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Seeking Arrangement Highlights

Our Brief Introduction

Seeking Arrangement Intro

Seeking Arrangement is an online sugar dating site founded in 2006. Starting as, the site has now moved to use

This site creates a different idea of a “perfect relationship”. The site creates a situation where you can find a relationship based on an agreement, that suits both parties. If you are rich and want to take care of a younger person, or if you are attractive and want a rich lover to take care of you, Seeking Arrangement offers this to you.

In our Seeking Arrangement review, we will lay it all out regarding this famous site, and let you know if it is worth investing in.

How Does Seeking Arrangement Work?

This site specifies that it is not an escort service. Instead, it is simply a site bringing together like minded people who can benefit from one another. The purpose of this site is that these sugar parents can provide attractive youngsters with financial help and mentoring. Sugar babies provide companionship and long-term relationships in return.

The site offers a safe environment to arrange this time of meet up and relationship. Most people believe that this site is made for a sexual relationship, but some people simply enjoy the power of taking care of someone.

Member Structure

This site is huge, in all they have around 10 million active members all over the world. The United States has the largest member population with 80% of the total members being sugar babies and 20% being sugar daddies/mommas.

Seeking Arrangement

  • Members are mainly from USA
  • Around 10 million active members
  • Sugar Babies (80%) vs Sugar Daddies/Mommas (20%)

There are two main roles that members play on the site:

  • Sugar Daddy (or Mommy), also known as a Successful Member
  • Sugar Baby, also known as an Attractive Member

As a Successful Member, you should be able to offer exceptional experiences and abundant resources. If you are someone who is looking to find someone else to share their life with and lifestyle. As an “Attractive Member”, you should always want a relationship. You may want new experiences, but it is always on your own terms.

Seeking Arrangement Login and Signup

There are a few simple steps to signing up for Seeking Arrangement. It should take no more than 5 to 10 minutes. You will begin by inputting what your intentions are on the site. This includes how much you want your agreement to negotiate around. Then you can sign up either through email or Facebook.

If you plan to upload a photo it must be approved to reserve the integrity of the site. You can pay to have your background checked by a third party as well.

Making Contact

Search Features

Seeking Arrangement has a huge amount of search features for making contact. The number of options you can use shows how easy it is for users to find people who match their interests and intentions. You can search by location or distance, but also by age and how someone looks.

Some of the search features with a premium account are incredibly helpful to find exactly what you are looking for. This includes net worth and income, what type of relationship someone wants, their ethnicity, and even their body type.

Messaging Features

Direct messaging is possible for anyone on the site. As long as you have a verified photo, you will be allowed access to all messaging features. If you do not want to upload a photo but want to take advantage of all messaging features, your best bet is to upgrade your membership to premium.

Profile Quality

When registering you will give a good amount of information, but there are also different profile fields that you can fill out. These are optional, but most Seeking Arrangement stories state that a detailed profile will help you to obtain more views and interest on the site.

It’s free to upload photos, but they always need to be approved. You can also create a private album and give access to specific individuals. You may not post anything that is explicit.

Seeking Arrangement App

There is not a Seeking Arrangement app for iPhone at the moment, but it does exist on Android. In both the desktop and app version features are the same. Despite this, there is always the opportunity to use Seeking Arrangement on a mobile browser.

You should be aware that the Android Seeking app does use GPS to locate you, but your city will only be shown to protect your privacy. Apple originally has the Seeking Arrangement app in the App Store, but it was removed because Apple believes it promotes prostitution. Seeking Arrangement adamantly opposes this, and it is specifically against the site’s rules and regulations.

Design and Usability

The website’s design is simple. It caters to older members as well as younger, so the layout is easily used by any age. Whether you type in or, both sites redirect to the new one. Every feature is easily accessible which is a great part of the site. Regardless of your age you will be able to use this site. 

Special Features

Seeking Arrangement Match

These features make the site fun to use, but also safer for its users.

Let's Talk Sugar Blog

This blog is made by the site and gives you tips on how to succeed in sugar dating. You may also find advertised on here, so that you can meet some of your sugar partners from the site in person, in a safe environment.

Diamond Membership 

This is an exclusive option for sugar daddies and mommies. Although there is a  premium subscription option, Seeking Arrangement also offers a separate VIP membership program. This membership does have requirements, which means you must have been a premium member for a certain amount of time and you must have passed a background check.

