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Our Brief Introduction

secret benefits introduction

Secret Benefits is a site that is a direct competitor of Seeking Arrangement. This site allows you to find a sugar daddy if you are a young person looking to be spoiled, or find a sugar baby if you are a daddy who wants to spoil. There are a lot of people who frown upon these types of relationships, but some people believe that they can find happiness within them. Secret Benefits facilitates these relationships

Although the site states that there are many different people on the site, including hot women and rich men, there is not a lot of proof that these people actually exist on the site.

Is Secret Benefits legit?

Let’s look to see if this is true, or if you can find the love of your life on, this sugar dating site.

What Is Secret Benefits?

SecretBenefits is a site that lets you search for exactly what you want in someone physically. Whether you want to date a certain ethnicity, someone from a certain country, or someone with a certain amount of wealth, you can search for that. As a sugar daddy, you can look for any type of woman you want. That is what the site is made for.

How Does Secret Benefits Work?

How Secret Benefits Works

This site is a bit different from other sites. Instead of paying for a membership, you will buy credits. These credits allow you to purchase different things on the site. Whether this is simply starting a conversation with someone, or paying more credit in order to see their photos.

Member Structure

Most members will be pretty open about what they want from other users. Despite this, all users typically do include photos on their profiles, but they might be hidden. You will also be given recommendations to other people on the site. These are typically for members that are near you, but you can look anywhere in the world that you like. 

Due to the nature of the site, it is filled with younger women and older men. This makes for the quintessential sugar baby relationship. Although there are more men than women on the site, there are still enough sugar babies to go around. 

Secret Benefits Login and Signup

Logging into Secret Benefits is very simple.  All you will need to do is indicate where you live, and provide minimal personal details. The only important thing that you must do is add a photo, and write your body type, as well as ethnicity.

Be sure to verify your profile if you want a green verification badge, but if you do not want to, it is not required. Verification is also simple, just upload a photo of yourself holding a photo of your name.

Profile Creation

Secret Benefits Profiles

Creating your profile allows you to put as much detail as you would choose. What is good to note about this site is that there is a verification process that you can use. This is helpful to understand who is really on the site.

Most people who have been using the site for enough time will have a verified profile. The main reason you want to speak with verified users is that it is free. If someone does not have a verified profile, then it should raise some eyebrows and have room for concern.

Making Contact

Although people typically do not just begin conversations on this site, there is another method of communication…sharing private photos. Similar to Seeking Arrangement, you cannot show nudity per the rules of the site. 

You can use 10 credits to unlock conversations. This will need to be done with each individual member. Otherwise, you can send messages, start talking and plan to see one another in person. The only thing you should not do is exchange bank information or nude content.

Secret Benefits App

Although there is no app made for the Secret Benefits website, there is a mobile version. The mobile version has a nice layout and actually looks quite clean even despite the app. 

When using the mobile site you will be happy to know that all of the same functionalities exist. You can even buy credits in the mobile version and have it locate you. Overall the mobile version is more clear and somewhat nicer to use than the desktop version. The best part about it? You can use it on the go.

Pros and Cons

  • Rather than offer a membership, it works on a credit-based payment system.
  • Free for sugar babies
  • Well designed
  • Excellent photo verification system means more real potential partners
  • Although free membership exists, sugar daddys must purchase credits to access any substantial features.
  • No possibility to verify wealth, meaning sugar daddys can be fake
  • No mobile app 

Special Features

Highlight Your Profile

This feature allows you to appear as the first option when individuals search for other members. This is only possible if you have verified your profile. Alternatively, you can pay using credits for this feature.

Secret Albums

This free feature allows you to create an entire album that is secret. You then have the power to allow other users to see your photos, but only if you give them access. The same can be said about other users’ albums. If you choose to pay for access with your tokens, then you have the chance to see other secretive photos.


This blog is a compilation of all the articles written by Secret Benefits staffs. These topics are about dating, how to go on sugar dates, along with what to expect.

Get Priority Support

This is a great feature that you can achieve simply by verifying your profile. With it, you will be given higher priority customer support.

Design and Usability

The Secret Benefits website is nice and easy to use. The whole site looks quite modern, meaning it is easy to find where the different buttons and functions are. 

Even if you have never used a dating site before, you will probably be able to find your way around the site. Although many of the sugar daddy members will be older, even those members should not have trouble using the site.

If you do struggle with any part of the site, there is a responsive customer support team available at any time of the day, every day.


