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Our Brief Introduction

Tinder introduction

Read our Tinder review to find out why there have been over 30 million matches since it’s founding. It makes sense though, as Tinder is an incredibly popular dating app. Although it is more of a hookup site, it is the founder of the swipe right for yes and left for no.

Any person who is over the age of 18 can sign up, and people across all different age groups use it. It is a great option to meet friends, make romantic connections, or find a quick hookup! There are actually a huge amount of people who are now having “Tinder weddings” for those that are falling in love.

Whatever you are looking for, you can most likely find it on Tinder online.

General Rules

So what is Tinder and how does Tinder work?

It is pretty simple how to use it, simply sign up and get started swiping. You can swipe left if you do not like someone’s profile, and right if you do like them. It is good to note that no nudity is allowed on the site.

Member Structure

Tinder is definitely one of the most popular dating apps that exist, and it has millions of members all over the world, with the most coming from the US. It is hard to find someone who has not used tinder. The app is very social, and many people find themselves swiping endlessly for hours.

Most users are within 18 to 35, but there are definitely older members as well. As we mentioned, many people are on here looking for a hookup, but it can be known to find people looking for love as well.

Tinder Login and Signup

Tinder Login

The sign up is very quick and should not take more than a few minutes. Either use your Facebook account or instead put in an email as well as your phone number.

After you receive a verification message you will need to put in your name, date of birth, as well as gender, and the gender you are interested in dating. There are a variety of genders to choose from which is wonderful for those who identify as something other than male or female. Next, add a profile picture and you are ready to go.

Making Contact

Tinder Making Contact

What is great about Tinder is that you can send messages for free! Although they do limit the number of people you can swipe on daily, the only form of contact is really through messaging. So being able to send messages for free is really great. 

Despite limiting how many free swipes you have, you will be able to send unlimited messages to other members. You may only do this after you have both matched, so if you are swiped left on by someone else, you will never be able to message them. This is very different than say, Hinge.

Tinder Profile

Tinder Profile

Most profiles are basic, but they offer enough information to get to know someone before swiping yes or no. The layout of the profile is also well designed so that it is easy to read. You can add music and photos to your profile, and even connect your Instagram. This allows you to show that you are a real person rather than one of the many fake profiles on the site.

The best part of the profile is that if you are a part of the LGBTQ+, you are able to define your sexual orientation in many different ways. There are actually nine different options, and you can choose three at a time.

In order to have a popular profile, we recommend you have a good bio that isn’t too long but also isn’t too short. Make sure you give a good idea of what you are looking for because some people are looking for a hookup and others for a relationship. Also try to show your personality, as that will go a long way.

Special Features

Tinder offers many features, but these special features are only available in the paid option, otherwise, with the free version, you may only swipe and message one another.


Boost allows you to have your profile seen by more people for 30 minutes. You have more chances of getting matches with this. One of these is given for free each month to free users.

Super Boost

This is more of a boost than the regular boost, hence why it is called a super boost. This puts your profile first to be seen up to 100x more often than other users. This is great for those that live in big cities where it is difficult to be seen.

Passport/Swipe Around the World

This is a great feature that allows you to go and change your location to anywhere you want in the world. This allows you to meet people before you go on vacation, or to simply broaden your Tinder dating pool.

Top Picks

Top picks show you people that are being picked especially for you! This might save you a bit of time so that you do not need to work hard to find someone out of all the millions of users.


Every day, you will get one free Super Like. This is essentially a way to get noticed more. It shows the person you are liking that you REALLY want to speak with them. It may get you a chance that you otherwise would not get to Tinder match with someone.

Photo Verification

In order to avoid getting catfished, photo verification allows you to prove you are who you say you are. You will receive a blue checkmark to authenticate yourself.


This is basically a redo for if you accidentally swipe no on someone that you like. Otherwise, they may be gone forever!

Tinder App

Tinder App

Although you can use Tinder for PC on Tinder.com most people use the Tinder app. This is because it is available to download on virtually any phone, and from any play store/AppStore. 

The app is well designed, easy to use, and has a few different options. The only thing to remember is that if your phone is running Windows, you will need to download “6tin,” which is a third-party app, to allow you to run Tinder.

Design and Usability

The design of Tinder is simple and easy to use. Its usability is also simple, but you will need to do a few things in order to avoid fake profiles. 

  • Avoid profiles with one image or no bio.
  • Always be sure to ask for Instagram or Facebook profiles to have someone prove who they are.
  • If the messages seem fake, they probably are.

In order to make yourself seem approachable and real:

  • Upload at least three photos.
  • Add photos that are different instead of all portraits. Do fun things and show your interests.
  • Avoid filters as these can be repetitive and seem like you are a catfish.
  • Do not post photos in weird lighting or with sunglasses.

