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Our Brief Introduction

Mocospace is a social community. It can only be used from your mobile phone. You can use Mocospace to meet other people, chat from your device, and even play games. Because Mocospace is a social media platform as well as an online dating site, it is a very unique site. There are a lot of members all over the world primarily in the United States.

What Is MocoSpace?

If you go to, you will be directed to signup, and then forced to move to a mobile platform. This is because it is only made for mobile. In the name, “Moco” stands for “mobile community” and “space” is similar to Myspace.

Member Structure

The member structure of Mocospace is known to be quite diverse, with many different people of all backgrounds and ethnicities belonging to the site. 40% of the members on this site are between 18-24 years old, while a bit over one quarter is said to be between the ages 25 – 30 years old. Mocospace states that 1 million hours are spent on the site each day.

MocoSpace Login and Signup

MocoSpace Sign up

The Mocospace sign up process is extremely easy. You can be finished signing up in about one minute. You can sign in with different social accounts, or simply create an account with your email.

You are required to upload a profile photo, but it will be posted immediately without admin approval. You do not need to verify your account, which is often concerning.

Making Contact

Contacting other members is simple, you only have two options. After using the Mocospace search, the first option for contact is via chat rooms. If you want to, you can join existing chat rooms, but you can also create your own based on any topic. Another method of communication is as a direct message, but the only catch is that everyone can see this. All direct messages will show up in the public chat room as well. You must verify your email if you choose to go into the chat rooms. This is a security feature.

Profile Quality

  • Your profile can be private or public.
  • Include GIFs as either your profile photo or header.
  • Many accounts use photos that are not of themselves.
  • Profiles are not very detailed.
  • You can change your profile information whenever you choose.
  • Any member can view any profile.
  • Includes activity feed similar to Facebook.
  • Activity feed shows all photos you have liked.

MocoSpace App

MocoSpace App

Mocospace is a mobile-only site. This means that it is available in app form for Android and iPhone. The main issue with the Mocospace app is that if you are a free user you will see popups almost every other minute. Alternatively, you can access the mobile site on your browser to bypass these annoying ads.

Design and Usability

The mobile browser of Mocospace looks clean and is easy to use. Similar to Facebook, the default page is updated from everyone on the site. You can easily access the games that are offered on the site, and there are video tutorials to help guide you.

Special Features

MocoSpace Feature


This is a funny game where “you buy and sell your friends”. You will be able to buy your actual friends on the site, and they can buy you. The whole purpose of this game is to buy people as low as possible and sell them for a higher price. If someone you own is purchased by another player, both you and the person who was purchased get the profit. Whenever you are purchased, your personal value goes up. This game is played with a purchased currency called Friendshop cash, a fake currency available within the game.

Street Wars

This is a mafia game. In this game, you can gain money and power by going into fights with enemies and going on dangerous missions.


Stickers are similar to emojis or emoticons, but they are big. They can be used in any messaging through Mocospace chat, regular messaging through your Mocospace inbox, forum posts, or comments. Some Stickers are free, but there are some that can be purchased using Moco Gold.

Daily Spin

If you want to take your chance at luck do the daily spin! This provides you with the opportunity to spin once every day. You can win different in site items, but more importantly, every day you will win! This is basically a motivation to log into the site each day, and it can be addicting!

Cost and Payment

  • Create a profile
  • Browse profiles
  • See all photos
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Read blog posts and forums
  • No ads
  • “Who Viewed Me”
  • View profiles anonymously
  • Be ranked first in “Meet People”
  • VIP sticker on your profile photo
  • Priority Support Assistance

VIP Membership Cost

Moco gold costs $.01/credit and can be purchased in increments of 500, 1250, 2750, 4325, 7500, or 15500.

Privacy and Security

There are many security concerns on Mocospace. First of all, there is no photo verification or required verification to use the site in general. It is good to note that there are many warnings all over the site to not give out personal information. This is something that you should not take lightly.

Competitors of MocoSpace

Besides social media sites such as Facebook, and previously Myspace, the only other similar dating platform might be Plenty of Fish. The reason these are similar is due to the games that are available to play. Otherwise, it is closest to Facebook Dating.

Real Life Review

Anonymous MocoSpace User
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"I've been a Mocospace user for 4 years and I've made a lot of online friends. I was so happy when they announced an app because I could just use it on my phone whenever but the app is such a disappointment. I can't enjoy anything without being interrupted by video ads (which take a couple of seconds before they could be closed!). I think I'll stick to the website."
RickMocoSpace User
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“I do a test on girls on mocospace to see if they are real and I have been lucky to meet about 10 that are real. A few very beautiful and have known them for a couple years now.”
NathanMocoSpace User
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“It's pointless, hardly anyone bothers to ever reply, the ones that do are bots. Literally, don't bother, let it die.”


Mocospace started out during the time of Myspace, and even before Facebook. Although they have over 1 million members, it is no longer an extremely popular site. Mocospace is definitely different than it used to be and is more of a dating website than anything. Unfortunately, the app is terrible, and it seems as though most users use the site for the games. The site is free to try, so why not sign up for yourself and take a look.


When Was Mocospace Created?


Who Invented Mocospace?

Mocospace was created by a gaming expert.

Is Mocospace Free?

Yes, all of the features are free for users, but there are options to purchase items within the site as well.

What Is Mocospace Backstage?

Backstage is a feature that lets users upload private photos. The privilege to view these photos are then sold to other users. You will earn 30% of the Moco Gold paid by viewers.

How Do I Change My Mocospace Username?

You can only do this one time per 30 days, but you can do so from your settings page, then to your account settings, and then to Change Username at the bottom.

Can I See Who Viewed My Profile?

In order to do this, you will have to upgrade to a VIP membership.

Can I Deactivate My Mocospace Account?

Yes, go to your settings, then click cancel account, and enter your password to confirm the deactivation.

Is There A Way I Can Contact Mocospace?

You email Mocospace at [email protected]

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