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Fling Highlights

  • Dating site to find flings and casual dates
  • Large member base worldwide
  • Diverse regarding age, ethnicity, and sexual orientation
  • Must be a premium user to view profiles, and access message

Our Brief Review

Created in 2006, Fling is a dating site to find casual dating options. Whether you are looking for a casual one-night stand or a short fling, Fling.com is the place to go. The site also offers exciting options for having fun through virtual sex play. This includes live cam girls, personal content posting, or video chats with anyone on the site.

The site prides itself on being the “World’s Best Free Casuals Personals”, and hosts around 3 million members all over the world. The majority of Fling members are located in the United States, Russia, and Australia. 

But does Fling work? This Fling Review should give you all the insight you need in order to decide if Fling is the right site for you.

How Does Fling Work?

Fling is a dating platform where you post fling personals, which is information regarding what you are looking for. Men and women of all races and sexual orientations can post on this site. Whether you are looking for a one night stand or a threesome, there is anything you could hope for.

There is no matching algorithm, but instead, you will search for other users based on preferences. Fling also has many different aspects. From the sexually explicit profile photos, to live sex cam girls, as well as safe space regarding sexual expression. 

This site is a place for people to feel comfortable with their sexuality. You can show your naked body to strangers on the internet, or enjoy different kinky sexual experiences.

Fling Member Structure



With members from all over the world, this site boasts over 3,000,000 members. Typically, members on Fling are between 30-35 and are looking for casual relationships. This is definitely not a long-term relationship site, but you might be able to find a friend with benefits.

Signing Up

Registration on Fling takes only about two minutes. This is because you only need to use your email address, gender, preference, zip code, and age to sign up for an account. 

Rather than use your first name, you will choose a username when signing up. If you are in a country that is not supported by Fling, you will be rerouted to WebDate.com.

After you finish your Fling sign up, you will receive an email, which you need to click to verify your account. Then you can begin searching the site.

Making Contact

There is no matching on this site, instead, it offers a search method with various filters. Chatrooms are available, and you will get notifications whenever you receive a message, but you cannot see that message unless you are a premium member. Additionally, you cannot send messages unless you are a premium member as well.

Fling probably has many different search options and filters as compared with other dating sites.

Basic search function includes:
Sexual preference
Users who are currently online
Users with photos
Verified accounts
Accounts that are currently video streaming

Advanced search options include:
Eye color
Hair color
Body type
What other users are into (threesomes, friends with benefits, etc)
Search by keyword

Profile Quality

Fling dating profiles are very detailed. The site actually uses a format that is similar to social media sites, allowing you to post statuses on your profile.

In addition to the information you imputed when signing up, your profile will also include basic information such as height, age, body type, race, income, religion, spoken languages, living arrangements, and profession. 

There are also text fields where you can give more information about yourself or what you are looking for. This might include letting everyone know that you are looking for regular weekend sex, threesomes, friends with benefits, or simply experimenting.

To view another user’s profile you will need to pay for a premium account, but you can still see their profile photo if you are using a free account.

Fling Real Life Review

JoanFling User
Read More
“I'm female, and I'm from a conservative family, so I can't explore my sexuality freely without being labeled horrible things. When I joined Fling, I finally found a place where I could be me and not get mocked for it. At first, I was scared because I was doing something new, but in time I grew comfortable with it, especially since I'm not afraid that my secret life will get blown. Of course, I had to pay for my membership, but I guess it was okay since I could live my life freely. It feels so exciting posting pictures of my body and getting compliments from both men and women! I could get hookups whenever I feel the craving for it, and I can do it in complete privacy.”
9Mathida9Fling User
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“i would recommend this site to all singles out there. There are so much girls to choose from. I am girl and i can tell that u can't find anyone fake on there cause support check them constantly and remove the scammers or those who break the rules, or those who upload fake pics. No bots, everything is real i chat with some girls too they are so responsive and down to earth. Videos, live streaming, couples,. exotic site to be on. I am glad i found this site.”
RobinFling User
Read More
“Bad rep for scams. Posted everywhere that they have bots and are fake.”

Design and Usability

The Fling website design is very simple. This allows users to be able to use the features without any added fluff. Fling is very accessible and easy to use for almost anyone.

Fling App

As of now, there is no Fling App made by the actual website. Despite this, there is a third-party app that was created. You can search for this in the Apple Store and Google Play store, it is called “Fling.com”.

