gamingby Match filters.

You have most likely already heard of because it was launched over 20 years ago in 1995. It is one of the largest online dating networks in the world and has a price to reflect that at almost $42 per single month, and almost $21 per month if you subscribe for a year. 

You are required to fill out an extensive questionnaire when signing up for Match, and your profile will be reviewed as well. This is probably the best aspect of Match, is that because you have put so much information into it, you can actually search for someone based on what they have put into the site. Whether you begin searching with your favorite game, or the word “gaming,” you should have a good amount of choices to pop up in no time

Be aware though that you may need to spend a lot of time on Match to find the gamer love of your life. This site does require a lot of searching and flipping through profiles to find someone suitable. Additionally, you should not go on this site if you are only looking for hookups. This site is made to find a long-term relationship or life partner possibly for marriage.


Although being a gamer is often, sometimes being a gamer can be hard when it comes to the dating category. Often non-gamers might take a look at a gamer and say no thank you, or maybe you won’t even get out of the house to meet anyone at all!

Now, these excuses are over. Gaming is more accepted in society, but you also have the option to meet other gamers online. Find your next gaming partner and lover online. Choose carefully, and decide which site will work best for you and your needs. Meeting a gamer to love has never been easier.

Will I Meet Any Non-Gamers On These Gaming Dating Sites?

Some of the sites like Zoosk and are made for everyone. These sites will just allow you to search based on likes and dislikes, which will allow you to find gamers more easily.

Are There Girl Gamers On These Sites?

Most of these dating sites claim to have about 55% men and 45% women.

Will I Find Someone Who Likes The Same Games As Me On These Sites?

It is not guaranteed that you will find someone who loves the same games as you, but these sites will definitely make it a lot easier to do so.

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