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Pure Highlights

Our Brief Introduction

Pure App Introduction

Pure is a hookup app that helps you meet anonymous people in your area for casual sex. All you need to begin is one selfie. After creating your profile, it will be deleted in one hour. You never have the option to link to social media.

There is one purpose for Pure hookup, and that is to instantly find someone to have sex with. This app does not promise a real date or a relationship. If you are looking for marriage, this app is not for you and you should probably go on Zoosk or Match.com.

Launched in October 2014, Pure gives you hour to locate and chat up others before all of your profiles disappear to one another. If you didn’t find anyone and want to try Pure again, you will have to create a new profile. Pure dating is one of a kind, read our Pure review to decide for yourself.

How Does Pure App Work?

There are a few easy steps for how Pure works. 

  1. Add a photo of yourself. 
  2. Submit the photo, which will then become a meeting request. This appears in the app feed to people near you.
  3. This will appear for one hour, but then is deleted, as well as any conversations you have had in that time.
  4. Delete your photo at any time by pressing the “My Request” text at the bottom of your screen.
  5. You can also see photos of people who are wanting to meet singles in their area. 
  6. If you see someone you like, you can press yes. That person will be notified, and then if they also want to meet you, you will be a match. 
  7. Now a chat window will open up for one hour. You only have one hour to arrange a meeting, otherwise your entire chat will be deleted.  

If you were to do a Pure app review, it would be that you better act quickly or you will lose your chance!

Member Structure

Most of the 40,000 monthly downloads are members who come from the United States, but there are also users who are living in Russia, Canada, Ukraine, Brazil, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Poland, and Argentina.

There are more male members than females, and most of them are straight singles. They also come from the range of 25 to 34 and mostly access the website using their mobile phones.

Pure Chat Login and Signup

Download the app to get started. Then it should take on more than 2-3 minutes to register. Since all profiles are deleted after one hour, you should be prepared to create this profile more than once.

Creating an account requires you to put in an email or phone number, and payment information. You can register by either phone or email on pure, but you must put in your credit card no matter what. Then you must select your gender, and verify your method of login. Let them know your sexual orientation, and what you are looking for.

Once you have done this, you need to have your location settings on. You cannot use the app without using GPS to find users near you. Finally, you must upload a photo of yourself. Otherwise, you are anonymous.

Making Contact

Pure Chat

Making contact is very straightforward when you are looking for Pure sex. The only way to express yourself is through a selfie, and your profile is actually a meeting request that is posted to the timeline of the site.

If you like someone’s selfie (aka profile), you press yes. If they are also interested then you will match. This match pops up in a chat window, and you can speak. Remember, all chats and profiles are deleted each hour. This means your time limit can restrict your activity, but it is also based on location and who is online at that time.

Profile Quality

The main feature that makes Pure individual is the profile. The profile is extremely minimal and is literally only a photo of yourself. Since there are no personal details on your profile other than your one chosen photo, once the time limit is up, the profile, your chat, and all recollection of that person is gone. Although the profile is extremely anonymous, it does only give you a selfie. That gives you no personal details about that person. This leads to the point of the site, random sex.

Pure App

Pure App

You can download the app on both the Google Play and App store. It is completely free to download, but there are necessary in-app purchases. Female users join for free, but male users can try Pure free through the three-day trial.

If you are trying to find out how to cancel Pure app, then you need to do so before your monthly subscription charges itself through the app. You must go to the App Store or Google Play Store to do this. After canceling your subscription, you will then be allowed to use the app for the remaining days that you have paid for. 

Design and Usability

The design of Pure is very modern. The app looks trendy and is appealing for Millenials. With a white background and all-black fonts used, there are also minimalistic cartoons that are almost sexy.

The app is extremely pristine and does not add extra ads, photos, or anything unnecessary. The usability is straightforward. Upload a selfie, say yes or no, speak for one hour, meet or don’t. There should be no one who has trouble using this app.

Special Features

Similar to the design, Pure has very minimalistic features, and essentially only one feature. Your profile turns into a meeting request which is then shown to other users who are using the app near you

Unfortunately, if you are not in an area with many users, you may not have a large pool to choose from. Peak hours are definitely when you want to be using the app. 

