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Our Brief Introduction

Fitness Singles Introduction

We have written a Fitness Singles Review to introduce this site to you. Most of the time it can be hard if you enjoy an active lifestyle, but your partner prefers to be a couch potato. Here is your answer.

The fitness singles website is made for physically fit singles who enjoy different active activities. Whether this means the gym, running, going swimming, or hiking, the site promotes dating others who are interested in the same lifestyle as you.

How Does Fitness Singles Work?

Fitness Singles is a platform that is designed specifically for individuals who want to stay active and meet a partner that is looking for that too. Fitness dating can be hard because most fitness people do not like to go to bars. That is why you can match with other singles on this site, in order to give you a chance to meet someone who lives a healthier lifestyle for a fitnessdate.

Member Structure


This site provides you the chance to meet other fitness singles. With almost 2 million members from the United States, you can find other members from different English speaking countries as well. Most people are looking for their fitness buddy for life. If you are not incredibly physically fit, that is ok. You just need to be interested in some types of athletics.

Fitness Singles Login and Signup

Fitness Singles Login

Signing up for Fitness Singles is easy. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Provide your email
  2. Create a username and password
  3. Fill in personal information
  4. Put in three different fitness-related activities that you participate in or are interested in
  5. Upload a photo
  6. You can optionally create a bio for your profile

Fitness Singles Profile Quality

The profile offers a lot of different information in order to help you save time. Rather than waste time getting to know someone through messaging, you can simply read the information on their profile. Even though most pages only have a short biography, it is usually enough to get to know someone enough. You can also view photos in the gallery on each page.

Another good thing to note is that your profile information can be updated at any time. Add your personal likes, skills, or other aspects of fitness to your page. You can state that you are looking for a weight lifting partner, or simply someone to kayak with on the weekend.


  • Use search features
  • View profiles and photos
  • View matches
  • Chat room feature
  • Messaging 
  • Create and view private photo galleries
  • 1 month premium subscription: $39.99
  • 3 month premium subscription: $21.99/month=$65.97
  • 6 month premium subscription: $14.99/month=$89.94
  • 12 month premium subscription: $9.99/month=$119.88

You can choose to pay through credit or debit cards, as well as PayPal.

Making Contact

Unfortunately, in order to use any messaging features on Fitness Singles, you must pay for the site. Despite this, you can still fitness singles search other members by their username or email. If you do choose to pay for a membership, then you will be able to send messages as well as instant messages and visit the chatroom. You can also make contact through viewing photos.

Fitness Singles App

Although Fitness Singles does not have a mobile app, you can still use the site through the fitness singles mobile browser. Another great feature is that you can register your phone number. You will receive an SMS message whenever you receive a notification on the site, which replaces the need for push notifications.

Mobile App

Special Features

There are only a few special features in Fitness Singles that are different from other sites.


This feature lets you see the top 25 people on the entire site. It also lets you interact with these people. Basically, because they are considered the “most popular,” it gives you the chance to interact with them.

Show Interest

Here you can choose to show interest without really putting effort in. Choose from a few messages and send it quickly to show your interest.

Design and Usability

Because Fitness Singles is made to work more with a mobile browser, the web layout is very simple. This allows you to focus more on the actual site rather than ads or features. Overall the site is made to make connections quickly, and it is easy to use regardless of if you are tech-savvy.

Pros and Cons

  • Find someone who shares the same general focus of health and lifestyle as you.
  • Very easy to use design.
  • Simple layout.
  • Use the platform initially for free.
  • Quality 24/7 customer support.
  • Safety features ingrained in the site.
  • You can find dating stories from other people from the site.
  • Notifications sent to your phone number.
  • You cannot message unless you pay for a membership.
  • Features are overall limited.
  • There is no app.
  • Expensive for the average user.

Fitness Singles Reviews From Members

BobFitness Singles User
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“Just joined and I must say, so far it is very disappointing.... very limited selection of people. Also, I believe many of the profiles are fake. I signed for 30 days.... if I get a date or a match, I will revise this review. REVISED: STILL SUCKS, DON'T JOIN. MANY, MANY FAKE REVIEWS. I CANCELLED.... WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!”
JennyFitness Singles User
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“I don't rate this website. There is no app and the website quality is so poor it's almost unusable. Limited new profiles each day. Most profiles only show one picture which makes me wonder if they're just shared profiles from other websites. If so, I wonder if the communication actually works with these as none seem to reply. Slim pickings and honestly not worth the time, let alone the cost.”
BevFitness Singles User
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“An awful dating website! My account said I had 80 messages which encouraged me to pay the subscription. Once paid it became clear that many of the messages were actually photos I had liked and not messages for me. I thought it was very misleading so cancelled my subscription within a couple of hours. The company wouldn't refund any of the money paid, and the emails I received from them were rude and insulting. I wouldn't recommend this site to anyone.”


If you are looking for your “Swole Mate,” then Fitness Singles is where you should look. This is the best place to search for other people who are looking for an active lifestyle. The only part about this site is that not every single person is accepted. This is because all accounts must be reviewed. This is great because it provides a palace for you to meet real singles. Despite this, you will need to pay for a membership that might deter some people. If you are willing to put money into the site and willing to wait for the validation period, then you might as well try it out. 


Why Choose Fitness Singles Over Other Fitness Dating Sites?

There are not many fitness sites, so this is pretty much your only option.

Why Is There A Site Made For Singles Fitness Lovers?

It can sometimes be hard to find other people who are interested in fitness that is looking for a relationship. if you are looking for your gym bae, then where better to look other than a fitness singles dating site.

Does Fitness Singles Work?

If you are willing to look through the different profiles then yes, fitness singles can work for you!

Is There A Fitness Singles Free Trial?

At this time there is no fitness singles discount, nor a free trial.

Is Everyone Real On Fitness Singles?

It is not possible to know if everyone is really on the site, but the site does state that phone numbers are confirmed to confirm the identity of members.

What Other Site Is Fitness Single Similar To?

In terms of layout and how it is a niche website, Fitness Singles is similar to Silver Singles. The main difference is that Silver Singles is for older people. Or if you want more dating options, you can read on our top list of best hookup sites/apps.

Can I Block Other Members On Fitness Singles?

Yes, all you need to do is go to the person’s profile that you want to block, and then press “block member”.

How Can I Pay For My Fitness Singles Upgraded Membership?

You can choose to pay through PayPal or use any major credit card.

Can I Delete My Fitness Singles Account?

It is not possible to delete your entire account, instead, you will need to simply hide your account, which is essentially the same thing because it will no longer be seen by any other members.

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