Tinder Membership

  • Use the App
  • Make a profile
  • Swipe yes or no
  • Upload photos
  • Speak to members
  • One free super like each day
  • Use all features
  • See members that already like you
  • Swipe as much as you like
  • Use passport
  • Use rewind
  • Take advantage of Tinder Top Picks

Price and Payment

1 month= $14.99

6 months=$8.83/month=$52.99

12 months=$6.92/month=$82.99

1 month= $29.99

6 months=$18.83/month=$112.99

12 months=$12.50/month=$149.99

1 month= $9.99

6 months=$5.83/month=$34.99

12 months=$4.58/month=$54.99

1 month= $19.99

6 months=$10/month=$60

12 months=$6.67/month=$80


You are able to delete your Tinder account any time, but because you do pay for a specific duration, you will never be given your money back. Whether that is one month or 12 months, you will have already paid for that time period. You can then use it until your time period is over, but be sure to take off auto-renew.

Despite this, if you are wondering how to cancel tinder gold, just know that you can delete your Tinder account anytime. Go to your profile, and then your settings, and then press delete.

Tinder Reviews From Members

FadeGlyphTinder User
Read More
“Tinder is no doubt the no. 1 dating app on the App Store. But the thing is that it freezes way too much and it has increased. It freezes on every screen for unknown reason. Say I’m chatting and it’ll freeze while I type. And suddenly it’ll rapidly take all the input at once. When sent, the message sometimes takes ages to display and again its frozen. The likes listing page freezes while it loads the list. Do you do all your background tasks on main thread? Or you force sleep the thread? Sometimes the buttons at the top to navigate from page to page doesn’t work. I have to kill and relaunch the app. And seriously, none of the buttons work properly. Tinder, please fix these lags. These are annoying and very bad UX.”
ChristopherTinder User
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“Very poor refund policy, I was charged £115 for a year's service and then when cancelled shortly after I was told that because I did not process the refund within the 14 day time limit I could not get my money back. Shocking.”
AnonymousTinder User
Read More
“3/5 stars. Would have rated 5 but takes lot of battery No value addition for long time paid customers... no additional benefits for loyalty App is taking too much time for messaging and displaying options for swiping post new update Most of accepted swipes are asking for payments promoting wrong means. There should be a way to rate these customers low and reduce fakes.”
ElviraTinder User
Read More
“Tinder was merely entertainment... didn't take it serious... was just to chat nothing more... then I met the man of my dreams... we have been together for a year and I've never been happier... he's from another state and was working in my city and we just happen to match. Would have never met him without tinder... what a blessing... point is... never know what's out there unless you are open to the possibilities. I'm so grateful.”

Tinder's Competitors

Although Tinder is one of a kind, Zoosk and Plenty of Fish could definitely be considered competitors. They do have a lot more features and are a bit more complicated to use. If you are interested to learn more of the Tinder competitors check out our review of the Best hookup sites.


All in all, Tinder is completely different from other sites available. It has created the swipe feature that is used in many other apps today and allows you to match based on location. The site is a great way to have a fun time, and possibly meet a hookup or even relationship should you choose.

Although there are many fake profiles on the site, it is made up for the fact that people actually want to meet up, and that there are a lot of great security features. As a straight, or LGBT person this is a wonderful site that gives you a lot of options in terms of having fun or finding a match.

Tinder FAQ

Are There Any Downsides To Tinder?

Many people feel that Tinder is not romantic. It seems to be very superficial. Despite this, you can find romantic relationships on Tinder, but you will need to put in the work and state exactly what you are looking for to do so.

Will Tinder Sell My Data?

Yes, you will have to accept them to own your data and possibly sell it. Just be ready for this.

Is Tinder Available Worldwide?

Yes, you will be able to use Tinder in 190 countries which is great for traveling and meeting people.

Why Are Many Tinder Reviews Bad?

Because a lot of people are simply looking for fun or to hookup, some reviews are bad. Also because the signup process is very easy, there are fake profiles and sometimes Tinder scams.

Is There A Tinder Free Trial?

There is no Tinder free trial or a Tinder gold free, but there is a free version of Tinder that you are able to use. 

Is Tinder Free?

Yes, Tinder has a free version where you can fully use the site and message as much as you would like.

Is Tinder Worth It?

Yes, there are about 50 million registered users worldwide, and the site is definitely worth it.

Is There Any Form Of Tinder Search?

No, there is no form of search. Instead, you simply swipe and decide you who like and wait for them to match you back.

What Information Is Available When I Link My Facebook Account With Tinder?

The only thing that is accessible on Tinder through your Facebook is your age, public information, gender, and photos.

Is Sending Messages Free On Tinder?

Yes, it is, but you will have to match first! 

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