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Connecting Singles Highlights

  • Completely free
  • Great privacy features
  • Active community
  • Account functions can be limited for the first 24 hours will waiting for approval
  • While awaiting approval you cannot message

Our Brief Introduction

Connecting Singles free

Connecting Singles is a dating community that offers its services entirely for free to join singles. With typical functions such as messaging and photo-liking, there are also poets, gaming, music, and video corner.

This site plans to connect its users with a match who has similar interests, but is that how you find true love? We have reviewed this 100% free online dating site to see if you can actually meet singles for free on

How Connecting Singles Works

Although the community is not huge, it is known to be active because it is completely free. Despite this community being active, many members actually spend their time on gaming, forums, or other features. This site is really a full social media site with a few dating options thrown in. By participating in forums or other areas of the site, you will have more options to find a partner. This is not to say that the search tool or “Matches” tab does not work, but you should use all areas of the site.

Member Structure

  • Members from USA
  • Most users post photos
  • 50,000 members from USA
  • 10,000 active members weekly
  • Female members are more active than male members
  • Female members send more flirt requests
  • Male members are more active on the forums


If you are looking for 100% free hookup sites then ConnectingSingles is a great option. This site is free for everybody. 

The only thing you should be aware of is that the site verifies the authenticity of each account. This is done in the first 24 hours after making your account, and features such as eCards, events, and groups will not yet be accessible.

How To Sign Up On Connecting Singles

Connecting Singles Sign up

Create a Connecting Singles account by logging in with your Facebook account or your email address. The Connecting Singles login is simple but will take a few moments of your time. This is because it will ask you about your job, and then also ask you to answer a few essay questions. You can’t answer the questions in gibberish and if you do your account will be deleted.

One interesting aspect about the site is you cannot add direct contact or personally identifiable information such as full name, email address, phone number, mailing address, ICQ or URL, names or ages of your children in the essay box. This is violating the rules of the site.

As a new user, you will be under review in the first 24 hours of your membership.

Making Contact

  • Wait 24 hours before your account is approved to send a message
  • Live chat is not a feature
  • Members often use forums page to speak to one another rather than personal messages
  • Sending messages is completely free for everyone
  • Polls and games are a popular method of communication
  • Most people under the “Matches” list do not engage immediately

Profile Quality

Profiles on this site contain only the basic details such as gender, religion, occupation, and a few other features. You will be able to see when users are online, and there are also tabs to view the answers to questions originally answered during signup. 

Unfortunately on this site profiles are not very detailed. There are photos, and this will allow you to view photo galleries of other members. All profile information can be changed later, and on each page, you will see buttons to interact with that person. This includes a “Send a message” button, “Like” button, “Send Flower” button, and “Contact Requirements” button. 

Contact Requirements will let you know the criteria set by the profile owner that you must meet if you want to send them a message.

Design and Usability

If you have ever googled “meet singles near me for free”, then ConnectingSingles is the simplest option to choose from. The navigation bar is very simple and clean-cut. It offers easy organization of its features since there are many. Each function comes with a button as well as a description. As you bring your cursor over it, you will see text pop up. This makes the site extremely easy to navigate.

Connecting Singles App

  • It is free to download.
  • The design is clear and appropriate.
  • The app is available for Android devices.
  • The app looks crowded because of the site’s several features.

The ConnectingSingles app looks very similar to the connecting singles mobile version of Connecting Singles. Since there are so many features, you may find the app easier to use, but the app is handy if you are on the go.

Going down the same path as the desktop site, the app is very clear to use in terms of the design. Despite this, because there are so many features you may want to use the mobile version on your browser.

This app is free to download, but unfortunately only available for Android. This means that for both iPhone and Android users it is recommended to use the mobile browser version of Connecting Singles when on-the-go.

Costs and Prices

This site is completely free. It is one of the only no cost dating sites around that does not offer an upgrade option.

Special Features

Connecting Singles has a lot of features. This allows you to enjoy your experience while on a dating site, and participate in fun activities while searching for a suitable partner.

Profile Tags

Using different keywords you can tag your profile to try and connect to those with similar interests.

Singles Events

Post any event you choose and organize a group meet-up for singles.


Read, comment, or write your own articles.


The Forums are extremely active on Connecting Singles. This is a great place to get to know other members, make new friends, and talk about anything. Forums allow you a space to discuss things like sex, dating, politics, or current events.


Blogs are great places to express yourself. If you want to write poetry, give out information, educate, or simply write about your day you can do so here.

Rate Photos

This feature allows you to rate different people on the site. Essentially, Rate Photos is to connect people who may not have otherwise met on the site.


eCards can be fun to send to different members on the site. You can also use the Birthday List to send cards to people who are celebrating birthdays.