Video Chat

This is a new premium feature. It allows members to have a video chat to confirm their identities before the meeting.

What It Offers

  • Create your account and profile
  • Match searching
  • Filter based on your preferences
  • Messaging for all
  • Additional privacy options
  • See if users have read your messages
  • Filter your messages
  • No Ads
  • More search filters than free version

Cost and Payment

Premium membership

  • 1 month: $89.95
  • 3 months: $239.85

Diamond membership:

1 month: $249.95

1 month: $19.95

3 months: $44.85

You may pay via credit card, PayPal, or mobile phone. In order to protect your privacy, SeekingArrangement transactions show up as W8TECH or 2BUYSAFE on credit card statements.

Privacy and Security

Obviously, Seeking Arrangement has a good business going on, but is Seeking Arrangement legit, and is Seeking Arrangement safe? Yes, the site is legal, and very safe, even offering background check badges.

As a member, background verification is included. This is great because not only does this verify your income, but also your identity. This can help you to prove that you do in fact have money, and you are safe to meet up with.

Blocking is possible on this site. If you do choose to block other members then they will not be able to see your profile, nor send you messages, or any form of contact on the site. Additionally, Seeking Arrangement checks all photos of all members on the site to confirm that they are using their own photos.

Competitors of Seeking Arrangement

Although Ashley Madison is specifically made for cheating spouses, there is some of a similar dating pool on Seeking Arrangement.

More closely related, What’s Your Price offers the Successful member to bid directly on the cost of the date with the sugar baby. Seeking Arrangement is known to have a bit of a better dating pool than What’s Your Price.

Real Life Review

NamiSeeking Arrangement​ User
Read More
I didn't think these things existed, so when I stumbled upon Seeking Arrangement, I was very surprised. I learned the term "sugar baby" through a friend and it sounded a bit like prostitution to me at first, but then I suddenly enjoyed the thought of being spoiled by older men and giving them my company in return at my own rules. I soon met Harry (51) through SA, and I was hesitant at first because you grow up hearing stories about "dirty old men" and how they want to take advantage of you. Here I am six months later and quite happy with the situation. Harry is a very attractive man for his age and has the right manners, so I never felt uncomfortable in his presence. He helped me finish my studies, which was very expensive. He's very generous but allowing me to grow more open with the arrangement at my own pace, which is still, of course, one of the romantic kind. I've heard of women with several sugar daddies, but one is enough for me, personally. I don't have a boyfriend of my age, which I sometimes miss but right now I don't wanna miss the perks of being with Harry either."
DelilahSeeking Arrangement User
Read More
“Responsive and many options. Came across them on Facebook and decided to spend a few bucks to find some men. Although not all the men were true to their description and some being scammers, it was pretty easy to find the genuinely interested ones from the fakes. It is a dating site for the wealthier crowd as we spend a lot of money but you can find a suitable candidate here.”
ShelliSeeking Arrangement User
Read More
“Users and losers. I'm a woman who had a profile up on seeking arrangement for several months. I received hundreds of emails from men and met less than 10. A few were really creepy, like one who told me on the phone he was looking for a woman to choke. Another man wanted to watch a woman have unprotected sex with a series of men. Most were liars, fakes and losers. They're generally looking for free text buddies and free sex talk, or a woman that will have sex with them for dinner or drinks. Do NOT recommend. Tremendous waste of time.”


Seeking Arrangement is the best sugar dating platform around. It offers a safe space with a lot of verification options for sugar babies to meet sugar daddies and mommies. The site can be used for free, and it is easy to use. Whether you are a sugar baby looking to pay off college, or you are a sugar parent who is looking for the partnership of a hot young companion, Seeking Arrangement is free to try, so why not create an account and decide for yourself?


Is Seeking Arrangement For Escorts Or Prostitutes?

No! There are specific rules against escorting. Although you can enter “arrangements”, you should both be benefiting from the relationship. This does not mean that sugar babies are paid, or provide a service for sex. It just means they know they will be showered with gifts.

Was The Site Originally What Happened To

This change occurred because they were becoming associated with illegal activities. This happened after Apple stated they do not support sugar dating sites, we are not sure if this is related.

How To Contact Seeking Arrangement?

Email them at [email protected]

Is Seeking Arrangement illegal?

No. It is a fully legal site with all services being completely legal.

Can You Use Seeking Arrangement For Free?

Yes. You do not need a membership to fully use the site, but you will see ads if you are not a paying member.

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