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SwingLifeStyle Highlights

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Our Brief Review on SwingLifeStyle has been around since 2001. Much as its name would hint, it is a website to help swingers connect with other open-minded individuals. In other words, it is a site for SLS lifestyles. Whether you are looking for partner swapping, threesomes, orgies, or swinger parties, everything can be found on the SLS website.

Despite SLS swingers being made for those interested in the swing lifestyle, it can also aid in networking. There are many functions that allow members to join groups and forums, or go to events.

SLS is a site for swingers rather than those simply looking for sex. SLS is an older website with a large following, but it does require you to pay in order to use many of its functions. Read our review and decide if it is worth it to join.

How SLS Works

If you are part of a couple or a single looking to have sexual relations with a couple, then SLS lifestyles will be a great option for you. The site works by asking you a few questions first about what you are looking for, and then lets you go into the world of swinging without even an email verification.

SLS Signing Up

SLS Sign Up

Although registering on Facebook is not an available option, registration on SLS Lifestyle is easy and only takes a few minutes. To sign up you must be at least 18 years old. You can sign up as either a couple or a single, and you do not need to post a photo if you do not want to.

To sign up simply create a username, provide your email, and some basic information regarding what you’re looking for. Registration can also be done on the mirror website When you click the “Join Free” button, you will be redirected to SwingLifestyle.

After completing the sign up you can immediately search for interesting couples as well as activities and events. 

Member Structure on SLS

  • 16 million registered members worldwide
  • Over 5 million monthly visits globally
  • Around double the amount of men than women
  • Couples are extremely active
  • Most of the users are over 25
  • Top visitors from United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia. 
  • Used all over the world in Asian, Latin, and European territories.
  • Typically at least 5,000 users on at one time
  • 300 chat rooms available
  • Boasts 7,000 newcomers each week

Profile Quality

Profiles on SLS lifestyle are very detailed, but all those details can be changed whenever you desire. Rather than checklists of what you like and do not like, users are supposed to describe themselves in full sentences.

As a paying member, you can decide if you want your profile to be seen by free members. This is helpful because it can confirm you will only be contacted by those seriously interested in meeting. Regardless of it, your page is hidden to free members, paying members can always see free member’s profiles as well as initiate conversation

Search Other Members

SLS - Search Member

As a free user browsing the site, you do not have as many ways to search and speak with other members.  As a free member, you will receive new messages as pop-ups, and you can only receive or read messages. 

Only premium members can use the IM feature, and free users cannot even click to view any of their past messages. This is very limiting, and so it is recommended to purchase the full version of the site.



The SLS App is available for both iPhone and Android. It is known to have a pretty bad user experience. Despite this, it is great to have if you either do not have a desktop computer, or you are often on the go. The site is definitely outdated, but it is useful when you need it.

Real Life Review

Married CoupleSLS user
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"My wife and I have been on the lifestyle for 6 years, and during those 6 years, we've been using this website on and off. We love this website because there are so many swingers signed up, and we can find EXACTLY who we want (with a bit of effort, of course). Our last FWB, who lasted a year, we met through here. Now we're looking for our next partners on the site, and this time we want to try being with a couple."
TaraSLS user
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"Never connects & always a server error. Also does not save my log in information but if I restart my phone logs right in then crashes."
Mavnekteufelhunden3043SLS user
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“I like the style of this site. It allows me to display any pictures that I choose for my profile. It also allows me to be clear about who I am and what are my interests. I recommend it for anyone that wants to meet new people. Like any other website, it has its “bad apples” and “spoilers” like people that are hacking and even phishing for scams. I would not let that prevent me from exploring this site. I always get to know the person in order to have a meaningful and productive dialogue. Like any other task it is a “trial and error” learning experience.”

Design and Usability

The site is easy to navigate regardless of the page you are on because the main panel is always on the left. All notifications are done via a popup so you will never miss them.

The site is very user-friendly which makes it very appropriate for older swingers as well as younger swingers. Despite the site being outdated looking, the functions are still there.

Membership Options and Prices

  • Search and view profiles
  • Video chat
  • Group chat
  • Block members
  • Forums (to read SwingLifeStyle stories)
  • View or upload nude photos
  • Upload private photos
  • Rate clubs
  • Approve new members
  • Chat rooms

SwingLifestyle offers premium subscriptions for either 1, 3, 6, or 12 months. There is also a lifetime membership that costs 149.95. With the lifetime membership, you can access all the features on the site, as well as a few extras.

Special Features

SLS Swinglifestyle offers more than just the opportunity to speak with other members who practice swing lifestyles, but it also offers you long term friendship opportunities. There are many features that offer you the possibility to snag SLS sex, but also the opportunity to be apart of SLS online dating.

Hot Date

This is a public calendar on the website where you state when you are free and want to meet someone else. You can also announce events, and schedule meetings with multiple other members.


Topless Travel is a travel agency created for members of SwingLifestyle. Most of these events are week-long cruises, but other events can include house parties, parades, safaris, and other fun outings. 

Swinger Clubs

This feature shows you a map of the United States where you can find swinger friendly clubs. Members on the site are encouraged to upload their clubs, but it must be a members-only swinger club. This means it cannot be a public bar, a sex shop, or a theatre…only swingers clubs!


Nude profile photos are blurred for free members. This helps to keep scammers or creeps off of the site. Although users are not checked for email verification, profile photos are always verified by SwingLifestyle admins. 

Fake profiles are actually quite easy to spot since most of the members are serious and tend to pay for their profiles. Any suspicious accounts can be easily reported in the “Profile View” section.

Whether you are a couple looking to meet other couples, a single looking to be with a couple, or simply want to join an orgy, this is the site for you. With years of positive feedback and matches made, SLS lifestyles dating in this swingers community is never boring

The only downsides to this site are that you will most likely need to pay for it since messaging is only for paid members. Also, be aware that fake accounts are possible, but in the end, you will simply need to exercise your judgment.

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If you are into SLS lifestyles then you might be interested in SDC Swinger which is another swinger website. Additionally, Adult Friend Finder gives you the opportunity to meet singles interested in meeting couples, or couples interested in swinging. Adult Friend Finder is also an all-around better site with more functionality, but it does not have a swinger community like SwingLifestyle.


Is SwingLifestyle A Real Site?

Yes, SwingLifestyle is a legitimate swinger site. It is actually the world’s oldest site to cater to swinger.

How Long Has SLS Lifestyle Been Around?

Since 2001

Is There A SwingLifestyle Mobile App?

Yes there is a mobile app. It is a bit slow, but great if you are on the go.

Is SwingLifestyle Free?

You may register and create a profile for free, but you cannot message without having paid for a membership.

Can I Post Nude Pictures?

Everyone may post nude pictures, but free members may not view them.

How Does The Site Categorize Pictures?

Any photos rated “G”  are not nude and can be viewed by all members. Photos rated “PG” are considered mild sexual content but no nudity, also available to be viewed by all members. “R” rated means it is sexual content or full nudity and is only available to be viewed by premium members.

Can I Change My Username?

You need to choose your username wisely because you cannot change your username after joining SLS.

Can I Change My Password?

You can change your password at any time.

How Can I Add A Date To Hot Date?

Just click on the plus icon on the top right of the calendar. This will redirect you to a page where you can add information regarding your event.

Can I Post An Erotic Story?

Yes, anyone can post an erotic story. Go to the left side where you can find “Sex stories”. Then select “Authors”. Finally, click on “Add stories” to add your sex story.

How Do I Delete My Account?

If you want to delete your account, find Tools, then select “Delete your profile”. SLS will prompt you to stop your current premium membership before you fully delete your account.

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