Best Dating Sites For Sexting

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What You Should Know About Sexting

What you should know about sexting

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the best sexting apps. Sexting is more than receiving dirty photos of someone’s junk, or asking “what are you wearing”. Now, sexting has become a whole different ball game. 

Sexting can be a wonderful activity, but you have to be careful. There are a lot of weird people out there, and your nudes are only one screenshot away from being leaked.

To help avoid problems, we have gone through all of the sexting sites out there. There is some that act as social networks, to help you meet those with the same kinks as you, as well as simple sites that allow you to send naughty messages to strangers. 

We have the apps you need if you want to play the sexting game in 2020.

Top 10 Sexting Apps You Must Know


A totally free and discrete site.

Kaboom lets you send self-destructing message links over any platform. Similar to Snapchat, this site allows you to send images or videos that will eventually disappear. It is known on Kaboom as “self destruct”  and out of all the free sexting apps you do not need to download an app to view messages. 

Instead, messages are shared through a link, which can also be shared through any social media channel. Because Kaboom is anonymous sexting and doesn’t save your messages to a server, they can never be found later.

The main problem with Kaboom is that it does not offer any protection regarding screenshots. This means that it is easy for your messages to be screenshotted and you will have no idea. But if you are already sexting through simple text communication, then this is a great option for more privacy.



It is not connected to your social media, and the basic membership is free.

Known as Plenty of Fish, this site is more of a dating site, but there are many discrete offerings as well. It offers over 150 million worldwide, with 57 million connections made every week. 

Specifically, when signing up you will be asked what you are looking for. If that is “something casual/no commitment,” then you are most likely going to find someone to sext with. 

The newest features include “Conversation Powers”. This allows users to send voice messages, make calls, and send photo messages which are essentially sexting. The only bad features that the voice features take a while to actually be able to use them.


Lots of different privacy features to keep you anonymous.

Dust is a fun snap chat like an option that is free. The main difference with Dust is that you can connect your social media as well as your contacts that use the app. This makes it a bit less private. This site also does not require you to create anything more than a username and password, and everything is deleted after 24 hours.

One great feature about Dust is that you can delete messages from other user’s phones should you make a mistake. The only trouble with this sexting chat app is that you cannot screenshot in all aspects of the app. This can make for a more private experience, but you can also never trust that someone won’t use a different phone to videotape it.


The most private of all the best sexting apps.

Confide makes it impossible to connect you to your sext, and basic membership is free. This app is essentially based on the idea that your online conversations should be as private as possible. In order to read messages, you can run your finger over each message line, until you have read the entire message. They will then disappear almost immediately. 

The best aspect of Confide is that it is free to use, and it is extremely private. The only bad part of Confide is that it is a bit of a pain to read your messages.



A popular dating site offers many sexting options.

While Zoosk doesn’t offer privacy protection, it could offer you the chance to meet someone. It is good to note that Zoosk is not a totally free online sexting app or even a nude sexting app, but it is a dating app that can offer you a plethora of options. 

There is a large pool of people to choose from on Zoosk, but it is not free. This means you can use Zoosk for a short period of time, and then bring one of the matches you find here through their Carousel feature or Smartpicks option, and bring them to different free sexting apps.


XMatch offers heterosexual, lesbian sexting as well as the option to use as gay sexting apps.

Also known as one of the best hookup sites available, this site is extremely quick to sign up, and offers a fun and interactive community. If you want to view sexy profiles you can do that, or you can message with live people offers users a good service that is not free for all features but is free for some. It is fun to use, has a good interface, a large member base, and a good user experience. It is owned by Friend Finder, which means that many of the profiles are duplicated. This means you will want to choose between these two sites.


Screenshotted actions may happen, be careful with it.

Even though Snapchat is not one of the sexting sites per se, it can act as one. There are no privacy features on Snapchat, but most people do have an account, so it is basically just an alternative form of text messaging with an auto-delete feature. 

One great feature is the ability to know if your message has been screenshotted. Although it does not prevent screenshots, at least you will know. Snapchat can be seen as the original sexting app, and it has a large user base. Although you cannot find people on the site to essentially sext with without knowing them beforehand.



Share sex voice memos, photos, files and videos on Wickr.

If you are not interested in sexting photos but prefer to send sexy voice memos, then Wickr is your app. With the most secure encryption, you can share not only voice memos but photos, files, and videos as well. Sexting online with strangers is not always the safest thing in the world. But with Wickr, you can do literally anything you want, for free, in the most private way possible.


Run by a non-profit organization which can ensure your safety when sexting.

Signal is not a completely sexting app, but it is a good app to serve your sexting purpose. It allows you to send any private information through your phone, which could include sexting photos should you so choose. It is free and often used by senators and the DNC (Democratic National Convention), which means you know it is secure. 

The app will not even have access to the content you send, and its security has already been held up in court against a federal subpoena. Put your chat history on auto-delete, so that once you send something it will disappear forever. 



Two options of Wild: Free adult sexting apps and VIP membership.

Wild is very different from other apps because you can even verify yourself. It has been compared to Tinder because it offers the chance for casual romances, hookups, and friends with benefits relationships. It offers both the option to use a desktop version and the app version, but you should avoid the desktop because it is very out of date.

To paid membership, VIP members are able to send 5 super likes per day as opposed to 1. Additionally, VIP members are able to send up to 5 notes daily, while free members can send none. It is good to note that out of all local sexting apps you can earn a free membership for a week each time you complete tasks on Wild.


Real-life dating is good for some, but for others, sexting is a lot more fun. The only thing you need to remember is that you want to be safe when doing so. Always be sure that you feel comfortable sending out your sexy photos into the world because although these apps are secure and private, there is always the chance that someone might record them still.

What Is Sexting?

Sexting is defined as the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photos electronically. Often this is done in place of text messaging and through mobile phones.

Is Sexting illegal?

No, between two consenting adults sexting is not illegal. You do need to make sure you are never sexting with a minor, as this is completely wrong and illegal. 

Add Your Heading Text HereAre There Consequences Of Sexting?

The only legal consequences of sexting occur if you share someone else’s material without their consent, or you are producing, possessing, and/or distributing child pornography. Despite this, the only other consequences of sexting would be that you could become the target of mean comments, rumors, and harassment if your photos get out without permission.

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