Best Gay Dating Sites in 2020

Best Gay Dating Sites

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Our Brief Introduction

Gay dating sites introduction

When you are gay, it can be challenging to find someone to date honestly. Although the hookup world is trendy, you might want to find someone to love.

If you are scared of heading to the bar to start up a gay chat, go online instead. Rather than going all around the world to find someone, you can do it from home. You might be wondering, though, what are the best gay websites and gay apps? Well, whether you have been on a million dates or are looking to go on the first, online gay dating sites can help, and so can we.

Top 10 Gay Dating Sites


A higher chance of finding someone with tons of people on the site.

Although not made specifically for gays to find love, OkCupid is a great site because it is one of the free gay dating sites. This site offers you the chance to find people based on what you answer in a long questionnaire. That means it is more than just a sex app. 

Compared to sites like Tinder, OkCupid offers a lot more features. Whether you are swiping or asking icebreaker questions, there is a variety of different options to have fun while meeting someoneThe mobile app is especially helpful if you are looking for people on the go. Along with a variety of genders to choose from, this site never forces you into a box. It allows you to be yourself.



The king of all gay dating apps.

Grindr is one of the most popular gay dating apps. If you simply find an anonymous gay hookup, this is where you should go.

Some people even believe that Grindr has changed the way that gay dating has become. What is good to know about Grindr, is that it is an app that shows you people around you. You will see people in the order of how close they are to you. This allows you to see how close you are to different people, and maybe allow you to choose who you’d like to see based on how easy it is to get to them.

All features on Grindr are free, but there is one feature that is not. This feature allows you to see unlimited men around you, and also let you filter with more freedom. These filters include what you are looking for, your HIV status, how often you get tested, and what your “tribe” is (types of gay men). The tribe allows you to choose what category you belong to, such as Jock, nerd, twink, rugged, poz, trans, otter, discreet gay dating, or daddy. This is a bit controversial and known to be quite superficial. 


Dating and then having sex.

Aside from Grindr, Adam4Adam is one of the very commonly-used gay dating sites. This site is a bit different than OkCupid in that it is made more for sexual matches than love matches.

This site specifically allows you to match based on sexual and physical interests, rather than emotional ones. Especially if you are new to the gay world, this might be a great opportunity for you. Filter by any age or how someone looks, such as race and weight. Whether you are looking for a threesome or a polyamorous relationship, all of that can be found on this site.


Scruff - an upscale version of Grindr.

This site follows the same general plan, in that you search people by geolocation. It is also free, with the opportunity to upgrade in order to change the location that you are searching for. You can offer a locked album that you can allow others to see at your discretion. You can also choose to show which tribe you are on Scruff. Other men can search you if they are specifically interested in, for example, Twinks, or, Daddys.

One nice option that Scruff has is queer events in your area. Here you will see who has said they are going, which can be nice to know ahead of time. It is a safe place to gay connect after meeting on the app, rather than at one another’s house.

Similar to Grindr, Scruff is made specifically for finding sex, but it is not to say it is impossible to find someone to love. If you want to find a date rather than a sexy buddy, you can state that you are looking for a relationship on your profile, and search for others that are too.



Can a site for straight people open a place for gay dating?

This app is similar to Tinder in that you must swipe to match. What is good to note is that if you do not start a conversation with a match within 24 hours, your match will delete itself and you will lose the opportunity to speak to them.

The first positive of Bumble is that it has a large member base. The only negative part is that it is known to be for straight people. Despite this, the site offers a popular platform that is well made. It goes along with an opportunity for bisexual men to have the option to speak with both men and women that they choose. 


Are you a gay man and finding love?

GayFriendFinder is specifically a site to help gay men find someone to love. This site is free to signup, and also allows you to search based on more than just looks. With the opportunity to create a longer bio than many other sites, you also get the opportunity to state what you are truly looking for.

This site also allows users to coordinate meetups similar to Scruff. This means if you want to coordinate an event, you can post it and see who wants to come. The best part about this site is that it gives an opportunity for more than just a platform to find sex. Instead, you can find love, friends, and so much more.


Great experience with live stream feature.

Seemingly almost stealing its name from Grindr, Growlr is an app similar to both Grindr and Scruff. This site is a bit different though, it is made specifically for bears to find other bears, and simply for those who like bears. (Bears are chubby, hairy gay men). Although there are not as many men on Growlr, you will not need to work so hard to filter through the different types of men. It might make it a lot faster to find someone as well.

One new feature is a live stream component. This feature allows you to watch live streams from other users if you aren’t necessarily having a conversation with someone. Although it is mainly a feature in order to keep users on the app, it can still be fun to watch a gay men sex video.



A gay dating site that is worth investing in.

One of the oldest gay dating sites is MenNation. This was started by the owners of AdultFriendFinder, and has a huge number of members, reaching almost 100 million. This site also offers the opportunity to join as a couple, if you are looking for something a bit kinkier. Overall the site offers a lot of opportunities to speak with other members and interact. 

On MenNation you will need to pay a bit of money in order to use the site because it is a great site with a lot of members. Whatever you are looking for, a good time, a one night stand, or even companionship, MenNation can probably offer that.


Not only for men, but also for gay women.

GayCupid is made specifically to help gay men find love or a serious relationship. This site was originally launched in 2002, which means it has been around long enough to gather a large member base. Although it is not a huge site for gay women, they do exist on the site. Gay Cupid is actually very well known and almost thought to be the opposite of Grindr. They even offer a free 3-month trial, which eventually locks you into a larger contract. This also means that you will see most members as a “Platinum member” allowing you to communicate with more members. 

If you are not a platinum member, then you will not be able to start conversations with anyone that is not either a paying member or on the free trial. Despite this, overall this is a good site if you want to find someone to love in the gay community versus just a hookup. 



One of the most popular dating platforms you must try.

Even when Tinder is known for heterosexual couples, it actually has a lot of LGBTQ+ people and offers different features for gay dating as well. 

Two specific features for gay dating include how you can choose from a huge amount of sexual orientations on the app. Another feature includes, “travel alert’. This feature tells you when you are in a country where being homosexual is illegal. This is in 70 countries all over the world. Not only will it notify you, but it will also hide your profile from view. This is for your protection, and you can unhide yourself should you choose.


Regardless of your gender, race, or preferences, you deserve love or dating. It can be hard to come out, but it doesn’t have to be hard to find someone to feel comfortable with.

Even if you are not ready to come out to the whole world, you can secretly go on these sites to meet other gays and get started. If you are looking for a free gay chat, free gay videos, gay sexting, or a relationship, these best gay dating apps can definitely help you find what you are looking for.


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I Want To Find Gay Near Me, How Can I?

If you use one of the various apps that we have outlined, you will probably have a good chance of finding gay men near you.

Where Can I Find Gay Dating Advice?

Many gay dating sites have advice, such as Scruff, Gay Friend Finder, and even Bumble.

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