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Flingster Highlights

  • Adult chat site for any gender, any sexual preference, and any relationship status
  • AR masks available during video chats to keep anonymity
  • Registration and use is free
  • Very simple to use
  • No app version, but adult mobile chat is possible on a mobile browser

Our Brief Review

Flingster.com is different than standard dating apps and sites made for one night stands. Instead, Flingster is a video chat site with a twist. Flingster offers the opportunity to see other adults take off their clothes, but it is very different than a free adult cam website. 

Rather than taking long personality tests on a dating site, or swiping through countless photos only to text for weeks before even meeting, this site is for individuals who want to be sexual at first sight… literally.

To make it simple, Flingster is a free adult chat site that is a cross between a dating app and a webcam site but with real partners also looking for a match.

Flingster is free, but as with many other sites, you can not access all features unless you are a paying member. However, if you are pansexual, then you may not need to pay for a premium membership. On the other hand, if you have specified preferences and are looking to actually meet someone, you may feel compelled into paying up.

The best part of Flingster is the ability to stay anonymous for as long as you want to. Although you might have to search through a sea of unappealing naked bodies, with countless members all over the world you are guaranteed to have options on this site… or at least for someone to chat with.

How Flingster Works

When using Flingster there is no need to state your real name, and you are not required to provide any photos. This goes along with the general theme of Flingster being as discrete as possible. Well, as discrete as you can be while potentially getting nude in front of strangers. 

You will never need to worry about your videos being directly downloaded from the site, as there is no function to do so. Having said this, you will need to be aware that individuals can take photos using their smartphone, of their computer screen if they so choose. To protect against this, Flingster offers AR face masks (similar to a blurred face) which is available for everyone, and AR face filters for paying members. 

Moreover, you can always filter for your preferred gender(s), choose the country from which you will watch videos, and utilize the verification badges that are offered. The best part of Flingster is that it offers complete anonymity.

Pros and Cons

  • Free registration without the need for large amounts of personal information
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to find like-minded people wherever you want to find them
  • Choose an adult chat room in various cities
  • Identity protection for those who want to be anonymous! Use AR-face filters for complete protection
  • Large database of users according to Flingster
  • Site is available in many languages
  • Easy to navigate
  • No time or chat constraints 
  • Option for verification
  • Very easy for users to fake their identity
  • No ability to connect social media accounts
  • Will see a large amount of male genitalia if you area free user
  • Site is 70% male
  • Free features are very limited
  • No app available, only desktop
  • Many fake profiles

Member Structure

Flingster Members

Over 1.5 million visits per month
3,497,557 Members
  • Strictly for 18 years old and above
  • Mainly from USA, UK, Italy, Germany and India






With over 1.5 million visits per month and 3,497,557 members (according to Flingster), the site is quite popular. 

Flingster is very welcoming and open to all genders. That being said, the gender ratio is pretty imbalanced, being 70% male and 30% female, but couples are also allowed on the site as well.

With the majority of members (230,000) coming from the USA, followed by the UK, Italy, Germany, and India. Regarding age, Flingster states the site is strictly for 18 years old and above, with a large percentage of members hailing from the 24-35 age group, followed by 35-44. 

Anyone is free to become a member, whether you are looking to meet people, chat, find dates, have a one night stand, or simply video chat, this site has a no-restriction chat policy even for free memberships which is nice compared to other dating websites that are more restrictive.

How To Sign Up?

The sign-up process for Flingster may be the easiest of all chat or dating sites. Simply provide your gender, an email (which you do not need to verify), and begin using the site!

Due to the easy sign-up process, fake accounts are rampant. Always be aware and be on the lookout for scammers or fakes.

Making Contact

Making Contact - Flingster - CC

You can make contact with other members as soon as you log-in. Matching and messaging are both included in the free membership. After you log in, click on “start chatting” and enjoy completely unlimited chat time with anyone that you please. 

Chatting with other members is easy, as is skipping over them. If you are not ready to jump into video chatting at the beginning you can just start with messaging; however, just because you don’t have your video showing, doesn’t mean that others won’t. As you feel more comfortable, you can turn on your microphone to have an audio call, and eventually turn it into a video.

Premium members are allowed to set filters for gender and location, but who you match with is still based on the inherently random video chat. Since you will be chatting with members from all over the world, you might encounter people who speak different languages, but that’s okay since you can translate messages instantly by adjusting your settings. 

Be aware that many members will be naked or wearing revealing clothing as soon as you open their chat window.

