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What's Your Price Highlights

About What's Your Price

How It Works

Created by the founders of Seeking Arrangements, What’s Your Price originated in 2010. What’s Your Price has the same basis as Seeking Arrangements, and separates users into two categories: Attractive and Generous. It asks the simple question, “name your price”.

Rather than send messages to users you are interested in, Generous members will place bids on Attractive members. The Attractive members can then decide which offer they will take. Then, the bidding member will be required to pay the agreed-upon amount, and also take the other member on a date. 

This might sound a bit like a site that is used to find an escort, but in reality, it is actually made for dating and has been known to lead to fun casual dating relationships. 

What's Your Price Mission

What’s your Price claims that the site is made for finding long-lasting connections through dating, but it is also known that many of the Attractive members use this site to generate income

Although this site does not necessarily get the best reviews, this might be because it is very niche, and you can compare this site to a Sugar Daddy dating site. What’s your Price is for secret arrangements if you prefer it to be, as you cannot really access the site until you fully sign up and create a profile.

Our Brief Review

What's Your Price - CC

If you are someone who feels you offer something to a partner but do not have the funds you would hope for, then you can apply to be apart of the “Attractive” users. If you feel that you deserve a partner, but that your funds will be a way to spoil someone you care for, then you can apply to be a “Generous” user.

This site was born out of the idea that women spend money to get ready for dates, only to be let down by the man on the other side. This is why originally this site was made in order to have men bid on women for dates, to give them an incentive to get ready and put the effort in. Now, in 2020, this site is a bit more modern, and any gender can be on the “Generous” end of the spectrum. 

WhatsYourPrice is actually a very good site if you are interested in Sugar Dating. This site is a new, and possibly fun, style of dating website. In the end, if you are either interested in being a Sugar Daddy/Mommy, or Sugar Baby, then this is an interesting site for you to try.

What's Your Price Member Structure

Majority of users are from USA, the UK and Canada

Female College Students
Average First Date Offer

It is said that out of 5 million bids on first dates, 35% of the site’s population are female college students. The average first date offer is $125, and women are known to have a better chance of receiving a bid. 

Members mainly come from the USA, the UK, and Canada. For the most part, Attractive members were typically women, while the Generous members were men. As stated before, this is not always the case, but it seems to be mainly distributed in this manner.

What's Your Price Signing Up and Login

What's Your Price Sign Up

Registering is simple and free. When you first go to sign up you will be asked two questions: your gender, and purpose on the site. This means you can choose between whether you plan to bid on dates or get paid for dates. 

Next, you will be able to do the What’s your Price login and access the site. You actually do not even need to confirm your email address in order to begin using the site, but in order to use all features, you will have to eventually. 

Profile details can be filled in either not at all, or fully. This means if you choose to complete your profile details, you will have to enter everything. This includes your location, ethnicity, body type, physical characteristics, education, income, and more. Anything can be edited at any point afterward.

Making Contact

So how does What’s your Price work for contacting other members?

In order to begin making contact with messaging, you will need to verify your email, add a photo, complete your profile details. One interesting part of the site is that you can only exchange messages with those you have accepted or unlocked a bid with.

Winks can be sent for free, but all bids require a minimum of $5. Bids can also be countered, and you may discuss with each other once a bid has been offered. 

The only negative aspect of this site is the fact that the roles are a bit defined, and women seem to be at a better advantage than men. This is due to there being a lot more straight men looking for straight women as their “Attractive” members

This doesn’t mean it’s impossible for a man to get a bid, just means there is a bit less chance. 

Profile Quality

The profile information on the What’s Your Price dating site is actually very detailed. Members are required to answer all of the questions regarding:

  • Body type
  • Ethnicity
  • Height
  • Relationship
  • Children
  • Education
  • Drinking and smoking habits
  • Religion
  • Occupation
  • Income, and
  • Interests

You also need to choose what you are looking for, such as dating, friendship, long-term, sugar dating, discreet affair, or casual. 

There are two boxes to “describe yourself” and “describe your ideal first date”. These both have a minimum 20-character limit, and it is recommended to write as much as possible in order to score more dates!

All profile photos are approved before they become active. This is to attempt to avoid fake profiles, but it does add a bit of credibility to the site and profile.

