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Our Brief Introduction

MeetMe introduction

MeetMe app is not only a dating site, but also a community, social networking site, and place to generate income. This site allows free users to communicate through various methods of interaction. Whether you prefer to speak through messaging, live video streams, or forums, there are many different options to communicate regardless of your preferences. Read our MeetMe review to learn more.

What Is MeetMe App?

MeetMe appears similar to other social media apps. Although it might imitate Facebook and Instagram, it is something very different. It is a bit dangerous because this app is available to use for teens as young as 13. There are also adults on the site, meaning children have the opportunity to speak to adults.

How Does MeetMe Work?

This site creates the opportunity to facilitate new relationships. MeetMe does almost the opposite of Facebook. Instead of finding friends that you already know, MeetMe works to connect you with strangers

One part of MeetMe that is specifically intriguing is the ability to earn “MeetMe Credits”. These are provided when you participate in different activities such as:

  • Logging on daily
  • Buying credits
  • Viewing other people’s profiles
  • Interaction with other users
  • Connecting with “secret admirers” during gameplay

MeetMe Signup and Login

MeetMe signup

The signup process is very simple for this site. All you will need to do is input personal information, and then you do not even need to wait for a verification email. After registration, you will go immediately to your dashboard where you can begin using the site.

Member Structure

The trouble with the member structure of MeetMe, is that you can register as a 13-year-old. This makes the membership structure very diverse because there are people of all ages. This site is not set up as a dating site, but rather a social media site. This means that not only are minors present on the site, but they can converse with adults. This makes the site somewhat dangerous for minors.

Making Contact

How MeetMe works

Making contact on MeetMe is totally free. This means you never need to pay for a  subscription if you want to speak to others. You can find other members with many different filter options including age, gender, location, and sexual orientation.

All the profiles are set to public as a default. This means that you might get nasty MeetMe messages, even as an underage user. You can choose to set your profile to private to avoid this. Other forms of communication include chat rooms and forums.

MeetMe Profile

Because there are no rules for profiles, many people do create fake profiles. Do not expect to find any background checks or even much information on profiles at all. This is because you can put as much, or as little information as you choose on your profile. Despite this, your profile can be changed at any time.

Original all photos on your profile will be visible for anyone to view. You can change this so that only your friends will be able to view it. Otherwise, on your profile, there will be minimal information such as your name, gender, location, age, relationship status, and if you are LGBTQ or straight.

MeetMe App

MeetMe app

If you are choosing to use the MeetMe app, you will be pleasantly surprised. The MeetMe App is much easier to use than the PC version. The MeetMe mobile login is also very easy and simple, similar to the standard login. Not only is it easier to use, but it looks better all around. It is said that the app is much better to use in general, and if you do not use the app then you will be missing out on features and functionality.

Design and Usability

As we stated before, the desktop version is very outdated. This is why you should always use the app instead of the desktop site. The desktop site looks as though it has not been used in years, and it is obvious that the MeetMe app is more often used and updated. Overall it is a clean look and a better experience.

Special Features

MeetMe making contact


Similar to swiping on Tinder, this part of the app allows you to swipe and see other users that you may want to match with. The site generates these users and allows you to pass or match based on your preferences.

Questions’s Questions gives you the opportunity to send questions without feeling the pressure. Ask whatever questions you like, and if they are interested to respond, they can. If not, no harm done, you just won’t be given a response. All questions are anonymous which makes it even better and less pressure added.

MeetMe Live

Here you can stream video live, or watch other user’s videos. Interact with them, or give gifts to your favorite creators. The credits that you pay or receive can be generated into real cash later.

Secret Admirer

This is a game where you can win points and meet someone as well. What happens with this is that you will be given a notification that you have a secret admirer. You won’t be told who, and then you will need to guess who it is. If you do not guess within five tries, then you fail, and will not get to see who the secret admirer is.


  • Create profile and account
  • Using matching services
  • Message other users
  • Live stream with the opportunity to generate cash flow
  • See who has viewed your profile
  • Ad-free experience
  • Advanced MeetMe profile search filters
  • Priority in other user’s inbox
  • See other profiles without notification 
  • Use profile themes

Price and Payment

1 month= $6.99

3 months: $5.66/month= $16.99

6 months: $4.17/month= $24.99

1 cent/credit

Real Life MeetMe Reviews

BonBonMeetMe User
Read More
“Meetme App is for fakes an scammers only anymore. I always liked meetme dating site even though there were a lot if scammers there. I keep up on the scammers lists for that reason. Ive been locked out of my acct now twice. I emailed them an the response i got was that i violated the rules. This is bull crap to put it nicely.. I never used fowl language or any nudity an i never asked anyone for anything. It just pisses me off that the scammers continue an i get locked out. Ill will be telling everyone i know that's on the site, an I've referred several people, to delete their acct an uninstall this app. The administrators need to get their crap straight or all they'll have are fakes an scammers.”
KAMeetMe User
Read More
“Ladies, run if you read meetme somewhere!!! Like 70% are fake profiles including fake pics and information about a person. And those who aint fake are looking for cybersex or are mentally out of order. This was my worst experience ever in online dating! So do yourself a favour and use another dating app if you want to meet nice men!”
StevenMeetMe User
Read More
“So far on meet me iv been told to $#*! myself also that im ugly and alot of people are fake on there also ask for money witch is not ok when u first talk to someone. How can woman be so mean or more like rude has crap and have no manners meet a nice guy like myself. Laugh if u want i dont care so far this site really blows ass people need to grow up for real. Woman judge men to much now a days thats really sad big time!’


Unfortunately, MeetMe app is more of a social media platform with integrated dating. It is nothing like Facebook Dating and is very dangerous for children under 18. There are many options for group discussions and other interactions. The site is a good place to meet other people and have a good time, but there is a security issue.

It is not a good site to find a serious relationship, and it is definitely a site you need to take lightly. Do not let your children use this site as it is known for scammers, and should not necessarily be allowing children to use the site.

MeetMe FAQ

What Type Of Site Is MeetMe?

MeetMe is both an online dating site and similar to a site like Facebook. Although you can do different activities such as talking and chatting, there are also features that are similar to dating websites, and many people actively search for dates on the site.

What Is MeetMe Beta?

This was a feature to allow everyone involved with Meet Me online to participate in MeetMe live video.

What Is The MeetMe Dating Site?

The MeetMe website is located at, and it is a dating site combined with a social network.

Can I Delete MeetMe Account?

Whether you are wondering “is MeetMe down?”, or if you simply are sick of the site. You can delete it.

How To Search For People On MeetMe?

The regular MeetMe search can also be done also through a MeetMe name search.

Are There A Lot Of MeetMe Scams?

Within the MeetMe chat, there are some scams. Despite this, it just means you are responsible to take care of yourself and ensure that you are not scammed. Be sure never to answer random emails claiming to be from MeetMe account recovery, as it is most likely a scam.

Are There Any Other Apps Like MeetMe?

Because MeetMe is a combination of a social network and a dating site, it is very unique. Despite this, it could be somewhat similar to AdultFriendFinder.

Is There A MeetMe Sign In With Facebook?

Yes, after you log in with your Facebook account, you can make MeetMe contact almost immediately. 

Is MeetMe Safe?

If you have read any MeetMe news, you may know that there are many scams. Despite this, if you are an adult and vigilant, then you should be fine, but be aware at all times. Do not let your children use this site. It is not a safe site for children.  

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