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  • Easy signup
  • Provides a community
  • Many features are free
  • Young user base (begins at 13 years old)
  • Prepare for ads in the free version

Our Brief Introduction

Skout is similar to other social networks such as Facebook. It also helps users to find relationships, friendships, and networking circles. Skout is a location-based app, that is located in more than 100 countries.

This site is filled with features regardless of if you are paying or if you are using the Skout free version. With 10 million users worldwide, Skout claims to have one million messages sent daily.

There are options to date other users, but it is important to note that in the Skout dating site there are children as young as 13 allowed on the app. Read our review to decide if is something you are interested in trying.

What is Skout?

The point of Skout is to connect people and create special connections. It is a social networking app used to connect to people nearby, or all over the world. You can use it to find friends or romance.

Member Structure

Members of Skout come from all over the world, with most of its users coming from the United States, Taiwan, and Australia. Typically members are looking to build a community, find friends, and sometimes look for relationships. Although most users are between 25-34 years old, the youngest members allowed are 13 years olds.

There are more males than females on the site, and over 3.4 million monthly visitors claimed. Most members do reply to messages, and there are low rates of reported fake profiles. 

Skout Sign Up

Registration on Skout is simple, and only very basic information is needed to get started. It can take less than a minute. You can either sign in by Facebook, Gmail or create a new account. Even if you do not fill out your profile completely, you are still allowed to begin finding new members and begin Skout chatting with them. Your email will not even be verified with a confirmation code, which means it is very easy to make a profile. Although not common, be sure to be careful of a Skout scam.

Making Contact

Messaging is fully unlimited for all members and is even possible to use in the free Skout profile search. When you receive a message, it comes in as a message request. Then, you can either accept or reject it. 

After you accept a request, you can begin chatting immediately. If you reject it, the message will be deleted and the user will be blocked as well. If you did this on accident, you can go to your blocked section and unblock that person to begin messaging.

You can also favorite profiles, comment on photos, and like photos for free. This opens up another method for being able to communicate with other members.

The dating game on Skout is called “Blind Date.” It allows you to go through different people on skout live video chat, without seeing them. As your chat progresses, you eventually will be able to see the person more and more, as the blur will go away. At the end of the game time, you will eventually be able to see the other person. At this time, you can both decide if you want to continue the conversation.

Profile Quality

Skout Profile

You will be able to start using the app without putting information in, so there are often many profiles with minimal information or no profile photo. One security method you do find on Skout is that all profiles must be approved before they are uploaded. 

On your profile, you can choose a nickname or screen name that is different from your real name. You Can also like or comment on other member’s photos.

Skout App

There is a Skout app download for both iOS and Android users can download the Skout app, but it is not very user friendly. Sometimes profiles that should be filtered out happen to pop up on the app, and can even be from their sister app “Meet Me”. This might be on purpose because you are then encouraged to download the Meet Me app in order to speak with that user.

Some of the common complaints in any given Skout app review are that there are many ads in the app, but there are all of the typical features that are found on the desktop site and skout for PC site.

Skout App

Design and Usability

Unfortunately, the Skout site is a bit outdated. This might be acceptable for older users, but if you are interested in using a technologically advanced interface, it may not be for you. Despite this, the site loads very quickly and is organized nicely.


  • Create an account
  • See who viewed your profile
  • Search profiles
  • Like and comment on public photos
  • Have a favorites list
  • Message other members
  • No ads
  • Boost your popularity
  • Messages go directly to inbox
  • Your chats are moved to the top of your match’s inbox
  • See who favorited you
  • Insights on possible matches

Special Features


This is a feature that allows you to hide your photos and let members unlock them by paying a specific price that you set. The price is done by points that are used as currency on the site. Every time a user unlocks your photos, you get a portion of the points earned. Members who unlocked your photo can rate it from 1 to 5 stars.


This allows you to let people know more about you. You can choose to share more photos, or even post questions. The point of this is to start a conversation with new friends.