Costs and Prices

  • Account registration
  • Creating a profile
  • View image galleries
  • Play the “Who’s Cute” game
  • See who viewed your profile
  • See who liked you
  • View other member profiles
  • Chat with other members
  • View and speak in cam chats with live girls
  • Purchase items from the sex shop
  • Video chat with other members
  • 1 month: $34.95
  • 6 months: $11.65/month= $69.95
  • 12 months: $6.67/month=$80.04

If you do not want to commit to the full membership, you can participate in the 2-Day Trial. This is only $.95.

There is also a 7-Day Trial for 9.95. If you do not find a hook up in three months of premium membership, they will give you three months for free.

Special Features

Free users are extremely limited in what they can do. This means that when you have a paid membership, you get access to all of the exciting features on the app.

Video Chat

Video chat is offered to users who want to see other members face to face. This means if you are looking to engage in online sex, then you can use this feature to do so.

Fling Live Girls

Fling has partnered with a live cam company to offer live cam girls for its users. As a free user, you can preview photos and basic information regarding a cam girl. In order to actually join the rooms, you must pay for a premium membership. You will pay per minute.

Premium Content

You can actually make a profit by selling your own premium content on the site. This means you can post pictures and videos involving nudity, foreplay, sex, or solo play.

Sex Shop

The sex shop is an online sex retailer where members can purchase adult DVDs, sex toys and adult apparel. There are also Fling-exclusive promotions, discounts, and free items.

Who's Cute

This is a game that allows you to rate other members based on physical appearance. If you rate more users, then your profile will get more visibility. You will also get a popularity boost if other users rate you with high marks.

Payment Method

Credit cards CC

You can pay through either Credit Card or PayPal. It will appear on your credit card as “csreadybill.com 855-208-2296”.


Since most Fling members choose to keep their online lives private, the site offers education regarding internet fraud. If you would like your profile to be more hidden from the outside world, you can put your profile on Discreet mode.

In order to turn on Discreet mode, you can click the thumbnail of your profile picture. Then choose Account Settings, go to the Profile Settings tab, and check the option to make your profile discreet. Once checked, only people on your Friend List can see your profile.

If someone asks you to do something that you are uncomfortable with, you can decline and let them know you are not interested in. If they continue to ask you then you can block, and report, them to customer service. Rude or offensive members, fling.com spam, as well as people who ask for money, are not allowed on the site.


If you would like to cancel your subscription you will need to contact their customer service department. After doing this they will give you a link to their payment partner to cancel the subscription.

If you would rather just remove your profile temporarily, you can go to your Account Settings and check the “Make my profile inactive” option.


Fling is not a site for everyone, but it is a site if you are interested in exploring your sexuality or getting kinky online. Although you do not get access to many features as a free user, Fling offers very cheap subscription options.

Other Sites and Apps like Fling

Fling is very similar to a few other popular dating sites. Specifically, Adult Friend Finder and Flingster, as they offer similar features regarding webcams and adult video content.

Flingster featured image

Flingster Review

Flingster Highlights Adult chat site for any gender, any sexual preference, and any relationship status AR masks available during video chats to keep anonymity Registration

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AdultFriendFinder Review

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How To Delete Fling Account

Deleting Fling is easy to do, simply:

  1. Log into your Fling account
  2. Click on your profile image
  3. Click “Deactivate My Account”
  4. Click “Delete Account”
  5. Choose your reason for leaving and then click “Delete Account”

Who Owns Fling.com?

Fling is owned by a company named Global Personals Media.

Why Can't I Open Fling.com?

Although Fling.com is an international dating platform, in some countries it cannot be used. If you are from one of those countries you will be redirected to WebDate, or you can use a VPN to sign up under a different country.

Is Fling Free?

You can sign up on Fling.com for free, but you will not be able to message anyone or view profiles. You can sign up for a 2-day trial which costs $.95 if you want to try it for next to nothing.

Are There Restrictions Regarding What I Can Upload For My Profile Photo?

You are allowed to upload both nudity and explicit content on Fling, but they do recommend you should post more than simply your genitals. They do not allow close up photos of genitals, while children and minors are not allowed on the site.

Is Fling.com Legit?

Although Fling is a very niche site with a few fake profiles, it is a site to use for certain situations. The Flinghub is interesting and easy to use and offers many profiles. It is very easy to know who is real and fake, so always use your best judgment. Additionally, you can ask other members to video chat if you are unsure.

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