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Our Brief Introduction

Facebook Dating Introduction

Facebook revolutionized the way we use social media. Not only with Facebook, but after purchasing Instagram as well. Although Facebook was founded in 2004, now, Facebook is releasing a new feature called Facebook Dating. 

Facebook claims to take all of the data from your profile, and use it to help you find matches. If you have had your profile for the last decade then this is a lot of information to help find relevant matches. 

Even though many people have begun to move to other social networks other than Facebook, there are still many who use this site. Will it become the new Match.com? Read our Facebook dating review to decide.

What is Facebook Dating?

Essentially, it is simply a feature that has been added to Facebook. Dating on Facebook is actually nothing new, as many people already meet new lovers and make new friends through Facebook without the aid of this feature. Now, Facebook has decided to turn it into a new feature where you can market yourself with an online dating profile, to possible new suitors.

How Does Facebook Dating Work?

To become a member, you need to have an already existing Facebook profile. All you will need to do is find the heart tab, and follow the instructions to begin meeting other singles.

Member Structure

Facebook Dating Member

  • Younger demographic
  • More men than women
  • Members mostly from the U.S

At this time most of the members on Facebook dating are from the United States but there are also members from India, the United Kingdom, Canada, Pakistan, Germany, Australia, Brazil, the Philippines, Indonesia, Turkey, Netherlands, Sweden, and Switzerland.

This is a somewhat new feature, and it is found that most members are in the younger demographic. There are most straight members using Facebook dating, and there are a bit more men than women. As stated, this is a new feature, so this is subject to change as it gains more momentum.

Facebook Dating Login and Signup

Having a Facebook account does not mean you will automatically be enrolled in Facebook dating. It is also good to note that although someone may be blocked on dating, they will not be blocked on Facebook as well.

To create a dating account, you will need to choose to sign up. You might be asked by Facebook to sign up if you are single on your profile, and you will be able to create a new profile on dating. Registering is completely discreet and private. It will not show up on your profile to all of your Facebook friends

To officially be a part of Facebook dating you will need to verify your city. It should not take much more than that as you have already provided all of your other information on your Facebook profile.

Making Contact

Facebook Dating Making Contact

The matchmaking process is what sets FB dating apart. They state that they use a one-of-a-kind algorithm to match you with people based on hobbies, mutual friends, and other likes. There are also filters to use based on location, religion, or age.

You can turn off matching with friends of friends if you prefer, and there is no swiping left or right. You simply see a photo, send interest to that person, and then if they agree they will match with you.

Profile Quality

Since the FB profiles and FB dating is totally separate, you will need to put a bit of effort into your profile. This provides you with privacy. You can add 20 different personality questions, and upload photos into dating from your FB profile.

Be aware that you will need to manually put in details like your bio, workplace, children, religion, education, height, and other information. You may also choose your gender, including non-binary options and different sexual orientations. Nothing is mandatory, and you may choose what you want to include on your profile.

Facebook Dating App

At this time there is no specific app for Facebook Dating on its own, but there is the Facebook App in which Facebook Dating is embedded as a feature. This app is well designed and very easy to use, but only available on your mobile phone via the app, not on your mobile browser.

Design and Usability

Facebook Dating Design

It is simple to find this new feature on your FB, simply tap the heart icon under the profile tab. This option is not mandatory, which is a great design feature. It should not affect the normal Facebook at all. Note that this feature focuses on long-term relationships and meeting life partners. You should not use it if you are looking for a quick hookup.


To become a member of Facebook dating you must be a member of Facebook only. There is no difference or payment options.

Special Features

On Pause

Offering you the chance to take a breather, this dating feature gives you a break from social media. You can pause your online dating activity without deactivating it. You can also still message the people you have already been matched with on this pause.

Profile Content

These are points of profiles where you can discuss specific information. This is similar to Hinge. Whether you want to discuss someone’s hometown or the school they went to, this allows you to open a conversation easily.

Second Look

This feature is found in the settings of FB dating. Second Look shows people in a reverse order that you have already said no to. This allows you to take another look at good people who you may have missed out on.

Instagram Integration

Since Facebook also owns Instagram, you can connect and integrate with your IG profile as well. Feature photos on your dating profile, and show that you are an authentic person.

Preemptive Block List

This allows you to go through your blocklists and make sure you do not get matched with people that you do not want to see. This might include your ex who you unfriended on Facebook or a family member. This feature is a way of avoiding unwelcomed people in your matches.

Secret Crush

If you want to show interest in someone this feature lets you choose nine FB friends that already have shown interest in you and vice versa. Facebook will match you together and reveal your names if you both secretly show interest.

Cost and Payment

There are no costs, it is completely free.

Privacy and Security

Facebook Dating provides incredible privacy when it comes to your FB dating profile. Although it is a part of Facebook, you are able to block anyone you wish, and you can choose people beforehand that you do not want to be matched with. Additionally, Facebook dating is completely separate from Facebook in that you have a separate profile, and complete privacy. There is an additional privacy policy for Facebook Dating as well.

Competitors of Facebook Dating

Facebook Dating seems to have taken different features from the most popular dating sites. It is almost a combination of Match.com, Hinge, Plenty Of Fish, and eHarmony.

Real Life Review

TamikaFacebook Dating User
Read More
“The service is fairly new so I wasn't surprised that people just come here to lurk and see who their matches are but never really make contact. It's just a fun thing to see who is around, and get a list of matches but I don't think I'll be able to really find a date here.”
Ebony, 23 years oldFacebook Dating User
Read More
“The simplicity of this app’s design—sans the dumb emojis, quirky affirmations and unexpected pop-ups of other dating apps—is on par with Facebook’s aesthetic, but the lack of distraction makes me feel like I’ve hit dating rock bottom.”


Facebook has changed the way we use social media and is doing it once again. Not only can you do business and networking on Facebook, but now you can find a life partner. With people from all over the globe, although this is a new function, it is definitely something to watch out for. FB dating allows you to feel secure in who you are speaking with, and know that you are speaking with actual people.


Will My Account On Facebook Dating Be Linked With My Facebook Account?

No. There are separate profiles for FB dating and your normal profile. There is even a separate chatbox.

What Do I Do If Facebook Dating Not Working?

You can contact Facebook customer support.

Is This A Dating Site?

You could consider it a FB dating site, although it is more of a feature on Facebook than its own site. 

How To Activate Facebook Dating?

Simply click on the heart icon, and select, join Facebook dating.

How To Use It?

Using FB dating is simple, just log into your Facebook account and go to the heart tab. You should be walked through the process.

How To Delete Facebook Dating?

Simply go to your Dating Settings. Then under Dating Account, select Delete Profile. You can also easily opt-out of Facebook Dating at any time. Note that deleting your dating profile also erases all of its data.

Will My Friends See If I Registered On Facebook Dating?

No, this is a separate area on Facebook.

Can I Upload Photos Already on Facebook Dating?

Yes, you can bring photos from your Instagram and Facebook onto your FB dating profile.

What Is Secret Crush?

Secret Crush is a feature of the Facebook dating service. It shows you when friends, whom you have a crush on, like you back. This allows you to choose nine random friends on Facebook that you are interested in, and then it notifies them if they like you too.

Is There A Swipe Feature On Facebook Dating?

No, there is no swipe feature on FB dating. This is because it is different from other apps. Instead, you tap “Not Interested,” to make it more personalized.

Why Can't I Take A Screenshot?

Because Facebook Dating prioritizes security, you are not allowed to take screenshots of the app.

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