To gain the attention of someone on the site you can visit the ConnectingSingles Flower Shop and ‘pick’ a flower. Choose a greeting from the list or write your own.


Vote on a wide variety of poll topics. This can be extremely fun. You can also post a poll question of your own.


On ConnectingSingles you can post videos. Whether you want to post a video or you prefer to watch other videos, these can appear on different user’s profiles. Users can comment on the videos that are on one another profiles.


There is a birthday list to let you know which members are having birthdays. 

Who’s Viewed Me

Know who is looking at your profile.


Play a ton of free games on ConnectingSingles. 


It is a great place to post poems you’ve written. You can get feedback from the ConnectingSingles community as well. there.

Music, Movies, Books

This is essentially an area for interests. It can be good to find friends or find a partner who is interested in the same things as you.

Quizzes and Tests

Take fun Quizzes that can help you to match with other members.

Profile Reviews

This allows you to know what impression your profile gives other people. You can find out what other people think of the things you have written about yourself.


Groups can be created to give members with a common interest a place to discuss. 

Top 10 Lists

Creating a TOP10 LIST allows you to share your knowledge, experiences, or anything else with other members.


  • All profiles are monitored and approved within 24 hours. 
  • Those who break the rules or practice bad behavior will be removed. 
  • You can report the abuse of a member at the bottom of any profile.
  • When you block another member they cannot send you any type of mail or eCard.
  • Blocked persons will not see your activities, but they can send you one like.

Real Life Review

CarrieConnecting Singles User
Read More
“So far, I am enjoying my stay in Connecting Singles because I never get bored. I have not yet found a "partner," but I have gained some friends. I'm not sure if I can be romantically involved with these people because I only talk to them in the comments section of a new post we are interested in. I joined the site because it's said to be free and that there are a lot of features inside, but it's starting to feel to become other media sites. What I do here, I can also do on other social media site such as Facebook. Will I be able to find my special someone here? I hope so too.”
AngleConnecting Singles User
Read More
“I have been scammed by this guy supposed to be called Simon Foster and was working in Sweden as a contractor for BP in a 6 months project. After nearly 3 months of being the most romantic man ever, he came up with money issues, asking for thousands to finish the project so he could come to my town and live here. He said is a widow, only child and no kids, his wife died of cancer a few years ago. He has stolen the profile of a man called Hector Duenas, from Miami and Pastor in a christian comunity. Thank God I didn´t send him any money, I caught him and I sent all the pictures he stole from the other man and he got schocked.”
CocoConnecting Singles User
Read More
“Have been on CS since I got 1st pc about 9 or so years ago. Did meet a few semi-local men and they were okay but no butterflies for me. Anyway, there are groups, puzzles, blogger section, several forums and people are usually very friendly there. There are greeting cards you pick1 to send, and more. An enjoyable site!”


This site offers a high-quality community completely for free. The main issue with this site is that it is not really made like a dating site. There are a lot of great features, but dating-related features are lacking.

Forums, games, and puzzles are extremely popular, but the dating features are used a lot less. Although it seems Connecting Singles is more like an online community or a social media site, it at least allows you to know that everyone on the site is single and looking.

Other Free Dating Sites/Apps

This site is basically a more wholesome and PG-rated version of Adult Friend Finder. If you are looking for what is the best totally free hookup site, then Adult Friend Finder may be more up your alley. If you are looking for something to connect with others and see where it goes, then Connecting Singles will be better for you.


How Do I Hide My Account On Connecting Singles?

“My Account” on the top navigation bar, then “Hide Account.” 

Check the “Hide my account on the site” checkbox, and click “Save Changes”.

What Happens When I Hide My Account On Connecting Singles?

When you do this all of your messages or likes will remain unavailable. Additionally, your Forum posts will show your username only.

How Do I Reactivate My Account In Connecting Singles After I Have Canceled It?

You can log into the site and reactivate your profile by simply pressing a button.

Why Did My Photo In Connecting Singles Get Deleted?

The only reason that your photo would be deleted is if it breaks the rules. Your main photo must be of you, and it must clearly show your face.

How Do I "Like" Someone In Connecting Singles?

There is a like button that you will find below their username, but you can also use the Meet Me page. Meet me allows you to see all of the users in your area. By clicking “Yes” to them it will send them a like.

Why Does It Say “It’s Mutual”?

If you have liked someone and they have liked you back. Then it is considered an “it’s mutual” match.

Why Is There Not A Like Button For All Users?

If the “Like” button does not show up it means they have set their gender preference to one that is not yours. It can also mean they are too far away. Either way, you can still message them.

Is There A Paid Option On Connecting Singles?

No, the site is 100% free, and you will never be asked to pay for anything.

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