There is not a huge difference in the functionalities of the site with paid versus free options. There is actually no membership on this site, but rather tokens that you can purchase to obtain different privileges.

  • Create profile
  • Search for other members
  • View other profiles
  • See secret photos and hidden photos
  • Send messages

100 credits @ $.59/credit=$59

500 credits @ $.34/credit=$169

1000 credits @ $.29/credit=$289

Secret Benefits vs Seeking Arrangement

Although Secret Benefits and Seeking Arrangement are often compared, they are a bit different. The main way that they are similar is that both of these sites cater to sugar daddies and sugar babies

The main difference in these two sites is that on SecretBenefits, there are 80% men, with only 20% women. Seeking Arrangement is known to have closer to half men and half women. Additionally, Seeking Arrangement is more of a free site for the sugar baby, while sugar daddies must pay for a membership in order to use the functions of the site. 


Secret Benefits Security

The site has some features to protect users. This includes a strict rule to maintain all personal information as confidential. Although you can give your phone number personally, you cannot put it on your profile. If you are reported for this then your profile will be deactivated until it is reviewed.

Verification is another nice touch, it allows you to win a verified badge by taking a photo with your name. You can also choose to hide your profile at any time, or report any users that make you feel uncomfortable.

Secret Benefits Reviews

JRSecret Benefits User
Read More
“Not gonna be a hater and blame this date site if every chick I'm into doesn't pan out. I admit sometimes my game is on point more times than others, and I'm probably not that attractive physically in the traditional sense... That's kind of the point on a site like this though, isn't it? Looks shouldn't matter as much maybe and perhaps factors that may not make me attractive to a woman for a traditional relationship don't matter as much for an arrangement on sites like this, but from my experience it does matter to some girls here and they don't necessarily jump at any chance to meet a guy like me. I have noticed if I play my cards right, and put my best game face on, I do have a better chance in scoring here. I try to be thoughtful, witty, charming, or whatever...I certainly don't go pervy on them which usually always is a game killer. honestly, I don't hit a homerun as often as I like, yet my batting average here has certainly been better than most any other site I've tried to date...”
AP 1983Secret Benefits User
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“My experience on is a bit limited as I'm relatively new to the site having been on for just a few weeks now. But l have been on a date, and I am chatting a couple other men. This is the most excited I've been about online dating and I do have high expectations. No disappointments using this site yet. A feel a video chat feature would be a bonus.”
CMezaSecret Benefits User
Read More
“I found a keeper. She ticks off all of the boxes for what I find to be most important to me in a partner. She's beautiful, doesn't judge me, loves to laugh, has a beautiful spirit, has dreams, an upbeat attitude, and shares the same values as me. We do have a bit of an age gap, but I don't think either of us care or notice really. All that really matters is that we are happy. We've been spending a lot more time lately at my place and are talking about her moving in with me. It will be a big step for both of us but I honestly couldn't imagine being with anyone else. We took our profiles down from the site recently, and I would just like to thank Secretbenefits for helping bring us together!”


Secret Benefits is a good site if you are looking for a Sugar dating site other than seeking an arrangement. Otherwise, this site has fewer women when compared with Secret Arrangement. The best benefit of this site is that you can use the credit system rather than pay for an expensive monthly membership. This means you only need to pay for what you actually do on the site, and you can choose to use the site when you want to. This site does not have much to lose, so you might as well try it out if you have the time.


What Is A Sugar Baby?

Sugar babies are typically women who are younger and want an older man to take care of them financially. There are male sugar babies that are homosexual and looking for an older man, and also straight sugar baby males looking for a sugar mama.

What Is A Sugar Daddy?

Sugar daddies are typically older men who have a substantial amount of wealth. They want to pay for a younger person to be their sugar baby so that they can essentially have companionship and maybe a bit of control over them as well.

Is There A SecretBenefits Scam?

Secret Benefits is not known for scams, but it is good to be vigilant and never to give out credit card information.

Can I Use My Credit Card To Pay For Secret Benefits?

Yes, you can pay with Visa and Mastercard. You can also alternatively pay with Bitcoin.

Can I Hide My Profile?

Yes, if you want to make your profile hidden for a while you can do so. You can still continue your current conversations, but you will not appear in the search results.

Does Secret Benefits Offer Discreet Billing?

Yes, it will come up as CCBill Base Ltd. on your credit card instead of Secret Benefits.

Are There Regulations For The Photos On Secret Benefits?

Yes, you cannot upload photos with nudity or overly sexual content. You also cannot put your private information on your photos such as contact information or credit card information.

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