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Our Brief Introduction

CMB introduction

Coffee Meets Bagel was founded in California and was made to avoid the mindless swiping that occurs with many apps. It was also made to help find real connections rather than hookups that you often find in the standard dating app market.

This app is actually free and uses Facebook to access your mutual friends and find you a match. Because it uses an algorithm, you will receive a group of users to match with every day. Similar to other sites, when you see these matches you can choose to like or pass. You may be homosexual on the site, but the site is made more for heterosexual people.

If you are considering Coffee Meets Bagel dating, read our review, along with other Coffee meets bagel reviews that we have provided towards the end. This can show you exactly what other users are thinking, and give you an opportunity to see if it will work for you.

What Is Coffee Meets Bagel?

The Coffee Meets Bagel dating apps are made for women. It offers a young dating pool but does have a good algorithm based on pulling your friends and friends of friends off of social media. This offers you the chance to move off of the app as soon as possible, which makes it a great choice for anyone who is looking for a relationship.

How Does Coffee Meets Bagel Work?

How does CMB work?

So how to use Coffee Meets Bagel? 

This app was originally created for heterosexual couples to meet each other. Because of this, it was created according to stereotypical roles. Traditionally, men view profiles (these are known as bagels). Then, they have 24 hours to either like or pass on the Bagels. This essentially puts women in control. Women will then be given a list of matches and then these women will be able to choose from all of these men to match with. Because women will only be given a list of who has already liked them, there is no chance for rejection. This was created to offer more chances for choice for women, known as “Ladies Choice”.

Member Structure

This app is most popular in Hong Kong and the United States, but there are over 25 million matches from the site so far. Most users are between 21 to 35-year-olds, and the demographic is young professionals.

Coffee Meets Bagel Login

Signing up for Coffee Meets Bagel is very simple. 

  1. Download the app on your phone through either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Create a profile.
  3. Select your ethnicity, as well as other personal details about yourself such as height and religion. 
  4. Finish three phrases: “I am”, “I like”, “I appreciate when my date”
  5. Uploaded photos from your Facebook with up to 9 photos.

Coffee Meets Bagel Profile Quality

CMB Profiles

This app provides the opportunity to create an extremely detailed profile. The only bad part of this is that anyone can fill out a profile and create coffee meets bagel fake profiles. This is specifically in reference to putting a higher education, or more attractive features on your profile to act as though you are something you are not.

Despite this, all profiles are visible for free. This is nice because it allows you to get to know other users before meeting in person. One good thing to note is that profiles cannot be searched, so you will only have access to profiles if you have already been matched with them.

Making Contact

CMB smart algorithm

Because this app is very heterocentric, women are presented with 6 matches every day. These men will have only had 24 hours to like or pass on this profile. If there are not 6 men who like their photos, then the site will find matches for them. This is often the case when in a small town or city. When you do match, you will only be able to chat for 7 days. This is done to encourage speaking.

If you do not respond to a potential match, then you will lose this match forever. Additionally, it is good to note that sending messages is free for everyone. If you want to attend a chatroom, be noticed that this is free as well. 

There are also three available icebreakers that allow you the opportunity to start a conversation without the risk of choosing a “weird” or “boring” question.

Coffee Meets Bagel App

CMB app

Coffee Meets Bagel does not have any other platform besides an app. This means that if you do not have a smartphone, you cannot use it. It also means that if you do not have the ability to download the app, then you will not be able to use it in your browser because there is no website for the platform.

Special Features


The CMB Discover feature helps you to find matches outside your area, or outside of your preferences. These matches are different because you will need to use your beans to purchase the ability to talk to them. Beans are in-app currency. 

Express Delivery

By paying a bit more, you can send your message to a match before you have matched officially. 


Send matches to your friends. If you do this and they accept, you can earn up to 300 beans per day per friend.

Question of The Day

Every day you can answer different questions, but the difference is that you only have 8 seconds, and you will record yourself answering it. Then you can look through other member’s answers.


Similar to a Super like on Tinder, the Woo feature lets you tell someone that you are interested in them and gives you an extra opportunity to get their attention.

Mirror Mirror

This feature provides you a ranking compared to your most recent matches. Everyone will rate one another so that you can see how you score among other matches. If you are high on the charts then you will be trending.


If you happen to forget to log in and miss a match, then you can rematch Coffee Meets Bagel.

Open Sesame

This CMB dating feature allows you to see the different mutual friends that you and your match have in common.

