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Chat Hour Highlights

The dating website Chat Hour is basically a bunch of different chat rooms. These are all on different topics and you can even create one of your own. Although the site is horribly designed, it is a fun site and you can easily meet other people.

How Chat Hour Works

Besides joining a chat room, you can also meet and chat with specific users. This allows you to connect with more people, and have the opportunity to meet someone. 

Chat Hour can actually be accessed without registration which is somewhat dangerous as you can’t validate who you are speaking to. One good aspect of the site is it is completely free, this means every room can be accessed, and there are no blocked features for anyone.

Member Structure

The member structure of Chat Hour is unknown due to the fact that registration is not required. Despite this, it is known that there are users from all over the world.

Signing Up

Chat Hour Signing Up

Join The Chat Rooms Signing Up

Signing up for Chat Hour does not take much time because you do not need to actually register. The only verification that exists is receiving a code to a valid email address.

Despite this verification, you can still join other chat rooms as a guest without being registered. If you do that, you will be limited the number of free chat rooms that you can attend to

Making Contact

Chat Hour is specifically a chat room website, but there are also other ways to connect virtually. The most basic way to use the site is by entering chat rooms. Even if you choose not to register you are able to do so as a guest. 

When you do create an account, you are able to use all of the different Chat Hour features. This includes sending private messages, searching for other users, looking for specific members by their usernames, and sending friend requests. You can also add users to your favorites, and create new chat rooms under any topic you choose.

Members can be searched based on their age, location, gender, or username. Five friend requests can be sent each day, but only 50 profiles may be set to favorites.

Your Chat Hour Profile

After you have signed in, there are three different sections for you to answer in your profile. 

You can also upload multiple photos, but they must be according to specific regulations. There are to ways to set the photos: public or private. Private photos can only be seen by friends, but your basic details are seen by everyone.

If you choose to make your profile detailed, it will be helpful in making you stand out. It is good to note that profile information is not accessible publicly to people off of the website, and you can edit your profile at any time.

Chat Hour Mobile App

The ChatHour mobile view is different from the web version because the chat rooms are not the highlighted feature. Instead, the app is designed more for sending direct or instant messages.

Although the app version is mobile, it is also simpler to use. The features are more organized, it has a more readable font, and the design is more modern all around. In general, the app is easy and enjoyable to use.

Chat Hour App

The Chat Hour Mobile App is available for both Apple (iOS) and Android (Google Play) users. By having these mobile chat rooms, you can access the site at any time on your ChatHour mobile login.

Design & Usability

The design of ChatHour is a bit outdated. When you approach the homepage of, you may have to take a moment to understand it. There are a few main Chat Rooms on the front of the site, and the ability to search in the middle.

After taking a few moments to understand the site, you will find that it is an easy site to use, it just needs a bit of updating.

Special Features

Chat Hour Chat Rooms

There is really only one special feature involved with Chat Hour, and that is that there are hundreds of available chat rooms. There are chat rooms on different topics, these include love, sex, relationships, career, hobbies, religion, and more. You can even create a chat room based on any topic you like. Choose to set it as either public for all, or private for only Chat Hour users. 

Costs and Prices

The Chat Hour site is completely free. The only requirement is that to access all features, users must register their email. This is quite simple, and you can even make a fake email address to use only with the site.

Other features include:

  • Registration
  • Joining chat rooms
  • Sending instant messages
  • Sending direct mail
  • Search users
  • Create a chat room
  • Upload photos
  • Add users to your favorites list
  • View favorites
  • Send friend requests
  • Check who’s online

Safety & Security

The main problem with Chat Hour is that there is no verification process besides that of confirming your email address. This does not give any security to the users, which is a big problem.

Because of this lack of security, you will need to be hyper-vigilant and, we believe, avoid meeting anyone from the site without proper verification of their identity. 

Despite this, you are able to report users, and you can report obscene photos. This will give you some peace of mind that you will not be harassed as long as you report it.

Real Life Review

Nice and genuine best way to get partners and not any paid version in this


Worst lag of any chat app around. At times you will not even know if it is working or not.


Good app but allows too much sexual content. Almost every seems to want only online sex from you.I wonder why....


I really like this app, but the only thing missing is a manual delete for messages instead of waiting 5days for auto delete. If you can put that in the app that would be great


Competitors of Chat Hour

Competitors of Chat Hour include Adult Friend Finder and Ashley Madison. Although these sites are a bit different, there is still the air of sexual content, finding dates, and “mature” chat topics

Adult Friend Finder has more features than Chat Hour, but the similarities are in the Chat Rooms. Adult Friend Finder definitely has more sexual content, but the Chat Rooms are very similar.

Although Ashley Madison is a niche website for cheaters, there are actually chat rooms available on Chat Hour for that very same reason. Ashley Madison has a bit more features, but if you are looking to simply talk to someone who is married, and you aren’t married yourself, Chat Hour might be a better option for you. 


Before Tinder and the growth of Facebook, the internet existed in a different form. Chat Hour is a representation of that era. Although chat rooms can be a bit outdated, Chat Hour brings back the simplicity of having a conversation

The main issue with chat hour is the lack of security. It makes it more of a site to speak with people from around the world but may not be a site you want to use to actually meet new people in person form. 

The site is great for people to learn new things, and to cure loneliness, but it is good to be aware that you never know who you are speaking to on the other side of the computer. If you are looking for a true dating site, take a look at Zoosk or


Can I Register For Free?

Yes. Signing up in Chat Hour is completely free.

Is The Site Accessible Worldwide?

Yes. Chat Hour is available for users all over the world.

How Can I Change My Username?

You cannot change or edit your username after it is created. Instead, you must delete your account and make a new one.

What Are The Photo Upload Requirements?

  • Must be at least 90x90pixels 
  • Must be less than 1MB
  • File must in a jpg/jpeg 
  • Must not contain nudity

Can I Delete Chat Hour Chat Rooms That I Create?

Yes. Simply go to My Profile, then click the chat room you want to delete. 

Press Customise Chat Room > Delete Chat Room.

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