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Our Brief Introduction

Founded in 2012, Hinge is different from any other dating app on the market. Instead of having users swipe or fill out long questionnaires, it has a mission to help users find relationships.

Hinge pushes users to find their match in order to delete the site. Although this is unique on its own, in 2019, it was actually acquired by the Match Group (the same owner of Match.com). At this point, it went on another redesign to show that it is, even more, an app for relationships, not casual hookups.

Although it seems to be promising for those who are looking for a relationship, read our Hinge dating app review to decide for yourself.

How Hinge Works

Hinge Introduction

An app “designed to be deleted”, Hinge wants its users to find a partner. Since most popular dating sites are more for finding hookups than relationships, they figured to change the game a bit. Rather than base everything on appearance, Hinge designed their dating app to include more than photos. Their mission is that users do not spend too much time on their app, but rather meet in person. 

The site works by asking a few questions and preferences at the beginning. These questions are then placed on each user’s perspective profile. When scrolling through the profiles users can choose to like the questions and initiate contact, or do so on photos. When two users agree to match, they can have a conversation.

Hinge Member Structure

Hinge Member

  • Age range: 24-32
  • Over 5 million users worldwide
  • Looking for a serious relationship

The member base is large. With half men and half women, most users are within the age range of 24-32. They have over 5 million users worldwide, mainly from the United States. The Hinge dating site is active and looking for a serious relationship. Most of the users participated in Tinder and hookup culture. Now they are interested in finding someone to settle down with. 

It seems that most profiles are real, Hinge dating is not known to have scammers. Having said that, be diligent on any dating site

Hinge Login and Sign Up

Signing up for an account on Hinge is free, but may take a few moments. You are required to upload six photos, but you can use your Facebook or a mobile number. Photo verification is required on Hinge, and you will need to fill out a few sections of your profile to get started.

My Profile

You must choose at least one question to answer on your profile. This is important because other users will see these answers and be prompted to like them to start a conversation with you. These details on your profile are essentially in getting likes and finding real matches.

My Virtues

The next section involves more controversial topics. You should select your views on politics, if you drink (socially or otherwise), smoke cigarettes, use marijuana, or use drugs. You decide which of these are shown on your profile.

My Vitals

This section is a basic informational section. You begin by setting your exact location on the map according to your neighborhood. Then, you must put in your own gender, as well as your gender preference. Hinge is gay and bisexual friendly.

You will also need to disclose your height, ethnicity, work, education, religion if you have kids, and your hometown. You can choose which of this information will show up on your profile and which does not.

Making Contact

Hinge App

Although Hinge puts down the idea of swiping, it is similar to a swiping mechanism. In a roulette-type display, you will see one person after another. The main difference is you only have the option to say no, or like a specific item on the profile.

Sending likes, comments, and messages are all included in the free plan, but you will only get 10 likes per day as a free member. As a premium member, you get an unlimited number of likes per day. You can only send a message to someone that agrees to match with you.

Profile Quality

Since your Hinge profile is required to be filled out in the beginning, most profiles are pretty detailed and include personal details, written answers, and photos. To view all of the information on someone’s profile you must scroll through the entire profile. 

Each profile section has a heart. You can tap this whenever you want to like that part of their profile. Most Hinge members take time to create and complete their profiles. This is because most people are serious about meeting from Hinge.

Special Features

This is a tab that allows you to see all of the members that have liked you. If you are a free user, then the faces will be blurred and you have to browse each profile starting with the most recent one. You will need to scroll through and say yes or no. 

If you are a premium member, you can view your likes in a grid. You can view their main photos, interact with their profile, and skip around as much as you would like.

This feature is new. It allows you to give feedback about a date that you went on from the site. This allows Hinge to match you more appropriately based on your response. 

Hinge App

Hinge App logo

After being acquired by Match Group in 2019, it underwent a major app redesign. But what is Hinge app? The Hinge app is clean and appealing to younger users. They use vibrant colors and a clean interface.

Design and Usability

There is no Hinge desktop version. That means when you use Hinge online, you must be on the app. This means that Hinge.com does not actually exist. The design of the app is very straightforward and easy to use.

Cost and Payment

  • View profiles
  • Send messages to mutual matches
  • Respond to who sent you likes
  • Send unlimited likes
  • See everyone who likes you in one place
  • Set advanced preferences

The Hinge memberships are affordable. You can purchase a membership in either one, three, or six-month durations, and the longer you purchase the cheaper it will be. Be aware that Hinge automatically renews for the same price and package at the end of each billing period.

For active users, Hinge offers a free month of a membership upgrade so you can fully use the app and see if you want to pay for it.

Privacy and Security

Hinge is quite a safe dating app, as it looks through its members to see who has bad intentions. It seems that there are not many fake profiles because the sign-up process is somewhat long and requires photo verification.

You can block and report any member by whom you feel threatened. Reporting a member automatically blocks their profile from ever contacting you again.

Other Sites/Apps like Hinge

It can be easy to compare Hinge vs Tinder. It is funny because both sites are owned by Match Group. The reason many people compare Tinder and Hinge is that most of the users of Hinge originally were Tinder users. These users became sick of one night stands and hook up culture, so Hinge offers a different experience. 

Zoosk is another site that could be a bit similar to Hinge. It offers questions to be answered and methods to meet other singles to find a relationship. Despite that, they are very different from one another despite the end goal of finding a serious relationship.

Real Life Review

MarcoHinge User
Read More
"To be honest, I was getting really tired of using dating apps. I no longer want to participate in today's hook-up culture. I was ready to find a relationship. I wanted to have a date where it wasn't expected that the date would end up in bed. I wanted something real. And so I was recommended to download Hinge. I downloaded it, completed my profile, and started sending genuine likes to other members. I didn't get many matches, but the matches I got, I've had decent and interesting conversations with. I've met up with three different girls until I met the one that made an impression. We've gone on three dates already, and I know that this could lead to something more than just a date."
LauraHinge User
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“I love Hinge, honestly. It's my favorite dating app that I've used thus far. And I've had the most successful connections/dates from it, too. I think the fact that people can answer questions, but not get too in depth, makes it the ideal dating app for someone who is open to whatever comes their way. I also feel like, in general, the people on Hinge are a little more serious and less likely to send you dick pics. This isn't researched, that has been my experience, though!”


If you are looking to find something different on a dating app then Hinge is a great option. For those looking for a casual fling, Hinge may not be the best place to do so. 

With the different matching features, the app offers a good chance to meet someone you want to date. Having a premium subscription is not necessary on Hinge, but if you want more than a maximum of ten matches per day, it may make it worth it.

Definitely a good site to avoid perverts, enjoy a bit of chivalry, and go on a date with someone you might like.


Who Owns Hinge?

Hinge is owned and operated by Match Group. This is the same owner of Match.com, Tinder, and Twoo.

Who Can Join Hinge?

Anyone over the age of 18 can join Hinge.

Is Hinge’s Premium Membership Auto-Renewed?

Yes, the Hinge premium membership is auto-renewed for the same package and price you purchased originally.

Can I Delete Hinge Account?

Yes, you can cancel your Hinge premium membership or delete your Hinge membership any time. Do this through your Account Settings.

Is Hinge Free?

Yes, Hinge is completely free to sign up, make a profile, and use it. It is good to note that you are limited to 10 matches per day with a free account.

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