Skout Travel

This Skout meet tool allows you to purchase a 24-hour ticket to go to different cities on the app, and speak with different people all over the world. This means that all the features you can then use will be local to the city you traveled to. This gives you the opportunity to experience the culture and meet new people.

Shake to Chat

When you are chatting on Skout, you can shake your phone to be matched with a random person. Although this might be strange because you have no idea who you will be speaking to, it is part of the fun on the app.


Skout presents you with different profiles in this feature. You can choose to like or dislike the suggestions, and tap the checkmark, or the X. This is similar to many other dating sites such as Zoosk or TenderMeets.

Cost and Payment

1 month of Skout Premium is $9.99.
Skout points can be purchased in packages of 500, 1000, 1200, 2500, 8000, or 10,000 for $.01/credit.

Privacy and Security

One great security feature of Skout is that photos will not be approved if they do not meet the guidelines. Often your photo might be rejected if it is not conservative enough, shows nudity or other rules are broken. The only problem with the security on Skout is that profiles do not need to be verified in any manner.

Alternatives for Skout

Skout is not considered a full dating site. Instead, it is mainly a social media network with dating site features. Despite this, it does have similar features to eHarmony, and Flingster. There are actually a lot of features that are very similar to AdultFriendFinder, but the main difference is that AdultFriendFinder is made for adults over the age of 18 who are looking for sexual friends and relationships rather than only friendships.

Real Life Review

SamSkout User
Read More
“This app is dangerous, I’ve had my credit card number stolen... And both times I downloaded this app I had a gang after me, to get me to prositute. I had these people find where I lived, by the gps. These people have out of state license plates, tinted windows and followed me into stores, they tried to lure me Into a hotel... The app is full of fake profiles, pimps.. I also believe this app is hacked and they can see you through the camera and mic settings... If you are a woman, I would not download this application... it has scared me enough that I wouldn’t want any woman to go through what I went through... The developers do nothing and let the scammers, pimps, prositutes ruin the app... This app should take this seriously, honestly it should be shut down for good. If the app was used as it was originally developed for it would be great.. BUT it’s not and it’s dangerous!!! Use at your own risk!!! 80% is fake profiles.”
LykaSkout User
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"The features of Skout are nice, but some members are not. I met rude people here. But at least there are also nice ones. You just really have to be careful who to entertain, because there seems to be a lot of scammers too. I've been a member for 6 months now, still haven't find the one who matches my personality. I'll wait 'till the end of the year. For now, I'm enjoying casual conversations."
JoanSkout User
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"My friend suggested this site to me. I was hesitant at first because I'm not a believer of dating sites. But since I'm bored and I can't go out a lot, I signed up. Now I've been communicating with this cute guy from Arizona. I hope this is long-term. "
BrandonSkout User
Read More
“It's a very awsome app, giving the user the ability to meet alot of new and exciting people. The only problem that I have discovered so far is often the app refuses to allow the connection between myself and another party hopefully this error corrects itself when or if I switch to a better service provider, other than that it's awesome. Good job team SKOUT keep up the good work.”


There are many active members on Skout, but it is not an app for those who are looking to date or find hookups. It is not to say that this is impossible as there is a dating feature on the site, but it is not the primary purpose of all of its features. Skout is mainly filled with people looking for friends, as well as children as young as 13. Make sure you are clear with your intentions with new matches, and never assume someone is there for dating. 


Where Is Skout Located?

Skout is based in San Francisco, United States.

What Are Skout Points?

Points are the currency used in the Skout app. You can use these points to give gifts to other users, boost your profile, or see private photos.

How To Change Location On Skout?

To change your location you will need to use the “Skout Location” part of the app. This is a paid feature for 24 hours at a time. Otherwise, it is based on your location.

Can Skout Be Used On A Computer?

Yes, you can use Skout on either Mac or PC or any computer that can connect to the internet.

How Can I Delete Skout Account?

If you want to delete your account you can swipe right on the primary page of the app. Here you will find a toolbar. Scroll down, find settings, and then press “Deactivate Account”. 

Can I Reactivate My Skout Account If I Delete It?

Yes, you can reactivate your Skout account simply by logging in with your name and password.

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