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Zoosk Highlights

Our Zoosk review below will provide you a chance to know more about this dating site which is known to be a great opportunity for individuals, especially teens looking for either an international or long-term relationship. 

It is an easy-to-use dating platform that can be accessed via the Zoosk dating site or mobile app. This dating site hosts 3.8 million visits each month and boasts over 35 million members. Zoosk features users from over 80 countries primarily within the age range of 25-34 years of age. Due to the huge size of its member base, Zoosk offers thousands of success stories on their website.

How Does It Work?

Zoosk is simple. Instead of filling out a long questionnaire about your likes and dislikes, Zoosk offers a unique algorithm to match with other singles called, “Behavioral Matchmaking”. This algorithm offers you matches based on who you “like”, message, and send winks to.

With Zoosk dating, you really only need to begin using the site and from there, the app will suggest matches for you. This helps you to avoid trying to decide what you are into, and instead, lets Zoosk handle that for you.

Member Structure

Out of the 35 million total members, a bit over half of those members are from within the United States.

 Almost 40% of these members are between the ages of 25-34, 20% of members are under 25, and 20% are in the 35-44 age range. 

Male Members


Female Members


Traditionally many dating apps seem to have substantially more men than women; however, the gender distribution on the Zoosk dating app is relatively even with 45% of members being female and 55% being male.


Signing Up

The Zoosk sign-in process will not take more than five minutes. You are given the option to create your account through email, Facebook, Apple, or Google sign in. This allows you to create your account and check out the app before filling in all your additional details. 

Finishing your login and completing your profile includes the following steps:

Making Contact

Speaking with other members on Zoosk can be pretty difficult if you are operating as a free member. This is due to the fact that only premium members can send messages (we go over costs in detail further down).

As a free member, the only operations you can perform are to look at other member’s profiles or to send a flirt. Flirts are a way to show interest in another member which involves sending a smile, or heart.

And if you happen to send a flirt to another member, the only way they can reply is if they are a premium member. Free members are not able to reply. This is also the case when buying digital gifts. Although you can purchase a digital gift and send them to any member, only premium members will be able to reply back.

While the basic means of engaging with people is similar to most dating sites– winks, gifts, messages– there are a few different ways to find potential matches on the Zoosk dating service which help set it apart.


In this matchmaking feature, you are shown different member profiles in a revolving “carousel” fashion. This allows you to quickly browse through many different profiles very quickly.

With each member profile that you view, you can decide if you are interested (by pressing the checkmark), pass (by pressing the x), or, for the indecisive amongst us, you can click maybe. If you choose to star a member, this will notify them that you have expressed an interest. They may then decide to message you or pass.

Using “carousel” at the beginning of your time with Zoosk is a good idea because it will allow the algorithm to understand your likes and dislikes. 

Behavioral Matchmaking

This is where Zoosk’s algorithm goes to work. Zoosk learns your likes and dislikes, in order to give you better results. Every day you will receive one tailored match, who you can either choose to match with or decline. 

Due to messaging being off-limits for free accounts, if you do not have a premium account, you can use this feature, but you cannot speak with any of your matches.

Manual Search

If you would like to take full control of your dating profile then you can manually Zoosk search through the database. This means you can filter with options for age, distance, ethnicity, location, and relationship status.

This might take a bit longer than other methods, but you will be able to see profiles based on the filters you choose.

Profile Quality

Zoosk is all about simplicity, and this is reflected in the profiles as well. With one look at a member’s listed interests, you can get a pretty good idea whether or not they are someone you might be interested in.

Each profile must have a profile picture that is visible to everyone. Members can also include a story or bio along with interests for different categories. One particularly interesting part of Zoosk’s profiles is the fact that all digital gifts received by an individual are featured on their profile

Profiles can be validated in Zoosk through Facebook, Twitter, or photo validation. This validation is shown on each validated profile. Validation is helpful and makes it easier to distinguish between real and fake “catfish” profiles.

Zoosk App

zoosk reviews clickcupid zoosk app

As with most modern-day dating sites, Zoosk offers an app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. It has a simple design and lets you create a free account. However, you could view it more as a Zoosk free trial, since you need to have a premium account to do much of anything. 

Downloading the Zoosk app, rather than solely using the desktop site, will allow you to connect with new people more often throughout the day. This allows you to connect with other users more intimately through your phone, rather than waiting all day to get back to your computer.

Usability and Design

The design of Zoosk is simple. Even for those who are not technologically advanced, Zoosk should not be difficult to navigate.

Although Zoosk is a bit outdated looking, the target user range is above 25, so the organization is probably a bit more important to the platform designers. After messing around for a few minutes, you will most likely be able to find your way around. 


There are two levels of membership for Zoosk: free and premium, but there is also the ability to purchase and spend coins. 

Although you can create a profile and do a bit of browsing for free, not much can be done on Zoosk in the free version. You can only:

  • Sign up
  • Create a profile
  • Send flirts such as smiles and hearts
  • Use carousel for a limited amount of swipes
  • View member profiles

Includes all features of the free option as well as a few additional features.

  • Send messages
  • Use SmartPick
  • Browse members in incognito mode
  • Chat with other premium members
  • See who has already liked you

Instead of purchasing a premium membership you also have the option to purchase coins. These coins allow you to send virtual gifts, view if your message is read, unlock Carousel matches, and boost your profile.

Costs and Prices

Special Features


In order to be seen by more members, you can choose to use Boost. This is a paid feature that will increase your visibility on the site, and hopefully result in more connections.

