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Our Brief Introduction

No Strings Attached introduction

If you are married and looking for a mistress, or simply looking for a low key, no strings attached relationship, then No Strings Attached is where you should visit. 

This dating site is for casual flings, that allows those who are married, to seek extramarital affairs. If you have heard of, it is a sister site, owned by Various Inc. No Strings Attached dating is made to provide a platform for those that want to have an affair discreetly. Although this might seem morally wrong to some people, there is a market for this.  

Not only does No Strings Attached offer hookup options, but also offers consented cyber sex and live cams. Read our review to decide if this is a site for you to explore your sexual side.

How Does No Strings Attached Work?

If you are wondering what the no strings attached meaning is, it means a casual relationship with two people who do not have any attachment to each other, typically a sexual relationship. Although this site is nothing like the No Strings Attached movie, there are similarities in the No Strings Attached cast that might translate to real life.

This site works by matching you to other singles or married individuals, looking for a casual encounter. Rather than stress about if the person on the other end wants a relationship, you will know that the site is made for short term situations.

Member Structure

Most of the people on the No Strings Attached site are men and women looking for a casual relationship. 

You should note that most people are looking for discreet casual sex, and this can come in the form of in-person, or online through webcams.  Live webcams are actually very popular on this site because it allows you to test whether or not you are compatible before meeting in person.

How To Sign Up

No Strings Attached Sign in

Signing up on No Strings Attached means that as soon as you sign up, you must register for an account. You also cannot make your own password. Instead, you must verify your email by signing in with the password they send to your email

The entire process only takes a few moments, and after signing up you will need to enter your gender and username. It is good to note that nudity is allowed. Despite this, you cannot upload photos or videos that solicit money, show personal contact details, or hold offensive content.

After you sign up you will be able to immediately begin browsing and matching.

Making Contact

No Strings Attached Making Contact

Making contact on No String Attached can be done in many different ways. Not only do you have the option to participate in live webcam, but you can also flirt for free, or add members to your hotlist.

Search by:

  • Location
  • If you are married or single
  • Age
  • Gender

If you are looking for fun while alone in your home, there are also professional adult camera models who go live on a webcam stream. You can join fan clubs of these models which can be fun for interaction.

Profile Quality

You may view any profile pictures you want, but in order to actually see profiles you will need to upgrade your membership. Most profiles are very detailed and often include sexual photos or videos.

No Strings Attached App

No Strings Attached does not have No strings attached apps for iPhone, but there is a very low rated app in the Google Play store. You may also use the mobile browser version of the site, which is actually quite easy to use.

Design and Usability

Security is very important on this site. You will be able to edit all of your settings to make you feel even more comfortable. Additionally, the entire site is very easy to understand. There are simple buttons and text that fill the pages, but nothing is too crowded. Young or old can use this site.


  • Create an account
  • Search members
  • Watch videos
  • Access customer support
  • Upload videos
  • Broadcast your own webcam
  • Set profile to private
  • Send messages
  • View full profiles
  • Highlights
  • Watch model webcams
  • Access “Who’s Viewing Me?” list
  • Change your gender
  • Private Phone Call

Special Features

Cheating Tips

A list of tips that can help you to hide your affair. This is a free feature.


Create a “favorites” list of sorts. Click on the “Hotlist” button on someone’s profile to add them to your list.

Open The Door

If you use this feature as a VIP user, you can allow a non-paying member to send you messages and requests for free.

Popularity Privileges

This feature is a reward program. It allows non-paying members to access chat rooms and message boards. Additionally, if you qualify for this, you will be able to view 50 profiles for free.

Find Member Videos

Browse thousands of sexy videos uploaded by members.

Live Member Webcams

Only for paying members, here you can see naked members showing off in front of the camera.

Live Model Webcams

Similar to live member webcams, but with models instead. You can pay them with tokens, buy them virtual gifts, or tip them.

Match Reports

Match reports are given to you by the site. They will be sent through your email similar to how a real estate agent might send you house listings. You can define the preferences that dictate who you will see in this report.

Cost and Payment

Privacy and Security

The security on No Strings Attached is not known to be the best, but there are a few things in place to make it better. This includes having to pay to change your gender, and waiting for a password to be sent to your inbox.

Competitors of No Strings Attached

When speaking of competitors, Ashley Madison would be the most similar site to No Strings Attached, as they are both sites for married individuals to find an affair. 

Despite this, you could also say that Seeking Arrangement has something in common with it as well. The only difference between these sites is the fact that there are videos and pornographic material through webcams on NSA, but not on the other two sites. 

Real Life Review

BettyNo Strings Attached User
Read More
“I came to this site because I was curious. I still love my husband, but it gets boring at times. I found my long-needed distraction in No Strings Attached. I like how the design makes you feel like it doesn't exist at all. I can turn it on or off whenever I want. It keeps my secret for me without complicating my personal life. I found some good people here who are always game but don't ask for more. One time, I met this person who very much reminded me of my first love. Talking to him makes me feel young and in love again. It feels good to relive the past even if it's just for a few moments of fantasy. Who knew I could date again less the drama?”
RoyNo Strings Attached User
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“Another idiot site. Fill in correctly, and fully your registration form. Immediately you are told, complete the boxes. WHICH I ALREADY HAD DONE! Another site shouldn't be in business.”
RoseNo Strings Attached User
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“This app is so difficult to register it keeps on asking to open location even wen its on,its not working.”


No Strings Attached is a site that may have a few bugs, but if you are looking for a casual sexual relationship, it does the job. Additionally, the site has a lot of fun features such as live webcams. This platform offers members to meet up, and have discreet affairs with the help of the site. If you are looking to have an affair, you might want to try out the site and see if you like it.


What Types Of Memberships Can I Buy On No Strings Attached? offers two memberships: Standard (also known as free) and VIP. This VIP membership unlocks all the privileges.

What Happens If I Forget My Password On No Strings Attached?

Your password can be sent to you through your email if needed if you forget it.

Can I Make A Custom Password When I Register?

No, only No Strings Attached can give you a password when you signup. After this, you can create your own password.

Can Free Members Send Messages?

If you pay for your membership, then anyone can send you a message regardless of their status. You will need to buy the premium feature “Open The Door,” to use it though.

Why Is There A Payment For Changing My Gender In No Strings Attached?

This is required to prevent scammers.

Do I Need To Update My Location On No Strings Attached When I Travel?

Yes if you want to find members where you are traveling then you will need to update your location.

Can I Turn Off My Match Reports?

Yes you can change this preference.

Why Can’t I Find The Flash Chat Feature?

This feature is no longer available.

How Do I Change My Gender On No Strings Attached?

Go to”My Account”, then go to the “Edit Profile” section. Finally, click on the “Physical Information,” and “Upgrade your Gender” link.

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