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Our Brief Introduction

WetHunt Introduction

WetHunt is an adult dating site created by Digital International Inc., which is the company behind another casual dating site, Spdate. Although they state that they offer a “Lifetime Free Membership”, this is not necessarily true. Eventually, you may need to pay fees to access special features and subscriptions. Note that there are also suspicious tactics to have you sign up for other websites, as well as verify your age using your credit card details.

Would you like to understand how Wet Hunt works? Read our WetHunt review to decide if you would like to sign up for this site.

How Does WetHunt Work?

WetHunt is an adult dating site that offers free messaging to all of its members. Although it is a legitimate dating site, they do require age verification which then turns into a monthly membership that you may not even remember signing up for!

Member Structure

  • You get a personal profile which you can fill out
  • Most members are into short-term hookups and casual sex
  • Members are active in sending and replying to messages
  • Most members are older male adults
  • There’s reportedly a lot of fake members
WetHunt Member Structure

Members of WetHunt.com are typically looking for short-term relationships. You should be prepared that you will not find someone who is looking for marriage on the site. Most of the site will consist of no-commitment and casual contacts looking for things such as sex and dirty chats.

Members do seem to be active, and as soon as you finish the registration process you should expect to receive messages. Most of these messages will most likely be from males, as most of the site is composed of male members.

Fake Members on WetHunt.com

There are reports which state that there are many fake members on the site. These are also thought to be bots that are programmed to contact members.  Despite this, WetHunt does identify its members from being fake or real. They do this with the following indications:

UP stands for “unreal personality”
ON stands for “real personality online”
OFF stands for “real personality offline”

If these are on a profile, you will see this on the profile, and if it is green, it will mean that this member will most likely respond to you if you send a message. If it is red, then it will mean the opposite.

WetHunt Login and Sign Up

WetHunt Signin

Although fast and easy signup sounds great when you are short on time, it does not do much for security. On WetHunt, unfortunately, this is the case. You will not need to verify a password or verify an email. This means that anyone can create a profile for any photos. Anyone can use your email, and sign up without verification. This causes a problem that you cannot log in and out of your account.

Basically, you can simply delete your account right away once you are done using it for the day if you choose to, as you do not need to confirm it.

Making Contact

Making contact when participating in Wet Hunt dating is actually great because messaging is free for everyone. You can also add photos to your conversations, but need to be aware that fake users do exist. You will notice this in that you will receive many messages when you sign up. Otherwise, you can also make contact on this site by browsing the “Top List”.

You can add users to your contact list, or use the Discovery feature. This allows you to send likes to other user’s profile photos to get their attention.

Profile Quality

  • Most members upload profile photos
  • Profile information is limited but has a space for a narrative about yourself
  • Upload up to 20 photos on your profile
  • A lot of members do not accomplish the narrative part on their profiles
  • Tons of ads linking to adult sites

The profiles on WetHunt typically do have profile photos, but the information is limited. You can upload up to 20 photos onto your profile, but most people only upload three. 

In the terms of use, it does state that the moderators review explicit photos. Especially if you do not verify your age with your credit card, then some photos might be censored. Despite this, there are many explicit photos that are not covered.

You should also notice ads all over profiles, and the site in general.

Guidelines on Uploading Photos

  • Can be a motion shot
  • Must include your face
  • Should not be a group photo
  • Photos of an animal, celebrities, or other people's photos will not be accepted
  • You should not upload photos with your personal data (this is for security purposes)
  • Erotic photos should not be uploaded, but this is not necessarily monitored by the site

WetHunt App

There is currently no app available for iOS, only android. You can also use the mobile version on any mobile browser. The mobile version does have a more organized layout, and it is compatible with most web browsers.

The desktop version has a more complicated layout than the mobile version, which is why members prefer using it from their phones. There are more advertisements on the desktop version versus the mobile version, or app.

