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SPDate Highlights

Our Brief Introduction

SPDate Introduction

SPDate is a casual dating site that allows you to find sexually adventurous singles. Although it is less about actually dating than Zoosk, it is a bit more about dating than a site like BeNaughty.  Spdate offers features to meet in person, as well as features to play around with on the site.

The only trouble with Spdate is that there has been proof found of fake profiles on the site. Read our SPDate review to learn more about this and decide for yourself if it is worth it to give it a try.

What Is SPDate?

This site is basically a place to have erotic chats or look at sexy photos. Although the site boasts real members, it is more apparent that there are many bots on the site that will engage with you. They may send you sexy pictures, but you will know they are fake because of the icon on their profile photo.

SPDate Login and Signup

SPDate Login

Member Structure

Most members are under 25, and straight men dominate the site. After using Spdate for a while, you will notice most people are looking for an erotic encounter. 

On SPDate.com you get a personal profile to fill out, but you will need to stay on the lookout for fake profiles as well. You can spot these fake profiles because even as a brand new member you will most likely receive a lot of new messages after signing on to the site

What is interesting is that you will know when someone is an artificial user through an icon on their profile pictures. It should have a sign that says “UP” next to their name, which stands for “Unreal Personality.” If the UP icon on a profile is green, then they will most likely reply to you. 

It is good to note you may not look for members of the same gender on the site. This means you technically cannot be LGBT on the site. 


Although most of the site is free and easy to use, Spdate does offer a membership option. This option states it will give you unlimited access to the site and includes:

  • Receiving more messages, likes, and visits
  • Access to the most active users list
  • Unlimited access to photos
  • Brings your messages to the TOP list inside of user inboxes

Profile Quality

Making Contact

Use the chat feature to talk to other members, and you may upload photos as well if you choose to. This is a free feature. Always make sure that members you are speaking to do not have the UP icon on their profile pictures. 

Sex Request is a button that will take you to an external link. Although this is supposed to be a link that takes you to find a date, it is actually more of a spam link. It will take you to a porn site that will continue to throw you from link to link.

Spdate has fewer features than sites such as Hinge or Match.com, but if you looking to chat and receive sexy photos, the artificial profiles will do that for you. If you are looking for a sexual encounter with a real person, you may not find it on Spdate.

SPDate App

There is no app for Apple yet, but there is one in the Google Play store. Despite this, you can find a mobile version on your phone browser. The features are all very similar.

Design and Usability

Because Spdate is covered in advertisements, the design is all over the place. These ads are also cursor sensitive which means it is hard to close the ads. You may be sent to an ad you did not want to click on, so you will be redirected often. Additionally, sometimes these ads will get in the way of your message. This forces you to visit the link before you participate on the site. Otherwise, it is a simple and user-friendly design, but these ads really ruin the experience.

Special Features

All of the features on the site exist to give you a more erotic experience.

Sex Request

This “feature” is supposed to get you a date but actually turns out to be a complete scam, with a series of links to porn material.


Here you can like photos of members you find attractive, and skip the photos you do not like.


Popular members are listed here. You can send messages to anyone on this list and visit their profiles.

Cost and Payment

  • Create an account
  • Browse photo albums
  • View profiles
  • Send messages
  • SPDate Chat
  • Have conversations with bots
  • Receive sexy photos
  • Access to the most active users list
  • Unlimited access to photos

1-month Premium VIP membership: $39.99

To use the site as a verified age, you must do so by paying $0.99. This will be refunded in 7 days.

Privacy and Security

If you decide to delete your account, you will never be able to recover your profile because all of your stored data will be lost. If you decide to delete it, you can go to the delete profile tab in your settings and remove it. 

It is good to note that SPDate is transparent and creates artificial users on the site. This makes the site less of a SPDate scam. The site states that these artificial users boost activity, and allow you to feel safe when you receive sexy photos.

Note that the billing system used by Spdate.com provides extensive credit card fraud protection measures. This can allow you to feel safe when giving your card information.

Are There Any Sites/Apps like SPDate?

There are not many sites or apps that are similar to SPDate. This site is truly a bot site, that allows you to speak with fake people for pleasure. If anything you might be able to compare it to a cam girl site, but in that case, you are speaking to real women.

Real Life Review


Although when considering is Spdate real, you cannot say yes. Despite this, it is free. This means that there are users on the site that are coming for fun, but most of the time you will be speaking with a SPDate fake profile. If you are looking for entertainment or something to have a good time with, then it definitely offers that. 

SPDate can legally have fake members, but in any case, they do notify you of who they are. Having said that, there are some real members on the site, you just need to look for them. Although the advertisements can be annoying, the site is free and you have nothing to lose if you have an hour or two to spare.


How To Unsubscribe From SPDate?

To unsubscribe from the site, simply go to your settings, select “delete profile”, and follow the prompts.

What Happens If I Have Not Been Active On SPDate?

After three months of inactivity, your account will be terminated. 

Can I Get A Refund From SPDate?

No, Spdate.com does not provide refunds. You can however contact customer service, and they may offer free features in return for a bad experience. It does not hurt to ask.

How Can I Verify My Identity?

Although it is not required, you may verify your identity on the site. You will need to show a photo of your legal identity in this case.

What is The Refund Procedure on SPDate?

If you think you deserve a refund, contact [email protected] You should send all information pertaining to why you believe you deserve a refund even though it is not an offered service typically. 

Can I Sort Through SPDate Members in Terms of Gender?

This is not a feature on the site. Technically, you can only search through the opposite gender, which makes this a non-LGBT friendly site.

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