Boost costs 150 coins for 75 boosts, meaning it will cost you around $15 at most (it would be cheaper if you buy a larger bundle, but you might not use 1800 coins). 


Zoosk’s quick matching feature. Send flirts, show interest, or pass on member profiles quickly. 


This feature uses Zoosk’s unique Behavior Matchingmaking feature. SmartPick takes into account when you send someone a message, accept a match, to express interest in another member, and then uses this for your SmartPicks. 

The more often you use Zoosk, the better it is able to match you based on your preferences.

Dating Insights

Only available on the desktop version of Zoosk, data insights are a collection of information regarding your actions on the site. These are to help you understand your match patterns.

In dating insights, you will see who you like, who has liked you, as well as your dating style. 

These dating insights are meant to show you what type of people you are interested in, and what type of people are interested in you. It will also show you what you have in common with the people you have previously matched with.


Connections are essentially just showing someone that you are interested in them. If you send anyone a flirt (such as a smile or heart), they will become a connection once they respond. 

Super Send

Basically a mass messaging system. Super Send will let you send flirty messages or pre-written icebreakers to multiple people at once. This is thought to increase your chance at a reply and a connection rather than individually writing.


Privacy and safety can be an issue on the internet. Fake profiles are common online, but how much is Zoosk doing to prevent this? It has actually put a few methods in place to try to avoid fake profiles as much as possible.

  • Verification process: There is a verification process offered on Zoosk. This verification process requires members to take a photo of themselves with their phone to prove it matches their photos. If you verify your identity, you will receive a verification badge. 
  • Ability to block and report members: If you feel threatened, or if a profile seems fake, you can easily report them. Zoosk has a no-harassment policy.
  • Zoosk Insignia: Specifically for U.S Military members, after uploading proof of a military ID, a military verification badge will appear on their profile

Real Life Review

Zoosk has helped many people connect and fall in love all over the world, which is shown in these real-life reviews.

Read More
“Me and my boyfriend met on Zoosk in January 2012. In May 2013 we bought our first house together. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve wanted a dog so we decided it was time to welcome our first puppy into the home. Her name is Zooskie.”
AlishaShe wasn’t having good luck in dating, so she decided to try Zoosk
Read More
“I had been on Zoosk for a couple days when I received a message from Ryan. I responded to his message and we met up the next day. And the rest is history!”
LynessaSays about partner Donovan
Read More
“Now, I’m definitely looking forward to the future because we have our beautiful 15-month old daughter and we have our little boy coming in three months... You couldn’t really ask for more and I’m very excited to grow old together.”

Zoosk vs Other Dating Sites

Many of the features on Zoosk are similar to those on some of the other popular dating apps and sites.

Conclusion: Finding Love On Zoosk

With the user success stories to back them up, using Zoosk will allow you to enjoy the benefits of an algorithm matching system, ice breakers, and new ways to flirt online.

For anyone that is looking for a user-friendly interface, and is willing to pay the membership price, then Zoosk offers a huge pool of singles for a chance to fall in love. 

Will you be the next Zoosk success story?


What is Zoosk?

Zoosk is a dating site that uses Behavioural Matchmaking technology, to match people with the right partner for them.

Is Zoosk Free?

Zoosk is free to sign up and create an account, as well as browse through member profiles. To access many other features you must have a premium account.

How Much Does Zoosk Cost?

Starting at $30 for one month, there are a variety of options to purchase a premium membership to Zoosk. The more months you commit to, the less your monthly membership will cost.

Is Zoosk Just A Hookup Site?

While Zoosk can be used to match people for casual encounters, Zoosk is primarily marketed as an app to find connections and build relationships.

How Do You Spot A Fake Dating Profile?

Signs of a fake dating profile include: 

  • Empty profile
  • Non-verification
  • Messages that don’t make logical sense
  • Only one photo
  • Extremely forward
  • Any request for personal information

What Does It Mean If Someone Viewed You On Zoosk?

If someone has viewed your profile on Zoosk it means that they have interacted with some part of your profile. 

This might include your photos or any of your dating profile information.

Is Zoosk A Good Dating Site?

Zoosk has a very simple dating platform that is easy to use. If you are willing to pay a monthly fee, then Zoosk can take a lot of the work out of searching for matches on a dating platform.

How To Cancel Zoosk Subscription?

If your subscription is set on automatic renewal then you will need to head to your Account Settings and select Subscription Alternatively, if your subscription was purchased through iTunes or Amazon, then you must cancel it according to their terms and conditions. To cancel your subscription from your computer, click on your display name from your account.  > Account Settings > Subscription > Cancel My Subscription

To cancel from your smartphone open a mobile browser and head to t.zoosk.com.

Tap the 3 lines in the top left corner:

> Gear Icon > Subscription > Cancel Subscription and follow the instructions

How To Delete Zoosk Account?

Deleting your Zoosk account is considered “deactivation”.

To deactivate your account from a computer:

Log into your Zoosk account and click on Zoosk display name. Select:

Account Settings > Edit > Deactivate > Confirm

To deactivate your account from your smartphone through the Zoosk App:

Open the Zoosk app, tap: 

3 lines menu > Gear Icon > Account > Account Status > Deactivate and follow the directions

Does Zoosk Offer Promo Codes Or Discounts?

From time to time there is an offer of a Zoosk coupon or Zoosk discount.

For 10% off, use Zoosk promo code: Moemr4gt 

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