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Our Brief Introduction

okcupid introduction

Known as a very popular site, OkCupid has been around for almost a decade. The member base is huge, providing a good opportunity to find someone to love. Even though the site does offer people looking for casual relationships, most of the time individuals are searching for a long-term relationship. There have been many updates, but at this point, it is a very well rounded site. Read more about OkCupid Review to decide if it is a site you want to pursue.

What Is OkCupid?

okcupid statistic

It is a matchmaking and dating site. All you need to do to join is create a profile, answer some questions, and begin swiping. You can also utilize the various search functions as well.

How Does OkCupid Work?

The main way that you find matches on OkCupid.com is through the Double Take feature. This shows you different individuals that have a good compatibility score with you. This score is created based on the answers you give to the personality quiz you are required to complete upon registration.

OkCupid Review On Member Structure

The member base is not one size fits all. People on OkCupid are of different ages, different genders, and looking for different things. As with most situations on free online dating sites, there are more men than women. Additionally, most of the people on this site are millennials between 25-34. 

Although for a long time it was used more for an OkCupid hookup, there are people on the site looking for everything, especially for love. In general, activity is high on this site which is great if you are looking to communicate and meet with your matches.

OkCupid Login and OkCupid Signup

When you are creating an account on OkCupid it should not take more than a few minutes. As with most sites, you will need to put in your name and your location. Signing up with Facebook is an option, but if you prefer not to connect to this site then will need to put in your email and age as well. After you have created your account you will need to go through with the Ok Cupid sign in and then begin to build your profile.

Right after registration, you will need to fill out a questionnaire before you receive your matches. Typically the OkCupid questions are about religion, what you like to do in your spare time, and the gender of individuals you are interested in dating will be asked. This helps to change the algorithm and tailor it to your needs.

There is also a test that provides you with the opportunity to see OkCupid’s opinion on your matches before you actually choose to become a match. This is displayed in a percentage of compatibility. 

Making Contact

okcupid making contact

If you are not paying for the site, you will still be able to send a message for free, but in order to read it, you must have already matched. This is a bit odd, but apparently, it is to stop inappropriate messages. It also encourages a form of messaging based on consent. Additionally, there is an algorithm-based system that helps you to be matched to other users. These matches will be given to you each day, and if you choose to match with them, then you will be given messaging access.

Creating OkCupid Profile

Most profiles on OkCupid are detailed and often have a few photos. These profiles are all public, so be sure to be aware of that. Your profile can be edited at any time, but can not be left blank. 

okcupid making profile

The site offers a chance to answer match questions, and these may also be placed on your profile. These questions aid in giving you a better understanding of if someone is a good match for you or not. These questions are about what religion you are if you have children and other personal details. Although the personality test determines your compatibility, it is not something that you MUST take into account.

OkCupid App

okcupid app

The OkCupid mobile app is one of the best dating apps available on the market. If you are someone who likes to see your matches while at work, school, or simply when you are away from your computer, the app is exactly the same as the desktop site and does not offer any new features, but simply makes it easier to use the app whenever and wherever

The only feature that is a bit different on the app is that there is a difference with the Double Take feature. The motion of swiping left and right is much better on the app than it is on a desktop. This is mainly because this feature was created to be used on a phone rather than a desktop. Despite this, if you do not want to access the app then you can also use the OkCupid mobile site accessible from m.okcupid.com.

Special Features


You will need to pay for Boost in order to use it, and it will show you first in the Double Take matching section.

See Who You Like

Similar to a “favorites” section, this area allows you to message other users so that they can see you in their “Double Take” section.


There are a lot of different people which can be great, but it can also be a lot when it comes to trying to find people you are compatible with. Stacks allows you to organize different matches, and filter the people you have already matched with. 

OkCupid Blog

The OkCupid blog gives you OkCupid tips and tricks on how to do your best when it comes to OkCupid dating.

Double Take

Similar to Tinder, this is the matching feature. Swipe left or right to decide whether or not you want to match with other members.

See Who Likes You

See every single member who has already liked you. This is a paid feature.

Design and Usability

This site is a very clean and simple website. The color scheme is blue, white, and pink, and all of the features are simple to use. It is pretty much a standard dating site.