Design and Usability

There are very few features on this site, and What’s Your Price has a simple design to match that. The homepage specifically shows you members who are online near you.

The design of the site is very simple because the purpose of the site is simple: to help you to find a first date. If that date doesn’t work out, then there are more people available to choose from.


There is no “membership” with What’s your Price because it goes according to the bid you make. Instead, users can pay for credits. These credits will allow you to message or make bids.

  • Create a profile
  • Browsing and view profiles 
  • Send winks
  • Make bids
  • Messaging

Costs and Prices

Pricing Table

$ .50 / credit
  • 100 credits @ $.50/credit= $50

Pricing Table

$ .33 / credit
  • 450 credits @ $.33/credit= $150

Pricing Table

$ .25 / credit
  • 1000 credits @ $.25/credit= $250


Credit cards CC

You can pay for bids and credits by either credit card or through Paypal. 

Transactions are all very private, but will show on your credit card statement as either WHATSYOURPRICE, 2BUYSAFE.COM/W8TECH, AW*W8TECH.COM, PF*W8TECH.COM, or WYP*W8TECH.

Special Features

What’s Your Price is a very simple site. The only special feature would be the ability to bid on dates with another member. In general there are only two features, bidding on dates (or accepting dates) and chatting with other users.


Since the basis of What’s your Price is “Sugar Dating” the site has taken precautions for the safety of its members. Ghosting, cybercriminal activities, and catfishing are banned, and the site has an active team of moderators searching to ban anyone who breaks these rules

What’s Your Price is also protected by an advanced SSL 246bit encryption standard, which does not slow down the website, and makes sure to protect all of your data.

What's Your Price Real Life Review

Brianna23 years old - What's Your Price User
Read More
“The first time I went on a date with a guy from What's Your Price, I was terrified. I thought it was a scam. But then he took me to a cocktail bar that I couldn't afford to look at normally. I've been using it since then to pay off my textbooks and bills. Like regular dates, there are good ones and there are bad ones. Really, the only difference is the bidding involved. You just have to use your instincts in order to stay safe. My tip is to always, always go to a public place on a first date. I've had to be explicit upfront about my boundaries even from the messaging stage because some of the men here seem to think that sex is part of the deal. Well, it can be, but we have to talk about it before the date."
CA Rider
CA RiderLive in California - What's Your Price User
Read More
“Though you have lots of real profiles, most of the profiles on WhatsYourPrice are fake. These profile targets you to buy and use credits, upon ‘unlocking’ conversations. You never hear back from the ‘person’ you paid credits to talk to..”

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Completely the opposite of sites like Zoosk, a site similar to What’s your Price would be Seeking Arrangements. Funny enough, this site is made by the same creator.


Although What’s your Price might seem like a bit of a crazy idea, it can work for two people with the same mindset. 

The site is free for the “attractive” member, which is great, but there is also a guarantee in place for the “generous” member. If you purchase the 1000 credit plan, you get a guarantee that you’ll get at least 5 dates out of those credits. If you don’t, then the site will give you another 1000 free credits. 

There are a few criteria required to gain this benefit, such as you have to have a completed profile, a profile picture, and you have to put out at least 20 offers per month. Additionally, if any of those dates agree and try to communicate, you have to unlock the communication (with your credits) within 48 hours.

Although these rules seem a bit intense, it is actually quite fair, and will probably make you feel good about using the site. As long as you know your intentions, and understand the site, you will most likely have a good time and possibly score some dates!

What's Your Price FAQ

How Does What's Your Price Work?

Simply create a profile, define “what is your price”, or make an offer for a date. You can unlock messaging, then negotiate the details of your date. The bidder then pays the price as well as date expenses, and if both of you want a second date you can do so.

How Does What's Your Price Make Money?

“Generous” members pay for credits to unlock messages and make bids.

Is What's Your Price Free?

Signing up is free, and most features are accessible for the “Attractive” members, while “Generous” members have to pay fees.

How Do I Deactivate My What's Your Price Account?

Click on the drop down arrow beside your photo, then click on “Settings“, and scroll to the very bottom where you will see “Deactivate your profile“.

How Much Is The What's Your Price Premium Membership?

There is no membership. Credits begin in $50 packages, and bidding for dates begins at $5.

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