Design and Usability

When you are looking at the entire site without looking at the advertisements, then it is a minimalist design. Unfortunately, ads cover most of the WetHunt website. Some of these buttons such as “Meet and F*ck” seem as though they are part of the site when they are actually ads!

These ads, along with pop up ads, may make you think that you are receiving a call. If you click on this to “accept” the call, then it might redirect you to another site, or even a porn site.

Another odd feature that affects usability is that there is no login page, or the ability to log out.

Special Features


This feature shows you all the different members on the site. There are photos of members that you can scroll through. Either click on the heart icon if you like it or the “x” icon if you do not.

Top Users

The most popular members on the site are listed on the Top Users page. You can browse profiles and send messages to other members that you find by using this feature.

Cost and Payment

  • Account creation
  • Send and read messages from all members
  • Uploading up to 20 photos to your profile
  • Unlimited access to SPdate (sister website)
  • Connect with the most active members of the site
  • View full profiles and photos of other members

Age verification: $0.99

During this age verification, you will be required to give your credit card information. The issue is that if you forget to turn off this feature your credit card will be automatically renewed after three days. This is somewhat tricky, and many people feel that this is somewhat of a Wet Hunt scam.

Auto-renew membership: $39.99

Additionally, if you do not stop the auto-renew membership, you will be charged for a $29.99 monthly for pickup-guru.com.

Privacy and Security

The privacy and security features are not incredibly strong on WetHunt. Not only is there no Facebook account linking capabilities, but you can also simply signup with any email without verification. This means that it is advised to sign up with a different email address from the one you used to sign up for your Facebook, or main email address. You can view more dating tips here.

Competitors of WetHunt

WetHunt is generally a site that is deemed much worse than sites such as Plenty of Fish is a bit better for features and less fake sites. It is good to note that Spdate is a sister website, and is connected to Wethunt. InstaBang could be another site that would be considered to be a competitor. 

Real Life Review

"I rarely find dating apps with free messaging. I enjoyed sending messages to several members. Some replied, and I got so excited until I realized that most of their replies didn't match my question or topic. Auto-reply or bots, I don't really know. It was a bit disappointing. Good thing, it's free."



Although WetHunt might seem like an appealing site due to free messaging, it is extremely deceitful. It is a terrible experience, and you should expect to spend money if you do not read the small print. Be sure to take extreme care if you do decide to experience the unlimited messaging on this site. You will be able to view a lot of adult content, so maybe simply choose to use it for that, but be careful when you verify your age as they might hook you for the monthly premium.


Does WetHunt Have Fake Profiles?

Yes, WetHunt does have fake profiles, and the site acknowledges this in their terms and conditions. 

WetHunt Offers A Bonus Offer, What Is It?

The special offer is to have access to other sites that are part of the Digital International Group for $29.99.

I See Small Icons On The WetHunt Profiles, What Do These Mean?

UP: unreal personality

ON: real personality online

OFF: real personality offline

If there is a green background, it means that they are most likely to respond. If there is a red background they may not reply to your message.

How Can I Delete My WetHunt Account?

To delete your WetHunt account, go to your settings. Then choose the “Delete Profile” tab. Finally, click on “remove,” and your account will be gone. You will be automatically signed out as well.

How Do I Log In To WetHunt.com?

Since there is no login page for WetHunt, to enter the site you must register with a new account every time. If you do not remove your account (synonymous with signing out of your account) then you will stay logged into your device.

How Can I Block Another WetHunt Member?

Go to the “Block” icon on any member’s profile. You can also find it on the conversations list.

Can I Get A Refund For My WetHunt Membership?

Although the site mentioned on their terms of use that they generally do not offer refunds, you can sometimes receive a refund. The only time where you 100% can get a refund is if you receive no services, or you receive services you did not consent to. 

What Will Show On My Credit Card Statement?

As a WetHunt guest, your credit card statement will show paygate24.net instead of WetHunt.

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