  • Create an account
  • Message any other users
  • Search for matches
  • Create lists of your liked matches
  • Look through matches and profiles
  • Use the roulette matching feature
  • See who has already liked you
  • See who has read your messages
  • No ads
  • Search with specialized advanced features
  • Free boost daily
  • See answers to public question from all members

Price and Payment

1-month: $7.95

3 months: $6.35/month=$19.05

6 months: $3.95/month=$23.70

1 month: $24.90

3 months: $22.90/month=$68.70

6 months: $19.90/month=$119.40

1 boost credit $1.99

5 boost credits $1.89/credit=$9.45

10 boost credits $1.69/credit=$16.90

Real Life OkCupid Reviews

PopsOkCupid User
Read More
“This went from being the best dating app (2016) to the absolute worst, you can't message, you can't answer specific grouped questions, Christ you can't even "like" more than ten people a day now! They approve accounts that are clearly someone using American Instagram pictures but claiming to be British because African & Russian scammers don't know the difference! It's basically a pile of crap. And then you want £50 a month... seriously?!... Wt* is wrong with you folks!”
Ceri OkCupid User
Read More
“2 and a half years ago I joined your site. I hope at my last chance at love and I found it and I am now engaged to be married and settled in a new home with my partner. Thank you OkCupid for help in finding my prince charming and restoring my faith in love.”
MikeOkCupid User
Read More
“My name is Mike and am VERY happy to say that I have met my true love on okcupid.com in late February of 2019 Laura's daughter made her an okcupid account. At that time I had just made an account myself, I was the first person to send Laura a private message. We chatted on the site for free, for a couple of weeks, before exchanging phone numbers. We found out that we lived about 5 minutes apart but, we had a really hard time setting up our first date, due to weather, illness, and crazy work schedules. On March 12th we finally got a short meeting face to face. On March 15th, we had our first date. Okcupid gave us a 91% match but we say that it's more like 100%. On July 4th 2020 we became husband and wife. We never would have met without okcupid and it's then free messenger service. Thank you okcupid.”
DavidOkCupid User
Read More
“Unwanted profiles will keep being recommended.Despite clicking on "Pass" for profiles I am not interested in, I keep getting these same profiles presented again in "Recommended", just weeks to a few months later, despite paying for the service. The same profiles just get recycled and presented to you later on, even if you are not interested in them, and have indicated this by passing on them previously. This is a waste of your time. The paid version of OkCupid is not worth the money due to constant issues such as this.”

OkCupid vs Match

If you look up OkCupid Reddit reviews, you will understand that these two sites are very similar, but because OkCupid is one of the main free dating sites, it is known to be slightly less reliable. Match.com is well known specifically for long term relationships or marriage seekers, while OkCupid is known for finding either long-term or hook up situations.

OkCupid vs Tinder

Generally speaking, OkCupid is more for younger individuals who are looking to find a relationship or simply date, while Tinder is for people of all ages and is specifically for finding a hookup. On Tinder, you cannot search, but on OkCupid, you can either swipe to match or search to match. 


okcupid conclusion

OkCupid has been around for a very long time. Because of this, it has been able to change and update with the times. Now that apps are very popular, this is the best method to access the site. The user base is huge which is incredible when you are looking for more matches. Whether you are looking for a serious relationship, a hookup, or long-term dating, OkCupid offers a wide age range and plenty of members to match with.

OkCupid FAQ

How Long Has OkCupid Been A Dating Site?

For almost a decade it has been a dating site, since 2004.

What Types Of Subscriptions Are Offered On OkCupid?

There is a free membership available as well as the A-List Basic and the A-List Premium.

How To Cancel OkCupid Subscription?

You can cancel your membership by doing so in your settings. If you have a premium membership it will stay active through the beginning of the rest of the month you have paid for.

Is OkCupid Free?

Although there is a free option for OkCupid, the premium prescription is not free.

How To Delete OkCupid?

After you cancel any paid subscriptions, all you need to do is delete the app from your phone.

Is OkCupid Down? What Do I Do If It Is?

If it is down you will need to simply wait for a while, and then see if the site if back up.

How Can I Keep Anyone From Knowing I Use OkCupid?

As long as you use OkCupid incognito mode, you should be able to keep your browsing private.

Is There An OkCupid Free Trial?

There is not necessarily a free trial, but there is a free membership option.

How To Message Someone On OkCupid?

After matching with someone you can easily message them to start a conversation.

Are There A Lot Of OkCupid Scams?

There are some OkCupid fake profiles but besides that, it is quite a safe site. Just be sure to stay vigilant and be sure to confirm the identity of anyone you plan to meet. Never send money to anyone. 

Can You Do An OkCupid Search By Name?

No this is not one of the search options.

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