Profile Quality

As stated earlier, Flingster’s anonymity features are exactly what you would want on a platform like this. Of course, this can be a double-edged sword since you can not verify who you are speaking to. Despite this, Flingster offers verification badges and personalized intro messages. The only time someone can see your profile– or vice versa– is if you have already been matched by the automation process to speak.

Outside of the above, the only required information on your profile is your gender and location. Sadly, Flingster is not friendly toward nonbinary people as it only lets you choose between male, female, or couple when selecting your gender. You are also given the option to share your preferences regarding what you are looking for via tags, and what things interest you.

It is worth noting that setting up your intro message and tags isn’t very intuitive. I set up a profile to test things out and was only able to get it to recommend that menu once. When I clicked on “My Account” it only gave me options to delete my account, change my email/password, or upgrade my account.

Profile browsing is not available on Flingster. You will only get to see users who have been randomly selected for you.

Flingster App

At the time of publication, there is

Instead, you must use Flingster in a browser. This can be done either on your desktop or in your mobile browser.

Real-life Flingster Review

Flingster users tend to enjoy the site because they begin using it with an intention in mind: to meet other people, chat, have a sex chat that could possibly end in a casual encounter, etc.

The consensus is if you are comfortable seeing all genders in the nude, possibly touching themselves sexually, then you will be fine with the free version. If you prefer to see a specific gender, then you will need to use the paid version. 

Design And Usability

Despite not having an app, Flingster is very easy to use. It offers a simple design and the ability to log in and start using it. 

  • Flingster chat is easy to navigate
  • Not a lot of functions makes it simple to use
  • Site loads quickly 
  • No automatic logout. This is important to remember in case you are trying to keep your usage private.

Costs and Prices

Free Features

Unlike other sites, Flingster is actually wonderful to use under a free membership.  With a free account you will be able to:

  • Register
  • Text and video chat
  • Use AR Masks (similar to a face blur)
  • Translate Messages

Paid Features

The main difference between the free and paid membership is the fact that you can use filters.  Paid features include:

  • Gender and location filter
  • In-chat verified badges
  • No Ads
  • AR Face Filters (includes faces, goofy masks, and other fun mask features)
  • Rewind button

Competitors of Flingster

There are a few sites like Flingster on the market today:

  • Chatroulette.com: Different than Flingster in that it does not have any profiles nor is it explicitly for relationships/casual hookups, but that’s never stopped anyone.
  • Chatrandom.com: This site allows users to chat randomly with other users. Similar to Flingster you can use video calls or messaging chats. The main difference is it is typically one on one, with the ability to have conference calls.
  • Bazoocam.org: An adult web chat site that offers anonymous sex chat with a stranger. It is very similar to Flingster in that you press the start button and begin chatting.
  • Tinychat.com: Different to Flingster in that you can choose a chat room based on the subject.

The Verdict

There are many different online sites where you can meet with other people that have similar interests, but the best part about Flingster is the fact that you can be fully open and honest about your intentions in its adult chat rooms. 

If you are looking for an adult chat site and are open to casual sex, Flingster is extremely popular, has a large variety, and can be a fun experience. 

The site offers high-quality videos, easy browsing, and amazing anonymity. With a huge selection of members from all over the world, you might as well try the site for free and decide for yourself!

Tips And Advice

  • Be aware that fake profiles are very easy to make
  • Look for verification badges
  • Brace yourself for nudity
  • Understand it is made for casual encounters
  • Have fun, and don’t take it too seriously


Is Flingster Gay?

If gay sex chat is the thing you are looking for, then yes! It certainly can be. The site provides the opportunity to meet all genders and for all sexual preferences. Gay, straight, or bi-sexual sex chat is allowed and available.

Is Flingster Hard To Use?

No. The adult chat site is very simply designed and easy to use.

Is Flingster An Adult-Only Site?

Yes. Flingster is an adult-only community. You must be over the age of 18 to use the platform.

Can I Turn My Webcam On And Off?

Yes. You can simply turn your webcam on or off by clicking on the small camera icon on your browser.

Who Uses Flingster?

Members come from all over the world on Flingster. Every member must be over 18 years of age and can be of any gender.

Is A Webcam Necessary To Use Flingster?

You do not need to have a webcam to use Flingster, but you will only be able to be a part of text chats.

What Are AR Masks?

AR Masks help to keep you anonymous. They are a free feature and have different design options as well.

What If I Am Speaking To Someone Who Speaks A Different Language?

It is very simple to translate messages from your language to your match’s language, as well as the other way.

Can I Use Flingster On My Phone?

Although there is no Flingster app, you can use Flingster on any browser.

Does Flingster Have Social Media Accounts I Can Follow?

Yes, Flingster has a Facebook account.

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