The main downfall to Pure is that there is only one feature. Chatting for one hour with a match. Although you may always match with that person again, it somewhat puts the pressure on to decide if you like them within one hour. On top of that, you will need to be speaking to that person the entire hour rather than casually throughout the day.

Subscription and Cancelation


The subscription is simple on Pure. Simple purchase and subscribe through Google and Apple’s trial and subscription system. Female users can join Pure for free, male users have a three-day free trial. 

When the trial period is over, you can cancel at any time before the subscription is charged to you. You can cancel the trial at any time, as well as the automatically-renewed subscription.

There is only one catch regarding cancellation on Pure. They make it difficult for you to cancel. You cannot cancel through the app, but you must go to your actual App Store or Google Play Store

After canceling your subscription, you can use the app for the remainder of your subscription. Be aware that canceling your subscription will not refund subscription payments.

Pure App Cost and Payment

  • 3-day free trial
  • Women can use this app completely for free
  • Send georequests
  • Instant messaging for one hour per match

1 week: $14.99

1 month: $29.99

Privacy and Security

Pure is extremely anonymous. Just be aware, they will ask from access to your location so that you can be matched with people near you. Additionally, if you are uncomfortable with having a photo of yourself on the internet, you may not want to use that as your selfie. Having said that, you may not get many matches since the entirety of the profile is your photo. Pure prides itself on having incredible security to protect your data.

Competitors of Pure

One competitor of Pure might be Tinder, while Adult Friend Finder is more on the same wavelength when it comes to end goal. The huge difference between Adult Friend Finder and Pure is that Pure profiles are essentially non-existent, while AFF has a lot of information and other features. The main similarity between the two is that you are looking for casual sex in the end.

Real Life Review

BrentPure User
Read More
"I was really intrigued by Pure. There's something about the app's branding that just speaks to me. Being a 20-something young professional living his best life in a big city, you'd know why this app can be pretty enticing for me to use. The premise really got to me: anonymous sex partners, disintegrating profiles, and a time limit. Where do I sign up? However, what put me off was the app's limited reach. There's barely any activity in the app. Only a handful of people use this app in my area which is a huge bummer. The idea was great, but sadly, it can also be pretty limiting."
InnokentyPure User
Read More
“Literally like 10 girls in whole Berlin! And no, there's no filter by distance, so you get matches from 500km away. And no, you can't use the app without paying! Yes, not at all, you can't even see if there's anyone in your area! I want my money back, or at least the immediate subscription cancellation!”
TM1927Pure User
Read More
“So I usually look at the different kinds of dating apps to review them. To see what they were about and if it’s something that truly stands out or if it is similar to others. As far as the PURE hookup app is concerned. The concept I see here does stand on its own. It seems to keep everything discreet and simple. Which with the limited time on chats it cuts down on the small talk for those looking to “get to the point.” However though the concept is great the people available to match with are most often I have noticed scammers and mostly escorts.”


If you are in the area where there’s not that many Pure users, then this app is not for you. Specifically because as a man you will need to put in your credit card information right away. Despite this, if you are a woman who can use the app for free, or in a place with a lot of Pure app users, then this is a great concept. Although it can be expensive, if you are looking for casual sex in a big city, you might as well give Pure a try.


How Do I Delete My Pure Account?

The app does not create permanent accounts. This means that the app will only store your photo as well as your subscription, and your user ID. To delete your account, remove the app from your device and unsubscribe from the App Store or Google Play Store.

My Pure Account Is Blocked, What Should I Do?

If this happens it is because you have violated policies. One of these policies is that the photo must be of your face. If you violate this you may be banned. Email the app’s moderators at [email protected] if you feel you have been banned without reason.

I Submitted The Wrong Photo On Pure. How Do I Change It?

This is a simple fix, press the X on the top left of the photo and add a new one.

I'm Not Getting Notified When Someone Wants To Meet Me.

This is probably because Pure needs permission to send you notifications. If you denied the app access to send you notifications, then go to your phone settings and allow push notifications for this app. You can also reinstall the app if necessary.

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