Photo Lab

This fun feature lets you have other users tell you which photo you should use on your profile. It is not only helpful but also interactive. You can also vote on other member’s photos and earn in-app currency.

Design and Usability

Because it is only an app, the website only offers a bit of information. The welcome page shows videos and photos that would only make sense on a phone, and you will automatically see a download page for the app. You can also find a list of matched couples, as well as the blog. Despite this, you will need to download the app in order to truly use it because none of the features work on the website.


  • Download mobile app
  • Register
  • Look at match profiles
  • Messaging after matching
  • Achieve Beans through activities
  • Activity report
  • Read receipts 
  • Free 6,000 Beans every month
  • 5 free “takes”
  • Send as many Woos as you would like
  • See mutual friends
  • 15% more beans every time you purchase

Price and Payment

1 month: $34.99

3 months: $25/month=$75

6 months: $20/month=$120

12months: $15/month=$180

100 beans @ $.02/bean

2000 beans @ $.01/bean

Beans are an in-app currency in Coffee Meets Bagel. You can earn beans by performing tasks in the app, or by purchasing them in the “bean shop”.

  • Mirror Mirror feature=500 Beans
  • Rematch feature=205 Beans
  • Open Sesame feature=50 Beans
  • Photo Lab Report feature=49 Beans

Real-Life Reviews

MatthewCMB User
Read More
“This USED to be a really good app. Matches are great, so far haven't encountered any catfishes. HOWEVER, this app is incredibly bugged. Notifications don't really come so often, so when I get messages I wouldn't even know. Same goes with matches. Also if I were to send a message to a match, on my side it says it hasn't been sent out for who knows what? Unless you guys rework this app I'm keeping it at one star.”
Marguerite CMB User
Read More
“I just started using Coffee Meets Bagel a few weeks ago, and I've been such high quality med who are serious and actually want a long term serious relationship. It's so exciting to meet such nice men, I've tried other apps and it was not the same caliber of people, I am so pleased so far! We'll see what happens! :)”
GarrettCMB User
Read More
“Money grabber app. It constantly hounds you to spend more even when you already have a subscription, and you are extremely restricted if you do not pay for a subscription. Furthermore, their search feature is terrible. They don't even have basic filters for make-or-break things like smoking or religion, yet they have a filter for a degree!”

Bumble vs Coffee Meets Bagel

Bumble vs CMB

Bumble is a very well known app and seems to be a bit better as far as usability. Despite this, Coffee Meets Bagel has a lot of good features as long as you are in a city that has a lot of members. Bumble is better if you are in a small town.

Coffee Meets Bagel vs Tinder

CMB vs Tinder

Tinder is specifically made as a hookup app. When thinking about a Coffee Meets Bagel hookup, you would more assume that it would be catering to individuals who are looking for a long-term relationship or marriage. Most of the people who use CMB are in their late 29s up to mid-30s, so it is the age where people are ready to settle down. Tinder is often more for younger people that want to participate in casual or hookup dating.


The Coffee Meets Bagel app is trying to make online dating easier. By receiving only a few matches, you will be able to save the time and effort that it normally takes to search through profiles. Although you do have the chance to be scammed because it is a free site, Coffee Meets Bagel can be a very useful dating app.

Coffee Meets Bagel FAQ

What Is The Coffee Meets Bagel Algorithm?

Coffee Meets Bagel uses your Facebook. It will take everything from your mutual friends, group likes, and political views to match you with other users.

What Is A "Third-Degree Connection"?

1st-degree connections are someone that you know on Facebook, 2nd degree is someone who is a friend of a friend, but 3rd degree is someone who is a friend of a friend of a friend. 

Is Coffee Meets Bagel Free?

You can signup and make a profile on the site, but it is not fully free.

Is Coffee Meets Bagel Gay?

Although the app is made for straight individuals, gay people are not banned from the site.

What Is The Coffee Meets Bagel Age Range?

The typical age on CMB is from the mid-20s to mid-30s.

Where Can I Find Coffee Meets Bagel Tips?

Go to the Coffee Meets Bagel desktop site to find their blog with many different tips for dating.

Add Your Heading Text HereHow To Delete Coffee Meets Bagel Account? 

Before deleting you will need to go to your settings, put your account on hold, and then find a blue icon. You should be able to then deactivate your account. Finally, scroll to the bottom of the page and delete your account.

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