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Our Brief Introduction

ComeWithYou intro

ComeWithYou is an online platform made for those who are looking to have affairs with other singles and couples. If you want something kinky you can find that, but you can also find something a bit more personal and low key. 

This online adult community is designed for people who are of different sexual orientations for whatever sexual needs you have. There is also amazing online support for everyone on the site. Whether you are using a free account, or you pay, you will still get that same support.

Another cool feature is that members can hide their identities until they are sure they want to actually meet those people. These features are helpful for remaining private and anonymous. Although this site seems like it might truly interest many people, there are a few other things you may want to look out for before committing to the site. Read our ComeWithYou website review to decide if ComeWithYou real or fake or if it’s just full of bots. 

What is ComeWithYou?

ComeWithYou members

ComeWithYou is an online dating platform. This site allows members to find other members who are of the same wavelength as you, as well as finding a swinging partner. You can find comewithyou porn on the comewithyou website, but let’s see is comewithyou legit.

How Does ComeWithYou Work?

This site has many chat and dating features that can help you find individuals who are down for a flirty date or to meet up for swinging fun. The search tool allows you to search for people that you like and makes the entire system easier to use.

Member Structure

Most members on come with you and are from the United States. There are other countries where members come from as well. Most people on the site are younger.

One trouble with the site is that you can only be either male or female, and you must make an account as a straight person. Despite this, you can write onto your profile the sexual orientation that you identify yourself with.

ComeWithYou Login and Signup

sign up
log in

Joining ComeWithYou is very simple and totally free.  The log-in includes your email, gender, and other information. You can also create a joint account if you are a couple that swings together.

You can also choose between three premium packages, but this is not required. You also do not need to verify your email. It is recommended so that you can avoid being tagged as a suspicious member.

Making Contact

There are a few methods of making contact on Come With You. The first is the messaging. What is important to note is that unlimited messaging is a premium feature. There is also a chat function, as well as a video and photo gallery. These are all methods of communication.

ComeWithYou Profile Quality

The profiles on ComeWithYou have the ability to add a lot of information. You not only will have your photo but also add your username and a few other buttons. There is no limit to what you can add to your profile. Even as a free member you have full access to all parts of the profiles.

Other parts of the profile include:

  • Intro
  • Interests
  • Relationship status
  • What you look like

ComeWithYou App

ComeWithYou devices

There is no app for ComeWithYou. Despite this, you can use a mobile browser and access it from any laptop/computer, phone, or tablet.

Special Features

ComeWithYou references

Video Gallery

The video gallery gives you access to videos made by other members. It is easy to find these erotic videos, and you can filter the gender of who has made the video.

Sending Flirts

One way of getting attention on the site is through sending flirts. It gives a notification to the person that you send it.

Photo Gallery

All of the most viewed images are in the photo gallery. This feature allows you to engage with the photos because it is a shared gallery.

CWY Survey

A survey is a place that gives you rewards if you talk about porn preferences. This takes you to an external site.

Design and Usability

The overall design of the site is clean-cut and easy to use. Sometimes though, there are many parts of the site that do not work. This is frustrating but shows that it is not a good site in terms of coding. Despite this, the site is easy to use even if it is your first time on a site.


  • Register
  • View all profiles
  • Browse other people’s photos and videos
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Send flirts

Quick hookup unlimited access: $1/day

1-month unlimited access: $24.95

1-year unlimited access: $89.40

You can pay with any major credit card, as well as by online payments such as online check.


Contact Form

You can report other members on ComeWithYou, this is on each profile. You can also keep your location and identity safe. You should note that it is important to state your sexual preferences. This will keep you much more realistic and up to date. Although you can join the site if you are not a swinger, there is really no point to do so, because that is the point of the site.

ComeWithYou Real Life Review

DonComeWithYou User
Read More
“What happened to the site? It used to be an awesome and credible service. Now all reviews are mixed up, why don't you sort them out by date? How do you decide which review is relevant? Lots of reviews are outdated. I have to scroll down like crazy in order to find what I'm looking for. Sitejabber became really awkward to navigate. It's a shame that such a great site is messed up now.”
KimberlyComeWithYou User
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“Why make posting a review so difficult? I've spent over 30 minutes writing a review only to have to go through hoops and problems logging into Sitejammers to post! My review is then lost somewhere in space and once again I've wasted my time! Each time I try it's always the same.”
TellingdaComeWithYou User
Read More
“Keeps negative reviews w/out censoring. But web page is so flaky and buggy, very hard to use it. Cannot use tor so they are trying to track and profile you. Update: 4-27-20: they are getting better, repost appeared and stayed. Need to look a page code to reliably give a thumbs up if post is actually made to the net. Hangs and you have no idea if the post went through. PLEASE do NOT become another censoring website. It's very hard to find a review site with integrity.”


ComeWithYou has the ideas of a great site, but the functions are not necessarily reliable. Some members have reported that the site has fake profiles, and you cannot register as a gay person. Despite this, if you are looking to go on a swingers site, it is a good free option.


Is there a Comewithyou email confirmation?

There is an email confirmation as long as you verify your email. The Comewithyou receipt will come through there as well.

Is Comewithyou a scam site?

Although there is no comewithyou app, the comewithyou dating site is not a comewithyou scam. There are some people on the site that might try to scam you, but you should be vigilant similar to any other site. cancel membership, is this possible?

It is possible. You will need to put in your comewithyou dating email, and comewithyou mobile login. Then go into your settings and press cancel. 

How to delete Comewithyou profile?

If you are looking to delete comewithyou account it is a simple process. Simple go to your account settings and press “Deactivate profile”. Then follow the prompts to finish deactivating your profile, all of your data will be deleted.

How to search for people on Comewithyou?

Simply go to the search feature and type in the person you are looking for or a type of person, and you can find it.

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